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NWATNA: On The Road


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Wednesday, June 19th, 2002

T-Minus 10 Minutes: Total NonStop Introduction

By Jimmy Kirk

"Fans, the wait is officially over!" Mike Tenay said, "In just ten short minutes, Total NonStop Action lives! Hello, I'm Mike Tenay, alongside Don West, and Don... we've got an epic night of action ahead of us as the National Wrestling Alliance takes it's first step towards a return to prominence." "Fans have been tracking NWATNA over the internet for weeks," West said, "We've set the wrestling world on fire and tonight... we'll finally fulfill those promises. Make way for an alternative... NWATNA!"

"Tonight, we're going to tell you all about the future of NWATNA," Tenay said, "The X-Division, the next of evolution of wresting... our stars, the likes of Ken Shamrock and Jerry Lynn... and of course, the NWA World Heavyweight Title, the oldest and most respected title in all of wrestling." "And they're all here... in NWATNA!" West added, "Mike, this X-Division thing is going to set the world on fire! Ken Shamrock and Jerry Lynn in our main event... that's a sure-fire classic! Plus, we all heard the NWA Championship Committee stripped the previous champion of the belt. How will that situation be rectified?"

"We'll find out, Don," Tenay said, "And if you order now, you will too! It's just $9.95 for two-plus hours of fantastic action!" "Mike, other promotions are charging $35... sometimes $40 dollars for their three-hour events! For this price, you can't afford NOT to order it!" West exclaimed. "That's..." Tenay started, then paused mid-stream, "Hold on! I'm getting word something's going on in the back! Can we get a camera on that?"

Backstage, personnel was scrambling to finish setting up the show... when in walked Jeff Jarrett! "Where the hell is he?!" Jarrett shouted, "The representative from the NWA Championship Committee... where is he?! ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!" The backstage employees rushed out of Jarrett's way as he menacingly strode towards them. He grabbed one of them by the collar, then shouted "You tell him 'the Chosen One' is looking for him!" before shoving him to the ground and walking away.

"Fans, if that's any indication, this is set to be one combustible night," Tenay said, "I implore you... spend that ten dollars and order this show! You won't be disappointed!" "Check out NWATNA.com for more details on tonight and EVERY Wednesday night's shows!" West chimed in. "For Don West, I'm Mike Tenay," Tenay concluded, "We'll see you in just a few short minutes!"

Everything out of character (EWR ratings, etc.) will be written in quote tags, like this.

The basic premise of this story in NWATNA begins in mid-2002, only with a different roster and different emphases on different talent, and it tours. Instead of slowly distancing itself from the NWA, this time NWATNA clings tightly to the National Wrestling Alliance. I've already written the first two full shows and they'll be posted within the next few days, hopefully.


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This could definitely be interesting. Hopefully you don't just keep the good from TNA and replace the bad. I'd like to see you complete avoid the AJ Styles Jesus push, and hell, less of an emphasis on the X-Division would definitely be interesting. Basically, if you do as your last paragraph says you're going to do, this diary will be one I'll check back on. I'm basically just curious about your direction.

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Much like Essa, I'm intrigued by what you have so far. As he mentioned, many times people attempt to put a lot of emphasis on the X-Division due to that being where the younger stars dwell. That also has it's downside since most of the X-Division is full of mostly spotty wrestlers without a lot of in-ring psychology.

Avoiding the Styles push is a bit harder since he was one of the better athletes they had back then, not to mention Ron Killings who should have gotten more then what he did. Seeing what you mean by "Emphasis on different talent" is what I'm most looking forward to.

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Thanks Essa & Tristan Kancer for the early replies. :) The X-Division will still be a big part of what goes on, but hopefully my diary will still be enjoyable anyway. Pushing (or not pushing, for that matter) A.J. shouldn't be a problem at all. As for Killings, I hope you'll find I've done him justice.

Enjoy the first show and thanks again for the comments!


Wednesday, June 19th, 2002

Dangerous Details: Total NonStop Introduction

By "Danger" Will Riker

"We are live in Huntsville, Alabama for Total NonStop Action!" Mike Tenay said, officially kicking off the show, "Don, we just saw the arrival of Jeff Jarrett backstage, searching for the representative from the NWA Championship Committee. We're not even sure if he's here!" "Yeah, but Jeff Jarrett's here," West said, "And he is extremely upset." As West and Tenay discussed Jarrett's behavior, the wrestlers for the opening match made their way to the ring.


"Don, this is what we're talking about when we say the X-Division," Tenay said, "You'll notice these four are all cruiserweights, but the X-Division isn't about weight limits... it's about no limits!" "Mike, you're going to see action like never before in this division," West said, "These wrestlers are all incredible, but haven't been given an opportunity in certain other promotions. Here in NWATNA, they'll have every chance to show exactly what they can do!" "Fans of WCW will remember The Jung Dragons, Yang and Kaz Hayashi, from their run in late-2000,"Tenay said.

"They're a phenomenal team," he continued, "But up against stiff competition here against Dos Locos. On the right, you see Juventud Guerrera, another former WCW superstar, multiple-time cruiserweight champion and a really great example of a crossover from the Mexican lucha libre to America. On the left, Super Crazy, a former ECW Television Champion and a man rightfully called 'the insane luchador'. They adopted the moniker Dos Locos and are now focused on becoming a force in the hunt for the NWA World Tag Team Titles."

Yang and Juvi started things off and Yang unleashed a brutal array of kicks on Guerrera before flattening him with a standing moonsault. After a two-count, Yang tagged out to Hayashi. The Dragons delivered a double back suplex on Juvi, then Kaz went work with harsh kicks of his own. Hayashi propped Juvi on the top rope, but a distraction by Super Crazy gave Guerrera time to recover and pounce off, hitting Kaz with a killer tornado DDT! Super Crazy got the tag, but Kaz too him down with a leg sweep. Crazy attempted a handspring elbow smash... but Kaz caught him and hooked him in a crossface chickenwing! From there... Kaz suplexed Crazy down, dropping him right on his head! "Wakitagamae by Hayashi!" Tenay cried, "He's got the hold in the center of the ring! Crazy has no chance of escaping this!"

Just as it seemed Crazy was about to give up, Juvi rushed in and broke up the hold, saving his partner. Kaz tagged out to Yang, who delivered a breathtaking huracanrana on Crazy. As Crazy pulled himself up in the corner, Yang rushed in and ran up him, backflipping out to the center of the ring! Yang blasted Crazy with a superkick, then scaled the ropes, getting ready to go for Yang Time. Juventud shook the ropes, causing Yang to lose his balance and fall crotch-first on the top turnbuckle! Crazy moved over to the corner and hoisted Yang up in the splash mountain position... then Juvi delivered a springboard huracanrana in mid-air to him! "Wow!" West said, "That was incredible!" "They call that 'Locomotion', Don," Tenay said, "And it's enough to end this thing!"

WINNERS: Dos Locos via pinfall at 17:37

"That's what we're talking about when we say the X-Division, folks," Tenay said, "It's that high-risk, high-impact style associated with wrestling in Mexico and Japan. We're bringing it back to America, but not restricting it to a certain weight limit." "You can find out exactly what we means during X-Travaganza, a two-hour X-Division special, on July 10th from Greensboro, North Carolina!" West said, "And what better way to pay homage to the people who first brought this style to America than by having two true X-Division pioneers go head-to-head?"

The scene cut to video from various Mexican and Japanese promotions, depicting a highlight reel of incredible aerial offense. "That's right, Don," Tenay said, "It was 1996 when a man named Rey Misterio Jr. burst onto the national scene in WCW, almost singlehandedly making the word "huracanrana' a household term. Then, in 1997, TAKA Michinoku brought a similar element to WWF television, becoming the first and to this date, the most successful light heavyweight champion in that company's history. Rey Misterio Jr. and TAKA Michinoku, they go head-to-head at X-Travaganza, July 10th! Mark your calendars!"

"Speaking of things that are revolutionizing the wrestling world," West said, "Mike, tell me about Ring of Honor." "Ring of Honor, or RoH, has been making big news in the Northeast over the past few months with their unique stance on enforcing rules," Tenay said, "They hold their wrestlers to a set of by-laws known as 'the code of honor'. It keeps matches fair and just and allows clear winners to be decided. Luckily, RoH officials have struck a deal and in just a few short moments, you're going to see two of their rising stars go at it!"


"What you're seeing now is the customary pre-match handshake," Tenay said after the two men came to the ring, "The code of honor asks that wrestlers shake hands before and after every match, just to prove that it's all just friendly competition." Shane kicked Danielson in the gut to take control of them match, then waffled him with a big superkick. "If that move looks familiar, it's because Michael Shane is actually former WWE champion Shawn Michaels' nephew," Tenay said, "In fact, both of these men trained at the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in Texas."

Danielson blocked a suplex, then reversed it, taking Shane to the mat. Danielson locked wrapped his legs around Shane's head and began squeezing away. Shane reached the ropes, but Bryan continued to wail away on him with stomps before pulling him up and backing him into the corner. Danielson tried for a running bulldog, but Shane shoved him off, then clocked him with a running elbow smash. Shane went for a huracanrana... but Danielson countered into a running Liger bomb! From there, Danielson hooked in his signature finisher, the Cattle Mutilation, and Shane had no other choice than to tap out.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson via submission at 11:32

"What a match!" West said, "These guys really made the most of this opportunity." "Now, it's time for the post-match handshake," Tenay said as the two shook hands again, "It's great to see sportsmanship like this." Just as Tenay said that... Shane blasted Danielson with a superkick! "What?! What's going on here?" West said, "I thought this was about honor." "Michael Shane just tossed away everything RoH stands for!" Tenay said, "That's just wrong!"

As the ring cleared, Tenay and West began hyping the next match, Steve Corino versus Satoshi Kojima. As they talked, they were interrupted by the sounds of twangy country music. "What's this?" Tenay asked, watching as the curtain pulled back and a man stepped out. "The Honky Tonk Man?" West said, completely confused. HTM walked out to the ring, carrying his trusty guitar with him. Once there, he demanded the microphone from the ring announcer.

"Helloooooo, Huntsville!" Honky shouted, "Welcome to your very first episode of the hottest show in wrestling! No, it's not NWATNA... it's Honky Talk!" "Honky Talk?!" West exclaimed, "What is this?" "I'm getting word from our producer, Tommy," Tenay said, "It seems that The Honky Tonk Man actually purchased this time from our pay-per-view carrier."

"Now, Honky Talk is a show dedicated to giving the superstars in NWATNA a chance to speak out to their fans," Honky said, "It's their opportunity to speak their mind and say whatever they like. Tonight, my first guest is a former WWF superstar who's come to TNA to win his first NWA World Title. Not only is he a great wrestler, but he's a talented musician who's going to perform live for you! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... ME! The Honky Tonk Man!"

"Oh, God!" West said, "How much time did he buy?" "According to the guys in the truck... oooh, you don't want to know, Don," Tenay said, "If you've got to take a restroom break, now's the time." Honky strapped on his guitar and gave it a few strums, then tuned it a bit and prepared to begin. "I got long sideburns and my hair slicked back. I'm comin' to your town in..." Honky sang, then was suddenly cut off when a loud "HUSH!" echoed throughout the arena, followed by the sounds of urban hip-hop beats.

"Hush, nothing can prepare you... for K-Krush! K-Krush, 'bout to move some thangs!" a man sang as he walked to the ring. "K-Krush!" Tenay shouted over his rap, "It seems Honky's not the only musician formerly with WWF to be here tonight! Fans, you might remember the former K-Kwik from his stint in WWF about a year ago." K-Krush continued his rap as he walked to the ring where HTM stood, looking very annoyed.

"What's my name? What's my name? HUSH! Nothing can prepare you... for K-Krush! K-Krush, 'bout to..." he said, before HTM interrupted with "Cut that crap off!" Honky threw down his guitar and got in the ex-K-Kwik's face. "Just who in the hell do you think you are?" Honky said. "Shut up, Honky," he said, "Damn, if I had a nickel for every time I said that, I..." "Shut up?!" HTM said, "I want to know just who the hell has the balls to interrupt the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time. What's your name?" "What's my name?" he said, "What's my name?" "Yeah," HTM said, "What's your...?" "HUSH! Honky, your fat, white ass can call me K-Krush!"

"K-Krush? Heh, that's cute. Tell me something, kid... you think of that yourself?" HTM asked. "You listen up," Krush snapped back, "You say this show is dedicated to giving NWATNA stars a chance to speak their minds? Well, there's something on my mind, Honky. I'm looking at the history of the NWA World Heavyweight Title the other day, and you know what I see? I see a list of some of the all-time greats to set foot in this ring. Frank Gotch, Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Ric Flair... I see all those names. You know what I don't see? In 98 years of history, I don't see even ONE brother on that list!"

"Brother?" HTM said, "Jack Brisco had a brother." "Damn, Honky... get with it!" Krush said, "I'm not talking about that kind of brother! I'm talking about 'my people', man! That's why I'm here in NWATNA. I'm here to add some color to that long, white list of NWA Champions!" "Oh!" Honky said, "I get it. You mean 'coloreds'." "Uh oh," Don West said, "Somebody should tell Honky that term isn't exactly politically correct." "Listen here," HTM continued, "Just because you negroes have been unable to do anything worthwhile with your time, that doesn't give you the right to come out here and interrupt my concert! These people all want to hear me sing, dammit! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to give them what they want."

"Oh, of course," Krush said, "Just one more thing..." K-Krush quickly kicked HTM in the gut, then nailed him with a killer axe kick! He picked up Honky's fallen microphone and said, "Elvis was black." He then threw it down and made his exit, leaving Honky in a crumpled heap on the mat. "What a dramatic entrance for K-Krush!" Tenay said, "His personal views towards race aside, this guy is serious about adding his name to the list of former NWA Champions."


After HTM was carted away, Kojima and "The King Of Old School" came out for the third match of the evening. Tenay reminded fans of Corino's status as both a former ECW World Champion as well as an NWA World Champion. He also cited Kojima's determination to make it big in America after a successful run with New Japan Pro Wrestling. "For both of these men, this match will be a huge indication of where their careers go next," Tenay said, "Both need a convincing win here to impress the NWA Championship Committee."

Kojima started off by rocking Corino with hard punches, then belly-to-belly suplexed him onto the canvas. Kojima charged Corino, looking for a lariat, but Corino ducked and referee Mickey Jay took Satoshi's arm flush into his face. Corino fired back, but Kojima flattened him with a killer rydeen bomb, then made the cover. "That's one of Kojima's finishing moves!" Tenay cried out, "The referee is down though! There's no count on this pin! Kojima has the win!"

Kojima, frustrated, got up and tried to wake Jay up, pulling him to his feet and propping him in the corner. Unfortunately, Corino nailed Kojima from behind and sandwiched the ref between Satoshi and the turnbuckle. Corino slammed Kojima down, then put the boots to him. As he ran towards Satoshi, Kojima threw the arm out, attempting to clothesline "The King Of Old School". Unfortunately for Kojima, Corino stopped short, twisted the arm, then kicked it, causing Kojima to clutch his arm and howl in severe pain! Corino grabbed the arm, then dropped Kojima face-first to the mat. He made the cover and Jay weakly registered a two-count before Kojima kicked out.

Firmly in command, Corino continued to work on the arm. Once satisfied, he hooked Kojima in a reverse DDT position and gave the signal for Old School Expulsion. Just as Corino was set to hit it... Kojima wriggled his head free and reached back, grabbing Corino's head before falling to the mat! "The Koji Cutter!" Tenay cried out, "He got all of it!" Kojima reached across and hooked Corino's leg. "One! Two! NO!" Tenay shouted, "Steve Corino gets his foot on the ropes! Don, if Corino was a few more inches away from those ropes, this would be over. He couldn't have kicked out."

As Corino slowly got to his feet, Kojima pulled his elbow pad down and patted his arm, signalling for the lariat. As he circled the ring... C.W. Anderson rushed out to ringside! He jumped up onto the apron, grabbed Satoshi's arm, spun his around and decked him with a big left hand! From behind, Corino saw his opportunity. He rushed over and rolled Kojima up as the oblivious referee counted the three.

WINNER: Steve Corino via pinfall at 10:53

"Not like this!" West exclaimed, "Corino and C.W. Anderson are just going to destroy Satoshi Kojima here!" Anderson pulled out a bullrope and began hog-tying Kojima as Corino put the boots to him on the mat. Kojima tried to fight back, but the two-on-one assault was too much. Just then... music started playing and out came Dory Funk Jr.! "Former NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr.?" Tenay said, "What's he doing here?"

"Stop right there!" Funk shouted. From the ring, Corino shouted "Or what?" back at him. "Stop... or you'll be officially suspended!" Funk said, "By the power vested in me by the NWA Championship Committee, the governing body of NWATNA, I'll have you out of here so fast, it'll make your skinny little head spin!" "The Championship Committee?" West said, "Dory Funk Jr.'s on the committee?"

"It seems that the two of you have formed a little bit of a partnership here," Funk said, "That's great. We at the NWA, we love good old-fashioned tag team wrestling. That's why next week, as part of Nashville KnockOut, it'll be Steve Corino and C.W. Anderson against Satoshi Kojima and whoever he wants to be his partner! Since I'm sure the two of you didn't give Kojima advanced warning of your partnership, I'm sure you two won't mind being surprised... because you won't know his partner until that bell rings!"

"A mystery partner match next week?" Tenay said, "Nashville KnockOut is going to be explosive!" "Yeah, but who can Kojima get as a partner?" West said, "He's not just new to NWATNA. He's new to this country. Who does he know?" "Now, all of you, get the hell out of the ring so we can finish this show properly!" Funk shouted, ordering the ring to be cleared. With that, he walked away. "Wait a second!" Tenay said, "If he's here representing the NWA Championship Committee... what's the status of the NWA Title? We heard that the previous champion had been stripped, but how will the new champ be decided?"


Shamrock opened the main event aggressively, kicking Lynn directly in the chest. Ken quickly slipped behind Lynn and bridged him down with a German suplex, looking for a quick win. Lynn denied him by raising his shoulder at the count of two. Shamrock tried to keep Lynn on the mat with a variety of quick and effective holds and strikes, but when Ken whipped Lynn to the corner, Jerry Lynn took his chance to reassume command. He raised his boot, clocking Ken, then floored Shamrock with a big running clothesline! Shamrock was rocked and Lynn kept applying the pressure, spiking him into the mat with a brilliant tornado DDT!

Lynn made a cover, but Ken kicked out. Tenay remarked that both these men were giving their A-game, especially considering they had just learned that a representative from the championship committee was looking on. Ken fought his way back into the match when Lynn attempted the cradle piledriver too early. Ken swept out his legs, then hooked in an anklelock, but Lynn reached the ropes before any severe damage could have been done. Ken charged in and grabbed Jerry for a belly-to-belly suplex, but lynn fired off hard right hands, knocking Shamrock silly. As Ken struggled to keep his grip, Lynn continued to pound away.

"Ken's not letting go," Tenay said, "There it is! Belly-to-belly suplex! He hit it!" "Yeah," Don said, "But he's not letting go! He's pulling Lynn up again!" Ken dragged Lynn to his feet, still maintaining a grip on Lynn's torso. As Lynn hit a few more shots to Ken's head... Ken again slung him to the mat, hitting a second belly-to-belly! Ken again refused to let go and pulled Lynn up a third time. Lynn continued to strike away on Shamrock's skull, finally breaking Ken's grip. Lynn kicked Shamrock in the gut and hooked him for a DDT... but Ken broke Jerry's grip and quickly hit a third and final belly-to-belly suplex!

"Look at this!" Tenay screeched as Ken got to his feet, "Shamrock is snapping!" Shamrock screamed maniacally, then began wrenching away at Lynn's ankle with his signature anklelock! Lynn tried to reach the ropes, but couldn't, as Ken repeatedly dragged him back to the center of the ring. Lynn crawled over to referee Scott Armstrong and used him to climb up onto one leg... then quickly spun around, slinging his leg around and kicking Shamrock square in the jaw! "Enzuigiri by Lynn breaks the hold!" Mike Tenay cried out, "Both men are down!"

Having just taken another sharp shot to the head, in conjunction with Lynn's repeating battering, Shamrock was motionless on the mat, barely clinging to consciousness. However, Lynn was worse for wear as well, not only suffering three belly-to-belly suplexes, but also having his ankle ripped away at by a living legend of mixed martial arts. Lynn slowly crawled his way over to Shamrock and draped his arm across his chest. "One! Two! NO!" Tenay shouted, counting along with Armstrong, "Shamrock got the shoulder... wait a minute! What's Jeff Jarrett doing out here?!" Jarrett immediately began putting the boots to both of the exhausted warriors, then shoved Scott Armstrong out of the ring as he called the match off.

RESULT: no-contest via double-disqualification at 17:31

"No!" West said, "Jeff Jarrett just spoiled an incredile main event!" Jarrett pulled Jerry Lynn up to his feet, then set him up for the Stroke. Lynn fought his way out of it, kicked Jarrett in the gut, then positioned him for the Cradle Piledriver! Before Lynn could execute it, Jarrett reached down and clubbed Lynn's injured ankle, knocking him to the mat. Jarrett slid out of the ring and grabbed his trademark guitar! He returned to the ring and took aim on Lynn... when suddenly Shamrock ripped it away from him!

"Ken Shamrock is completely insane!" Don West shouted, "He's got the guitar and Jarrett in his sights!" "Live by the guitar, you die by it, Jarrett!" Tenay cried out, "Do it, Ken! Do it!" Shamrock took aim and let the guitar fly... but Jarrett ducked! Jerry Lynn took the instrument right in the face, then fell to the mat in a heap! As Lynn grabbed his bloodied and broken face, Jarrett spun Shamrock around and nailed him with the Stroke! As the smoke cleared, Jeff Jarrett stood tall as the last man standing.

"I hope you saw that, Dory Funk!" Jarrett shouted after grabbing a microphone, "I hope you saw that, NWA Championship Committee! I hope the world saw it! I know you weren't going to let the debut of NWATNA on pay-per-view go by without crowning a new champion. Let me guess... the winner of this match was going to be given the title, right? Well... look in this ring right now. Who looks like a winner to you? Me, the chosen one, Jeff Jarrett! Now, I want... no, I need... no, I DEMAND that you get out here and give me what's mine! Give me the NWA Title!"

Just then... fireworks began popping off above the ring and the house lights dimmed. A lone spotlight hit the rafters and revealed a shadowy figure slowly descending on a cable! "My God!" Tenay said, "What is this?" "Mike, if this is what I think it is, get ready to hear these people erupt!" West said. The figure lowered in the ring, then released himself from the harness and cast it aside. As he turned to face Jarrett, the house lights came back up and the crowd went ballistic. "IT IS!" West screamed, "IT'S STING!"

Jarrett, stunned beyond belief, quickly cowered out of the ring and backed his way up the aisle, never taking his eyes off of the former franchise of WCW. "Sting?!" Tenay said, "It is Sting! He's here in NWATNA!" "Yes," West said, "But why? What's he doing here?" "I'm sorry, fans, but we've got to go," Tenay said, "Thanks so much for being a part of Total NonStop Introduction! Please remember us next Wednesday and every Wednesday, live on pay-per-view! Next week, Nashville KnockOut is live from Nashville! Check NWATNA.com for all details! For Don West, I'm Mike Tenay saying good night! My God! Sting!"

Total NonStop Introduction:

Jeff Jarrett arrives during the pre-show.

- Overall Rating: 76%

- Jeff Jarrett debuted his new "chosen one" gimmick.

Dos Locos defeat The Jung Dragons.

- Overall Rating: 64%

- Crowd Reaction: 54%

- Match Quality: 90%

- Juventud Guerrera debuted his new "luchadore" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- Super Crazy debuted his new "luchadore" gimmick. It got a positive response.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. TAKA Michinoku is hyped in a video package.

- Overall Rating: 72%

Bryan Danielson defeats Michael Shane.

- Overall Rating: 54%

- Crowd Reaction: 46%

- Match Quality: 76%

- Michael Shane debuted his new "cheater" gimmick. It got a positive response.

Honky Talk features K-Krush.

- Overall Rating: 78%

- The Honky Tonk Man debuted his new "obnoxious" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- K-Krush gained overness from this segment.

Steve Corino defeats Satoshi Kojima.

- Overall Rating: 63%

- Crowd Reaction: 56%

- Match Quality: 85%

Dory Funk Jr. books next week's tag match.

- Overall Rating: 53%

Jerry Lynn and Ken Shamrock wrestle to a no-contest.

- Overall Rating: 64%

- Crowd Reaction: 64%

- Match Quality: 80%

Sting debuts and chases Jeff Jarrett away.

- Overall Rating: 87%

Overall Rating: 69%

- Buy Rate: 0.18

- Attendance: 2,936

- Terry Taylor: "You overused Jeff Jarrett at the last show, the fans started to get sick of seeing him."

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First off, the short backstory had me interested, much like Essa and Tristan. It's obviously up to you who you push and don't push but while AJ's never world championship material in a million years, not pushing him in the confines of the X division as at least a championship contender for that belt would be a mistake in my opinion. That's asuming you even have him on your roster as there's nothin suggesting you have to sign him at all. Really looking forward to there being a lot of "tradition" and links to teh NWA and its history remaining in terms of the type of product that you produce, as well as looking forward to how exactly you go about maintaining those links.

First show pretty much lived up to expectations. The bad? 57 and a half minutes of wrestling on a two hour pay per view is fair enough, but just four matches for me wasn't enough. I'm guessing you're being restricted by the game only giving you so many segments but despite the matches getting a really long running time to get themselves out there four matches just wasn't enough. Knocking 10 minutes off that first match and throwing another match in there would have showcased more of your talent, and that opener in my opinion didn't need as long as it got.

The ROH deal and having one of their matches on the card, not so sure about. That's four matches on the show and you're already down to just three of them being your own. I don't think it's the time to be pushing other promotions, who should essentially be inferior to you. The match was good, but I can think of more productive working relationships that you could go for right now. I want to watch your promotion, I don't want to watch you promote other ones, at least not on your debut show. If however the michael shane superkick leads into some sort of "shane turning his back on ROH" to get with you kinda angle then I'd be more into it, again though, just not sure it's first show material but that's more personal preference than anything I guess, and probably a lot of it has to do with thinking Michael Shane was utterly useless at this point in time, he was green as hell when he turned up in TNA and horrible on the mic too.

The main event didn't really get hyped throughout the show. If you were going in there with Shamrock and Lynn, would have been nice to just throw in some sort of segment some way through to introduce them to your new fans before them appearing in the main event.

only one other thing really in terms of the bad with the show, and it's more a case of maybe something i'll get used to as opposed to something that's actually bad as such, but the "don west said" thing irked a bit as i read through the show. maybe it's just because not many diaries i've seen use that way of writing it, or maybe it'll still bug me a bit as the diary goes on.

then, the good. Opener was solid, four solid workers who are more than just the customary x division spot monkeys that flood the US indies. Juvi & Crazy as a team in TNA should be interesting, and as a match to wow people with right off the bat it worked well. Really like the way you're writing Tenay by the way, captured his style really nicely.

X-Travaganza should be good, liked the way you pushed it. It's always crucial in TNA diaries with weekly PPV's that you're constantly pushing your upcomin shows. Every show needs to sell the upcoming ones and often that gets forgotten. Rey and Taka, again, not just two spot monkeys tossed in there. Two guys who can really work.

HTM segment was great, really loved the way you played the whole thing out. A lot of the little touches from the announcers, like the comments about him buying the ppv time, it all just worked really well for me. K-Krush is a guy I'm a big fan of so I'm enjoying the fact that you look ready to push him. On the mic he's really good, and the character you look set to give him suits him well. In ring he's athletic and can produce some good stuff too. Loved the finish to it as well, the "Elvis was Black" comment worked really well.

Really happy you're using CW, really happy you're using Corino, really happy you're using Kojima. Big fan of all three. The match sounded decent, nicely worked out. Glad you had Koji use the cutter as it's a move that'll help him get over in the US. Interested to see CW and Corino's use and where you go with them. CW's a really good worker, and with Corino on the stick they could do some really good stuff. You've thrown in some intrigue and helped sell the show for Nashville Knockout next week which can only be a good thing. Waiting to see who Koji brings in is enough to make me wanna watch next week.

Good main event, good ending, had a real "main event" feel which in the real life counterpart has been missing a hell of a lot. often decent matches, rarely that real "now this IS a main event". This had that. Everything after the match just worked, and was written well. If your main event scene is going to be Lynn, Shamrock, Jarrett, Sting at the beginning's of this diary then there's plenty of interesting stuff you can do there. The cliffhanger ending to the show is perfect for the weekly ppv's too, again, further pushing on people to go buy next week's show.

Really looking forward to Nashville Knockout

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WOW! Thanks a lot for the awesome feedback. I'm still pretty new at diary writing so all comments are going to help me improve. I'm going to take your comments to heart, Jayden and hopefully improve over time. :)

You're right about the game restricting me. I use the pre-show segment as the "T-minus 10 Minutes" pre-show, then all of the other eight segments. I agree 4 matches is rather lean, but back-to-back-to-back matches are a bit too much. I'm working on finding a balance still. :)

I never like it when an indy fed will never acknowledge their talent's other exploits. At this point, I'm looking at it like NWATNA & RoH have a rather healthy working relationship and using RoH's vast credibility to bolster NWATNA's with the 'net crowd, while still being able to do things like Honky Talk and such.

I think you'll like the direction Shane goes in, though we'll agree to disagree on his ability. I thought he was really good mid-2002 (obviously).

I should've done better promoting Lynn & Ken's match during the preshow. As for the "Don West said" things, that's just sort of the style I've adopted for this. I'll try to lengthen the commentators' point so there are fewer of those, but given the style, I can't see a way to eliminate them really. Hope they've not detracted too much from your or anyone else's enjoyment.

Thanks a lot for the rest of your comments. Hopefully, I'll live up to your expectations. :)


Thursday, June 20th, 2002

Next: Nashville KnockOut

By Katy-Jayne Myers

After an incredible debut show last Wednesday, NWATNA rolls into Nashville for Nashville KnockOut this Wednesday night!

In a dramatic turn of events, Jeff Jarrett stood face-to-face with the enigmatic Sting at the end of the show. Later, Jarrett commented how he'd "like to see Sting try that in MY house" regarding NWATNA's trip to Jeff's hometown this week. Whether Sting shows up or not, Jarrett will likely have his hands full because Jerry Lynn and Ken Shamrock will both be in attendance and surely looking for redemption.

Also on the hunt for revenge will be Satoshi Kojima, who suffered a savage beating at the hands of Steve Corino and C.W. Anderson. Dory Funk Jr. of the NWA Championship Committee has ordered a special tag team match for Wednesday night... but Corino and Anderson don't know who Kojima's partner is and won't until the bell rings this Wednesday!

After a rather unimpressive start, The Honky Tonk Man's chat show, Honky Talk, will return at Nashville KnockOut for another go. Honky's promised an extra-special guest for this week, so be sure to tune in and find out what he's got up his sleeve.

Ring of Honor officials were quite upset with the actions of Michael Shane this past Wednesday and more so with the way their organization was represented. NWATNA has agreed to give two more RoH stars a chance to show the world what RoH is all about this week.

After putting on what some have called an early candidate for Match Of The Year, Dos Locos will again be in action and so much more! Check out Nashville KnockOut, live an only on pay-per-view this Wednesday and don't miss NWATNA each and every Wednesday for only $9.95!

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2002

T-Minus 10 Minutes: Nashville KnockOut

By Jimmy Kirk

"Fans, we are just ten minutes away from kicking off a blockbuster show, right here in Nashville!" Mike Tenay said, introducing the show, "I'm Mike Tenay along with Don West. Don, what took you so long getting to the broadcast booth?" "I'm sorry I'm late, but it's packed backstage!" West said, "You won't believe who's back there, Mike. I'm not about to spoil anything, but... The Honky Tonk Man has really outdone himself!"

"Honky Tonk Man?" Tenay said, "I was sure you were referring to Satoshi Kojima's mystery partner in his match against Steve Corino and C.W. Anderson." "Mike, I didn't get a chance to see who it was," West confessed, "I'll be just as shocked as everyone else!" "Speaking of shocking, take a look at this," Tenay said, introducing recap footage of C.W. Anderson's attack on Satoshi Kojima last week. "Anderson came out of nowhere to cost Kojima that match," Tenay said, "Tonight, it'll be Kojima bringing the surprise!"

"Speaking of surprises, Mike," West said, "How can we discuss them without mentioning... STING?! He actually appeared before our very eyes last week, chasing away Jeff Jarrett as he was annihilating Lynn and Shamrock." "Ladies and gentlemen, NWATNA officials obviously had no idea Sting was in the building last week, or we'd definitely have hyped his appearance," Tenay said, "Likewise, we have no idea whether or not he'll be here this week. Frankly, we don't know ANYTHING about Sting here in NWATNA!" "Why is he here? We don't know," Don said, "All we know is that Jeff Jarrett didn't want ANY part of the Stinger!"

"We don't know if Sting will be here tonight in Jarrett's hometown, but Jarrett issued a challenge, daring Sting to show up tonight," Tenay said, "I'm sure, as always, we'll be the last to know if he accepts." "However, two men are here and looking for Jeff Jarrett," West said, "Jerry Lynn and Ken Shamrock are both backstage. Let's take you to them... live!"

Backstage, Ken Shamrock stood beside Jerry Lynn, who wore a large bandage across his forehead, obviously covering the damage caused by the guitar shot he'd suffered seven days prior. "Jeff Jarrett, you made a big mistake last week," Shamrock said, "You cost me a victory over Jerry Lynn and for that..." "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ken," Lynn said, "Now, I agree. Jeff Jarrett did make quite a mistake last week... but it wasn't YOU who he cost a victory. Jarrett, you stuck your nose where it didn't belong. Tonight, I'm going to make you pay!" "You?" Shamrock said, "Jerry, no offense, but it's going to be ME that kicks Jarrett out of NWATNA, not you." Lynn and Shamrock began arguing and backstage personnel quickly stepped in to separate them before any physical contact was made.

"If I were Jeff Jarrett, I'd be getting out of town right about now," Don West said, "He's got Jerry Lynn on his right, Ken Shamrock on his left... both aiming to destroy him!" "Yeah, and if last week was any indication, Jarrett's also got Sting watching overhead!" Tenay said, "Fans, however this plays out, you can find out for only $9.95! For those of you who are going to order, you won't regret it and we'll see you in a few moments. For those of you who aren't, you're definitely missing out. We'll see you next week from Columbia, South Carolina!"

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I love your style of writing. It seems to add more with it written in almost a novel like fashion. First show was very good. I disagree with Jayden on a lot of points, but these are just my opinions. I think it was good to mention Danielson and Shane are from ROH. Just because they're from there doesn't mean they can't wrestle somewhere else, and it's shown by what Shane did. This could lead to a really nice fued between the two, or maybe like Jayden did bring up, a fued between Shane and ROH on TNA t.v

I'm a Corino fan, even though the most I've seen from him is his ECW stuff which I thought was gold. His charisma both inside and out of the ring has kept me entertained for a few years during ECW's big run so him getting some time during this show was really good. Seems The Extreme Horsemen are being brought to TNA. Would be cool to see Credible there as well.

Using EWR, it's quite hard to do more then four matches or so. Specially if you're attempting to put something between each match. That's why I love TEW with that respect. You've got no restraints as long as you keep your time limits down.

I also don't think the main event needed much for hyping up. You promoted it before the show, everyone knew it was going to happen so therefore the rest of the show is needed to build up some other fueds. Otherwise you end up like me, only promoting a couple fueds. Not something you want to make the mistake of.

Honky Talk segment was cool, and it seems you're going with Killings original gimmick. Not sure but wouldn't TNA get sued for using the name "K-Kwick" in their broadcast, even if he isn't going by that name now?

Main event pretty much seemed like it was set up for the Jarrett situation. It was a very good match but I think it should have had a winner. Maybe had Jarrett come out after the fact. But it's your booking and you've done a hell of a job so far on the first show. Anxiously awaiting the next one.

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just a quick note about the point I made about ROH. I liked that the guys were used (although I thought Shane was green at this point), I liked that they acknowledged that it was between ROH workers. Not only does it give the guys some background, when otherwise they'd be unknown to a lot of fans, but it retains that NWA feel, with workers frmo different promotions all getting the opportunity to fight under the same banner from time to time. The thing I disliked was that it was actually pushed as an ROH match. It was like a sort of homage to them, which on the first show when trying to get yourselves over I wasn't so keen on. It has the potential to lead somewhere big though after the way it ended. But as with any feedback it's all personal opinion and what I'd personally want to see from a wrestling show, which obviously is pretty different to waht other people would. Maybe I'm just sour because I think ROH is way over rated and pretty dull ;)

Oh, and I'm sure you will get me liking Michael Shane too. I think he's great these days and am a big fan but at this point in his career I thought he was too green both in the ring and on the mic, to be getting any sort of shot at the big time.

As for the K-Kwick thing I genuinely don't know whether the WWE would have trademarked it. I'd guess maybe they did but then there was the whole dispute about his rap album and not wanting to be on their record label and meh, so I dunno really. TNA used his OVW name, K-Krush, at first before he dropped it to be Killings. I'd guess they did that because K-Kwick was copyrighted or whatever, but that's just assumption

anyways, I know this is early days but this really is one of the best new diaries I've read in a long time. The pre-show skit there is brilliant. I know I'd already made play to it but you've already shown you get something that so many TNA weekly PPV diary writers don't. You HAVE to hype those PPV's, each show needs to produce something good, but it also needs to hype the next one. You've done that really well and given the next show a lot of good selling points already. Who will be Kojima's partner? Will Sting be there? Who's the HTM got up his sleeve? Lynn, Jarrett, Shamrock all in the building and looking like tension's not only directed towards Jarrett but building between the other two as well.

You've got bags of stuff there to hook me in to the next show which I really can't wait to read.

Edited by jayden
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GREAT start to this, I absolutely adored your first show! I like how you present your matches, I'm not particularly a fan of reading really long matches, and I like how you've used the commentators to make them more interesting. There's some real neat ideas in there already aswell, so keep this up!

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Thanks a lot for all the great comments, guys! I really appreciate it. :)

Tristan, I'm glad you're enjoying the style. I know it's not exactly the standard for this kind of thing, but hopefully it won't turn anyone off too much. I think you'll like the outcome of Corino's match at NKO. I tried TEW once long ago and didn't much care for it, though now that I'm more experienced with EWR, it may serve as a better challenge, though I still find EWR plenty challenging. If I had gone with a photo of Killings on a poster with "Come see the former K-Kwik in action!" or something, I could see grounds for a lawsuit. Tenay merely mentioned it once during his entrance, so I don't really think any judge would view it as infringement. Even if they did, it'd likely just be a fine and having to bleep it out of any future releases, which wouldn't be that big a deal anyway.

Jayden, I totally see your point. If you wanted to read an RoH diary, you'd go read one, save as if you ordered an NWATNA PPV, you'd want to watch that. I half-agree on RoH, too. It's overrated, though I wouldn't exactly call it "dull". RoH was a mere 4 months old at this point but already the code of honor had become a bit of a sensation online. I just imagine it would only be fair to hype them a bit if NWATNA was going to capitalize on that by mainstream marketing it a tad. As for the K-Kwik thing, my earlier sentiments apply. K-Krush is owned by Killings himself, or so my research indicates, and I rather like it better than Kwik. Glad to see the pre-shows are serving their purposes and getting people excited about the next show.

Sam, thanks a lot for joining in! :) It's probably a pretty good thing you don't like reading long matches because I rather don't enjoy writing them. :P Hopefully, they're not too long to get boring nor too short to get the points across.

Everyone, enjoy Nashville KnockOut!


Wednesday, June 26th, 2002

Dangerous Details: Nashville KnockOut

By "Danger" Will Riker

"Greetings from Nashville!" Tenay said as the show officially kicked off, "Don West and Mike Tenay live from ringside, here to call all the action tonight. Don, as we saw during our countdown show, things are looking pretty bleak for Jeff Jarrett as the moment." "Mike, I was just backstage and, well... let's just say, don't rule out the home field advantage tonight," West said, "Believe me. Jeff Jarrett didn't come here unprepared." "We've got a big show to get to, so let's not waste any time and go to the ring for our first match!"


"Josh Prohibition on the left," Tenay said, "And that's Matt Cross on the right, also known as M-Dogg 20. These two have been standout performers in the ultraviolent world of Combat Zone Wrestling as of late, but tonight they make their NWATNA debut against a very impressive duo, Dos Locos." "Mike, Matt and Josh are two more guys who just embody with this X-Division is all about," West said, "They are completely fearless. Yes, they're young. Yes, they're inexperienced. However, they are walking into this match with every intention of winning it, no matter what odds they're up against."

Super Crazy and Prohibition locked up, but Crazy scored with a boot to the gut, then floored Josh with a spinning heel kick. Crazy backed Josh into the corner, then backed off, distracting referee Jim Molineaux so that Juventud Guerrera could choke Josh out behind the ref's back. "This team is showing chemistry that defy their years, Don," Tenay said, "They know all the tricks." Crazy whipped Josh across the ring into his own corner where Matt Cross tagged in.

"Here comes M-Dogg!" West said as Cross began unloading with dropkicks on both Crazy and the illegal man, Juvi, who rushed in to aid his partner. Cross whipped Crazy into the corner, then took Juvi down with a headscissor takeover, driving him right into his partner! As Juvi rolled out of the ring, Crazy slumped to the mat. Prohibition stepped in and whipped Cross out of the corner into a baseball slide, right into Crazy's groin! "Youthanazia came to play!" Tenay shouted, "These kids are really going for it all here!"

Josh pulled Crazy into the center of the ring as Cross climbed up for what Tenay speculated would be the Leap Of Faith, his finishing move. As Cross perched on the turnbuckle, Jim Molineaux tried to remove Prohibition from the ring. As Jim's back was turned... Juventud returned to the ring, scaled the ropes and delivered a killer Juvi Driver from the top rope! "My God!" Tenay said, "Look at that impact!"

Super Crazy got to his feet, then tagged Juvi and hoisted Cross up in the splash mountain. Juvi hit Locomotion on Cross, again driving his head into the mat, then hooked the leg and scored the pin. "Dos Locos are your winners, fans," Tenay said, "Teamwork wins out over intensity... this time, at least." "Mike, they may not have won, but give it up for these kids," West said, "Matt Cross, Josh Prohibition... these two gave their all. Super Crazy and Juventud Guerrera, though... they are just dominating the X-Division."

WINNERS: Dos Locos via pinfall at 9:56

"What a match," Dory Funk Jr. said, seated at a desk, watching on a monitor backstage. Just then, up walked Jeff Jarrett, flanked by two enormous twins, familiar to fans as The Harris Twins, Ron and Don. "Funk, I've had it with your crap already!" Jarrett said, "I don't know where you get off having Sting come out and..." "Hold on, Jeff," Dory said, "Sting? I had nothing to do with Sting. I didn't even know he was there." "Whatever," Jarrett said, "It doesn't matter anyway. Sting would have to be dumber than you to show up here in MY house!"

"Who are these guys?" Dory asked, referring to Ron and Don. "My back-up," Jarrett said, "You've got Jerry Lynn and Ken Shamrock running around saying they want to get at me. You've got Sting flying out of God-knows-where at me. I need protection!" "Fine," Funk said, "But if they want to hang out here, they'll need to earn their keep. Tonight, your boys are going to wrestle in our last match... against Jerry Lynn and Ken Shamrock!"

"Forget Lynn! Forget Shamrock! Forget Sting!" Jarrett said, "I want to talk about my title, the NWA World Title! You were sent here to present to the most rightful candidate. Well... you're looking at him! Hand it over!" "Hold on," Dory said, "First, I wasn't sent here to tend to that matter, Jeff. Yes, I represent the championship committee, but I was sent here to make sure that NWATNA, the most high-profile member of the National Wrestling Alliance, upholds the values of that organization. Second, even if I was the guy who got to decide who the NWA Champion would be... it sure as hell wouldn't be you, Jeff!"

"Really?" Jarrett said smugly, "So... you have no say in regards to the NWA Title?" "No," Funk said, "I don't." "I see..." Jarrett said, then snapped his fingers. Just then, the Harrises reached out and grabbed Funk... then drove him through the desk with a killer H-Bomb! "Thanks for wasting my time," Jarrett said, "Come on, boys. We've got to find out who's really in charge."

"That was disgusting!" Tenay said as the show returned to a shot of the ringside area, "Jeff Jarrett has absolutely no class at all!" "Yes, but you can understand the frustration," West said, "Even we don't know the status of the NWA Title at this point. For all we know, a representative could just appear and award it to anyone, anytime, anywhere!" "Don, that's what's driving the stars of NWATNA to perform at their best each and every time," Tenay said, "You never know who's watching and what a win can mean to your career. Every single match could be make or break for these wrestlers!"

"Speaking of opportunity, last week, NWATNA gave an opportunity to two stars of Ring of Honor to show what that ever-growing promotion is all about," Tenay said, "Things didn't exactly go as planned, thanks to one Michael Shane, so tonight, two more RoH stars will go head-to-head in an RoH exhibition match."


The match opened with the customary RoH handshake, signifying the wrestlers' mutual respect for both one another as well as the competition about to begin. Daniels quickly took control with a spinning heel kick, then unloaded with a series of chops in the corner. He propped Scoot up and took him down with a super huracanrana, but as he attempted to use his Last Rites finisher, Andrews twisted around and drove him backwards into the corner! Scoot clubbed away at Daniels with some forearm shots, then crushed him with a running splash. Daniels kicked out of a northern lights suplex and wasted Scoot with a killer enzuigiri! He pulled Scoot up and hit the Last Rites. "That's got to be all," Don West said, "One, two... NO! Scoot Andrews gets his foot on the bottom rope! Oh, man! That was close!"

Daniels pulled Scoot up to his feet and hooked him up, looking to finish him off with the Angel's Wings. Scoot powered out of Daniels' grip, flipping Daniels over his back and to the mat! Daniels rolled Scoot up, but Scoot reversed the roll-up... then Daniels reversed... then Scoot reversed! The two continued to exchange pin attempts as the crowd hung on every dramatic two-count. Finally, Daniels kicked out of a pin and both men got to their feet, receiving a loud ovation from the appreciative crowd. "These two are incredible!" West said, "So evenly matched... who's going to win this?" Just then... a man rushed out to ringside, pounced onto the top rope and leapt off, knocking both to the mat! The referee quickly signalled for the bell before the attacker laid down Andrews and Daniels out with a pair of superkicks. "That's... that's Michael Shane!" Mike Tenay shouted, barely audible over the frantic ringing of the bell.

RESULT: no-contest via double-disqualification at 14:47

Shane demanded a microphone as Daniels and Andrews slowly rolled out of the ring. "I hope you saw that, RoH officials!" he shouted, "I hope you saw every second of that! Honor? You people know NOTHING about honor! This is wrestling, not ballet. You can make your wrestlers shake hands or hug or make out or whatever you like, but nobody will ever respect them. For those of you who don't know, after my match with Bryan Danielson last week, RoH fired me. They said I didn't have enough respect for the code of honor. Well, NWATNA has no code of honor! Luckily, they aren't stupid enough to kick about the biggest superstar of the future just because I don't respect my opponents. Why should I respect them? Or you? Here in NWATNA, I'm going to prove a point... when you're Michael Shane, everyone else just sucks."

"Michael Shane is a despicable ass!" Tenay said, "He's got some kind of vendetta against Ring of Honor because they fired him after his horrible display of unsportsmanlike conduct last week." "Mike, RoH's loss is NWATNA's gain," West said, "Like him or not, Michael Shane is an up and coming star who's going to be big in this industry." "I won't knock his skills," Tenay said, "But he'd better watch his step if he doesn't want to be out of yet another job."

The ring was cleared, then set up for this week's Honky Talk. The Honky Tonk Man walked out to the ring, carrying with him his guitar and smiling devilishly. "Don, you said that Honky's guest tonight was a big deal," Tenay said. "Huge!" West said, "I can't wait to hear the ovation when this guy comes out!"

"Greetings, Nashville!" Honky said, "Nashville always holds a special place in my honky tonk heart! This is the country music capital of the world. Unfortunately, tonight I won't be able to sign y'all a song or do y'all a dance..." Honky was interrupted by loud cheers from the crowd, who were glad that HTM wasn't the scheduled entertainment for the evening. "Yes, I know. It's a shame," HTM said, ignoring the crowd's elation, "But tonight, I've got a special guest. In just two weeks, he'll be making his NWATNA debut at X-Travaganza. He's one of the guys who helped make this whole X-Division thing... give it up for Rey Misterio Jr.!"

"Rey Misterio Jr.?!" Tenay said, "This is huge!" "I told you!" West said, "A lot of people said Rey would come in on July 10th for his match with TAKA Michinoku, but he's here tonight!" Rey came to the ring, receiving a big ovation, then climbed in and shook HTM's hand. "What's up, everybody?!" he said, "It's great to be here in NWATNA, the new face of sports-entertainment!"

"Rey, everyone wants to know... are you here in NWATNA for good?" HTM asked. "I'm keeping my options open," Rey said, "Right now, I'm working with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan as well. However, I can't wait until July 10th to make my NWATNA debut in Greensboro, North Carolina!" "Wow," HTM said, "Working two different continents? Rey, don't you realize guys our age need to slow it down some? I mean, you're a big star, Rey. You can come to a place like NWATNA, hang out, get some talk show thing or something and get a fat paycheck for doing next to nothing!"

"Guys our age?" Rey asked, "No offense, Honky, but we're definitely at two different places there. As for collecting a paycheck for nothing, that's not me, man. I just want to come out and entertain my fans the world over as best I can." "You're right, Rey," HTM said, "We're not the same age. I might be a few years older than you are, but in terms of our careers... face it. You're a high-flying, flippity-floo-dah guy. You're getting to be too old to do that stuff. I know you've been watching NWATNA's X-Division. I know you've seen what you're up against, Rey. You can't honestly expect me and these fans to believe you can compete at that level."

"You saying I've lost a step?" Rey asked. "Yeah," HTM answered, "That's exactly what I'm saying." "Well," Rey said, "I invite you, along with the rest of the world, to tune in July 10th when I'll prove I haven't!" "July 10th?" HTM said, "I'll do one better. Next week, you come back to this show and you'll see exactly how far you've fallen." "Oh yeah?" Rey said, "Deal, Honky. I'll be here next week." "Ladies and gentlemen, the grandfather of the X-Division, Rey Misterio Jr.!" Honky said, closing out the segment.

"That's awfully presumptuous of The Honky Tonk Man, insinuating that Rey's lost a step," Tenay said. "Mike, let's face facts," West began, "He's not gotten any younger since last we saw him and... well, I know you know about Rey's knee problems in the past. Maybe Honky's not that far off." From there, Tenay and West segued into discussing the events of last week, notably the Steve Corino/Satoshi Kojima match. "Tonight, Kojima has a partner," Tenay said as Corino and C.W. Anderson came out to the ring, "Those two men look pretty nervous walking to the ring."



Kojima came down to the ring alone and stood across from Corino and Anderson. Suddenly, a crunching guitar riff echoed throughout the arena. From backstage, out stepped... Masato Tanaka! "Masato Tanaka!" Tenay exclaimed, "Former ECW World Champion and a veteran of the violent world of FMW, Masato Tanaka is not about to back down from Steve Corino one bit!" The match began with Tanaka and Corino. Corino superkicked Masato... but it had no effect! The two traded chops, but Corino went low with a kick, then spiked Tanaka with a brainbuster. He made a cover, but Tanaka kicked out.

After the tag, Corino and Anderson delivered a double suplex on Tanaka. Anderson taunted Tanaka by hitting him with Tanaka's own roaring elbow strike, before unloading with vicious chops to his scarred chest. Anderson hooked Tanaka up, looking for the Ferris Wheel, but Tanaka broke free, whipped C.W. into the ropes, then slung him down with a classic Anderson spinebuster! Tanaka tagged out to Kojima, who went to work on C.W.'s neck with hard chops, then obliterated him with a colossal backdrop driver!

Kojima went for the Koji Cutter, but Anderson freed himself and tagged out to Corino. Corino quickly took Satoshi down and locked in a spinning toe hold, then turned that into the figure four leg lock. Tanaka came in and dropped an elbow on Corino's chest, forcing the break... then leveled C.W. Anderson with a roaring elbow, knocking him off the apron! Tanaka leapt over the top rope with a suicide dive as Kojima recovered and nailed Corino with the Koji Cutter!

"It's over!" Tenay said, "One! Two! What the hell?" Simon Diamond rushed out and pulled Kojima off of Corino, then hoisted him up and dropped him with the Simonizer! "Simon Diamond is here in NWATNA?" West said, "What is going on?" "The referee is calling for the bell," Tenay said, "Steve Corino again outnumbers Satoshi Kojima with his troops." Referees swarmed ringside, trying to pull Corino, Anderson and Simon away from the fallen Japanese brawlers.

WINNERS: Satoshi Kojima & Masato Tanaka via disqualification at 17:46

As the insanity in the ring was tended to, a video package aired, showing highlights of an amazing high-flier called The Amazing Red. "Red exemplifies the X-Division," Tenay said, "Some are even calling him the next generation of high-risk wrestlers. Fans, next week, you'll get to see this unique talent make his pay-per-view debut at Red, White, Black & Blue, our pre-Independence Day spectacular!" "Mike, this Red has got to be seen to be believed," West said, "These clips, there's no special effects here. This guy can defy gravity and next week, you'll see it live!"

"Don, it's time for our main event," Tenay said, "We saw earlier the Nashville World Order, Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Twins, attack Dory Funk Jr. backstage. Right now, it'll be Ron and Don taking on the team of Jerry Lynn and Ken Shamrock." "Mike, Lynn and Shamrock don't want the Harrises," West said, "They want Jarrett. After what we saw happen to Dory Funk, I wouldn't be surprised if they get that opportunity very soon. Jarrett's making a lot of enemies here in NWATNA in a very short period of time."


"Conspicuous by his absence is Jeff Jarrett," Tenay said, "I thought he'd surely be at ringside with the Harrises." Shamrock quickly took control, driving his knee into the gut of Ron Harris. He splattered Harris on the mat with a killer German suplex, but Don broke up the pinfall. Shamrock dragged Ron to his corner and tagged in Lynn, who leapt into the ring and nailed him with a big clothesline! Lynn pummeled Ron in the corner with wicked stomps, then positioned him for the Cradle Piledriver! Ron broke out of the move and lifted Lynn up for a spinebuster, then Don rushed in and dropped a big leg across Lynn's throat as Ron rolled out of the ring.

"They made the switch!" West said, "Did you see that?" "I did, Don," Tenay said, "Cover... only a two-count. Jerry Lynn is in bad shape in there." Don whipped Lynn across the ring and caught him with a big boot, then positioned him for a piledriver of his own. Lynn dropped to his knees, delivered a low-blow, then quickly hit the Cradle Piledriver on Don Harris! "That just totally changed the complexion of this match!" Tenay said, "Both men are down! Who's going to reach their partner first?" Both men slowly crawled to their corners... and Jerry Lynn made the tag first! Shamrock rushed into the ring and dragged Don back into the center, then twirled him into a gutwrench suplex!

Shamrock put on a clinic, suplexing Don Harris around the ring with incredible ease. After a triple belly-to-belly suplex, he made a cover. Ron Harris quickly stepped in to break it up. Together, the Harris Twins took over, double-teaming Ken then whipping him into the ropes. "Look!" Tenay screamed, "Jeff Jarrett just climbed out from underneath the ring with a guitar! NO!" As Ken hit the ropes, Jarrett blasted him in the back of the head, shattering the guitar! Shamrock staggered into the center of the ring, then suffered the H-Bomb by the twins. A cover was made and a three-count was registered.

WINNERS: The Harris Twins via pinfall at 17:36

"No! Jeff Jarrett just cost Shamrock and Lynn yet again!" Tenay said as the camera zoomed on the oozing wound on Ken's head, 'Shamrock is out and... OH! H-Bomb to Jerry Lynn! Somebody stop this!" Lynn tried desperately to fight back, but the Harrises overpowered him, then pulled him up for Jarrett to finish him off. Jarrett quickly dropped Lynn with the Stroke and the three stood before the hometown crowd, receiving nothing but boos.

As Jarrett congratulated his bodyguard's on their win... the lights went out! A spotlight shone on the rafters where Sting was seen slowly lowering from the rafters, looking down on Jarrett and company! "There he is!" Tenay cried out, "Sting is here in Nashville!" As Sting landed in the ring, Jarrett ordered the Harrises to attack!

Don rushed in first... only to take a baseball bat to the gut! Ron suffered the same fate, then took a hard shot in the shoulder from Sting's weapon! As the twins hit the deck, Jarrett hurried from the ring, abandoning his bodyguards at ringside. Sting walked over to the ropes and held up the bat, aiming it at Jarrett as he backed away! "Sting is gunning for Jeff Jarrett!" Tenay said, "All the bodyguards in the world won't keep you safe, Jeff!"

Nashville KnockOut:

Jerry Lynn & Ken Shamrock call out Jeff Jarrett.

- Overall Rating: 58%

- Ken Shamrock lost overness from this segment.

Dos Locos defeat Youthanazia.

- Overall Rating: 76%

- Crowd Reaction: 53%

- Match Quality: 99%

- Josh Prohibition debuted his new "blue chipper" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- Matt Cross debuted his new "blue chipper" gimmick. It got a positive response.

The Nashville World Order confront Dory Funk Jr.

- Overall Rating: 62%

- Don Harris debuted his new "bodyguard" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- Ron Harris debuted his new "bodyguard" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- Jeff Jarrett lost overness from this segment.

Christopher Daniels and Scoot Andrews wrestle to a no-contest.

- Overall Rating: 68%

- Crowd Reaction: 45%

- Match Quality: 91%

- Scoot Andrews debuted his new "legitimate athlete" gimmick. It got a positive response.

Michael Shane announces his firing from RoH.

- Overall Rating: 61%

- Michael Shane gained overness from this segment.

Honky Talk features Rey Misterio Jr.

- Overall Rating: 77%

Satoshi Kojima & Masato Tanaka defeat Steve Corino & C.W. Anderson.

- Overall Rating: 69%

- Crowd Reaction: 54%

- Match Quality: 85%

- Simon Diamond debuted his new "enforcer" gimmick. It got a positive response.

The Amazing Red's debut is hyped in a video package.

- Overall Rating: 49%

- The Amazing Red gained overness from this segment.

The Harris Twins defeat Jerry Lynn & Ken Shamrock.

- Overall Rating: 72%

- Crowd Reaction: 62%

- Match Quality: 83%

- Ron Harris gained overness from this match.

- Don Harris gained overness from this match.

Overall Rating: 67%

- Buyrate: 0.16

- Attendance: 2,722

- Terry Taylor: "Christopher Daniels and Scoot Andrews work pretty well together due to their similar styles."

- Terry Taylor: "Josh Prohibition and Matt Cross work well together as a team, it adds to their matches."

- Terry Taylor: "Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy blend as a team really well, probably due to their similar styles."

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Now this is a VERY interesting diary; as someone who used to watch TNA but isn't all that familiar with the NWA in general, I find it very interesting that you're NOT trying to duplicate TNA as it exists now, but define it as something that is both familiar (at least to me) and unique at the same time. I think you've got a great eclectic mix of stars, and am interested to see how and where things progress from here.

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Decent opener, Dos Locos are getting set up to be something pretty special which considering the talent of the guys making up the team makes a lot of sense. Loving the way that you're putting effort into hyping guy's (like Prohibition and M-Dogg 20) and their backgrounds through the commentators. Not only is it neccessary but it's VERY Mike Tenay and helps you pull his character off graet.

Jarrett, Harris Boys segment was excellent. Jarrett's already built up as a superb heel who doesn't give a crap about authority. You've really set the tone for his character in the space of two shows. I'm not a huge fan of the Harris boys but when used like this I think they can be a lot better than people give them credit for. Also the whole "the title could be handed over, any time, any where", stuff is intriguing and still leaves me with absolutely no idea where the world title's going and who it's going to, again, more intrigue making me want to keep reading.

Another ROH match. It's mostly personal preference as I'm not an ROH fan, and I don't like the whole code of honor. What can I say, I'm a sports entertainment fan and I find ROH dull. That said Daniels is a superb worker so I'm happy to see him any time, and I'm loving the way Shane's being used at this point so I can deal with it. Michael Shane on the mic post match was insanely good and already I'm kinda converted with the angle and where it's giong.

HTM and Rey was decent enough, interested as to what's happening next week if Rey turns up. Is it Rey Vs HTM? Does HTM have an opponent lined up for him? Or is it something else?

MASATO TANAKA!!!!!! Yes, awesome little worker and you've got four workers there in the ring competing who I mark out for big time. The match sounded really good and the ending worked well. Neither team, or any of hte wrestlers involved can really afford to look weak at this point and none did. Kojima & Tanaka looked strong, and Corino & CW won . Diamond, Corino and CW is gold stuff and I'm loving the potential you've got in where to go with all these guys.

Nice little video for Red, guys like him need hyping if you're to bring them in. It's not just internet fans that you're playing to, so nice job. Really love to see Red pushed into a programme with Rey at some point, maybe tagging up, the mentor/protege thing, before some kinda feud when they split. Would work well. Anyway, yeah, Red was still really good at this point so looking forward to seeing him next week.

Nice ending to the main event, I really expected Lynn and Shamrock to struggle to co-exist during the match leading to the loss but the ending you gave progresses things nicely. The Sting ending, was as you are no doubt aware, a brilliant and much needed end to the show to lead into next week.

Great show in its own right, which crucially did another great job of selling the next show.

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Thanks a lot, DigificWriter & Jayden for your kind words. I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, but here's the preview for the next (third) show. The 10-minute pre-show will be posted tomorrow, hopefully before Bound For Glory along with a little something extra. :)

Glad to hear y'all are enjoying it. Hopefully, I can keep it up. Until next time...


Thursday, June 27th, 2002

Next: Red, White, Black & Blue

By Katy-Jayne Myers

Red, White, Black & Blue is coming to you live from Columbia, South Carolina this Wednesday! Celebrate Independence Day with NWATNA, your new alternative for wrestling action!

According to Dory Funk Jr. of the NWA Championship Committee, Jeff Jarrett and his associates will get theirs this Wednesday. Funk is said to be doing well after the brutal attack by Jarrett's bodyguards, The Harris Twins, last night. Will Jarrett and company be doing well after Red, White, Black & Blue?

With just one week to go before X-Travaganza, Rey Misterio Jr. will return to Honky Talk to once again match wits with The Honky Tonk Man. Honky says Rey has lost a step and can't compete with today's X-Division superstars. Is he right or does Rey still have the goods?

Steve Corino will be on hand, along with C.W. Anderson, Simon Diamond and... God knows who, if the past two weeks have been any indication. What is Corino's plan here in NWATNA?

All that, plus K-Krush will be in action and you'll see the NWATNA debut of The Amazing Red, along with a whole lot more! It's just $9.95, so don't miss all the fireworks as NWATNA returns to pay-per-view, this and every Wednesday night!

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This is a brilliant concept I must say again I like the pushing of the Mexican tandem and how you're slowly bringing in X-Division stars and not giving them a jesus push right off the bat the World Title Situation interests me and Sting is always a plus keep it up mate

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I think I'm in love. Corino, Diamond, and Anderson together. I'm still thinking you need Credible but those three right there are enough to keep me coming back. I like the tag team push for Dos Locos and I'm glad you didn't just throw Juvy into the X-Division and give him the title like so many people, WWE included, have done in the past. Let's face it, Super Crazy owns Juvy. Not sure about calling Jarrett and Harris Brothers Nashville World Order though. Just seems over done. But I love Jarrett so anything with him works for me. Tanaka doesn't seem like he'd fit in TNA but it definitely worked for that match. That no selling of the superkick actually happened in ECW and I thought it was cool as hell to see so having it happen here was very cool. Never been a fan of Red. He just seemed to botch more spots then he hit although he was awesome. Amazing Red vs Jack Evans, now that would be a cool match. Jarrett vs Sting, I've seen it done in a few WCW diaries but I still like it. Keep this up man, you're doing a hell of a job.

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Thanks a lot for the continued support, everyone!

I'll admit the Nashville World Order isn't terribly great or creative (in fact, I think it was used in WCW... no wait, that was "everything-you-can-think-of-including-made-up-words World Order". I'd venture a guess and say I've even less of a Red fan than you, Tristan, as I can't stand him. However, for the purposes here, he'll be a suitable representative of "the future of the X-Division", so to speak. Thanks again for checking in. :)

What follows is a monthly recap that'll be posted every 1st, just to provide a bit of non-show insight into NWATNA. Enjoy! The "Red, White, Black & blue" preshow is on the way!


Monday, July 1st, 2002

The Bank Shot: June 2002

By Bill Banks

Ladies and gentlemen, NWATNA has arrived! Hello, I'm Bill Banks and you're reading The Bank Shot, a monthly look at any and everything NWATNA. With Red, White, Black & Blue just two days away, now's the perfect time to check out our weekly pay-per-view broadcasts if haven't already. If you have, you know exactly what NWATNA is all about.

Each month, The Bank Shot will take an in-depth look at NWATNA from start to finish.

TOTAL TOP STORY: The X-Division Uncovered!

The X-Division. The new buzz-word around pro wrestling. What is it and what does it mean?

The simplest way to answer that is by discussing what the X-Division isn't. It's not a cruiserweight/light heavyweight division, nor is it a hardcore division. The X-Division is a special breed of performers willing to give their all to thrill the fans. The X-Division isn't about weight limits. It's about no limits.

"I look at it like this," said Rey Misterio Jr., a pioneer of the X-Division style, "A good wrestler can win a match, but only a great wrestler can win a great match. When you're talking about the X-Division, it's more about showing what you can do rather than winning a match. A lot of the X-Division superstars feel that you can win more even if you lose just by holding nothing back in the ring. That's the X-Division."

"The X-Division is really interesting to me," said RoH star Bryan Danielson, "Right now, it's a lot of high-flyers like Dos Locos and The Jung Dragons. However, I think a guy like me could go in and do really well in it, even though my style is a bit more ground-oriented. I think I could take a few of those flying birds and clip their wings, but still uphold the ideals of the X-Division."

"All I know is it's the saving grace of my career," said Matt Cross of Youthanazia, "After my match with Dos Locos, I got offers from everywhere to come in and work... and I didn't even win! That's what's cool about the X-Division. It's not about being the best, it's about doing your best."

And what of those who not only do the best, but win matches?

"For me and Crazy," Juventud Guerrera of Dos Locos said, "We've really found our niche in the X-Division. So far, it's been a lot of tag team stuff, but if we ever go the singles route with it... look out. The X-Division is the future of wrestling, pure and simple."

Quite possibly the most exciting thing about the X-Division is where it goes from here.

"You know," Rey Misterio Jr. said, "We all know the NWA Championship Committee is watching each NWATNA pay-per-view very closely. July 10th will be an all X-Division show (X-Travaganza). Who's to say that won't be the night they decide a new NWA World Champion? It could happen."


Q1: What was it like wrestling on pay-per-view for the first time?

MC: Incredible. After the show, I got tons of calls from promotions wanting to hire me. Pro Wrestling NOAH, XWF... I'll be debuting for them soon. It's pretty cool and all thanks to NWATNA.

Q2: Which do you prefer: Matt Cross or M-Dogg 20?

MC: From fans? M-Dogg. From friends? Matt. From you? Neither.

Q3: Do you know you spelled Youthanazia wrong?

MC: I didn't. Josh did it. He's in charge of all that. I just kick the ass. He makes the T-shirts.

Q4: What's the best and worst thing about having Josh Prohibition as a partner?

MC: The best is that it's always great to have someone who compliments your style. The worst is that he totally messes everything up all the time always forever.

Q5: If you had to choose between NWATNA & CZW, which would you choose?

MC: I never hope I have to, because I have no idea which I'd pick.

Q6: If you weren't involved in wrestling, what would you be doing?

MC: Probably gymnastics or another athletic thing.

Q7: Name one wrestler you haven't wrestled but would like to someday.

MC: Rey Misterio Jr. He's in NOAH and NWATNA with me, so hopefully I'll get the chance soon.

Q8: Name one wrestler you have wrestled but never like to again.

MC: Duke "The Dumpster" Droese. Just awful.

Q9: Where will Matt Cross be in 5 years?

MC: Hopefully still wrestling and still having great matches wherever I go.

Q10: What was one question you wished would've been asked and how would you have answered it if we did ask?

MC: "Will you main event the next PPV?" and "I'll think about it."


Here's your chance to get the answers to the questions YOU want answered.

Q: NWATNA is great, but it'd be better if Sting wrestled. Is Sting ever going to wrestle? - fanofsting71190

A: Fanofsting, nobody here in NWATNA knows what Sting's motives are at all. He's said nothing to anyone about anything, or if he has, they certainly are not talking. NWATNA officials have no idea whether or not Sting will show up before we start shows. As for his chances of ever wrestling, NWATNA officials would jump at the chances to feature Sting on our shows and judging by his physique over the past two weeks, Sting's ready to go. It's all up to Sting really.

Q: Are there any plans bring in more independent talent to NWATNA? The RoH stars are great, but there are a lot more talented wrestlers on that roster to be brought in. What about WWA, CZW, XPW or the XWF? WWE shout down OVW and a lot of talented free agents are floating around. Is NWATNA interested in any of them? - Mike D.

A: Mike, NWATNA prides itself on having the finger on the pulse of what wrestling fans want. Our relationship with RoH has been great for both sides and we've had talks with every organization you mentioned (and some you didn't). NWATNA is interested in both homegrown stars as well as showcasing indy talent. As for the former OVW roster, I'll agree there's a lot of talent there. You'll just have to stay tuned to see who debuts for us next!

Q: Hello. I'm interested in becoming a wrestler and want to know how to get a job with NWATNA? Thanks. - Gary M.

A: Gary, there are a lot of ways a young wrestler can get a spot on the NWATNA roster. First off, making a name for yourself in the indy circuit would be a great way. We often look at other promotions' talent when looking for that next big breakout star. However, there are a lot of free agents we look at as well. For someone who wants the fast track though, check out The GutCheck. It's NWATNA's official training camp, run by Rey Misterio Sr. and Mando Guerrero. The camp is open now and fans can expect to see some of the trainees on pay-per-view in the near future!


Red, White, Black & Blue

Columbia, SC on the 3rd

- Dory Funk Jr. promises Jeff Jarrett will get his!

- Honky Talk featuring Rey Misterio Jr.!

- The Amazing Red makes his NWATNA debut!

- K-Krush in action!

- Steve Corino scheduled to appear!


Greensboro, NC on the 10th

- Rey Misterio Jr. vs. TAKA Michinoku!

- A 20-Man "Xamination" Match!

The Ride

Charlotte, NC on the 17th

Mid-South Mania

Memphis, TN on the 24th


Atlanta, GA on the 31st


certified by the NWA Championship Committee


NWA World Champion: vacant

#1. (-) Bryan Danielson (1 win, 0 losses)

#2. (-) Steve Corino (1 win, 0 losses)

#3. (-) Jerry Lynn (0 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses)

#4. (-) Christopher Daniels (0 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses)

#5. (-) Ken Shamrock (0 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses)


NWA World Tag Team Champions: vacant

#1. (-) Dos Locos (2 wins, 0 losses)

#2. (-) The Harris Twins (1 win, 0 losses)

#3. (-) Satoshi Kojima & Masato Tanaka (1 win by DQ, 0 losses)

#4. (-) Youthanazia (0 wins, 1 loss)

#5. (-) Jerry Lynn & Ken Shamrock (0 wins, 1 loss)


MATCH OF THE MONTH: Dos Locos vs. Youthanazia @ Nashville KnockOut

right click + save target as to watch highlights

MOMENT OF THE MONTH: Sting's dramatic entrance @ Total NonStop Introduction

right click + save target as to watch in it's entirety

Name: Overness (Overness Gain/Loss For June 2002)

Bryan Danielson: 50 (+/- 0)

C.W. Anderson: 53 (+/- 0)

Christopher Daniels: 51 (+5)

Don Harris: 53 (+3)

Dory Funk Jr.: 57 (+/- 0)

Jeff Jarrett: 78 (-4)

Jerry Lynn: 69 (+/- 0)

Josh Prohibition: 52 (+6)

Juventud Guerrera: 76 (+17)

Kaz Hayashi: 53 (+/- 0)

Ken Shamrock: 79 (-1)

K-Krush: 54 (+1)

Masato Tanaka: 60 (+/- 0)

Matt Cross: 52 (+6)

Michael Shane: 43 (+7)

Rey Misterio Jr.: 76 (+/- 0)

Ron Harris: 53 (+3)

Satoshi Kojima: 48 (+/- 0)

Scoot Andrews: 55 (+9)

Simon Diamond: 60 (+7)

Steve Corino: 60 (+/- 0)

Sting: 95 (+/- 0)

Super Crazy: 71 (+12)

TAKA Michinoku: 56 (+/- 0)

The Amazing Red: 39 (+1)

The Honky Tonk Man: 72 (+8)

Yang: 40 (+/- 0)

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

T-Minus 10 Minutes: Red, White, Black & Blue

By Jimmy Kirk

"Hello, everyone! Mike Tenay, alongside Don West, for yet another spectacular pay-per-view event, courtesy of NWATNA!" Tenay said, kicking off the pre-show, "Tonight, we're coming to you live from Columbia, South Carolina." "Mike, tomorrow is Independence Day... but tonight the fireworks are going off!" Don West said, "Things are really heating up here in NWATNA, Mike." "Yes, and the man in charge of policing the action, Dory Funk Jr., has requested this time for a very special message," Tenay said.

The shot cut to backstage where Funk sat at his desk, behind the nameplate reading "Dory Funk Jr., NWA Championship Committee". Funk leaned forward in his chair, shedding light on some deep bruises on his face, likely from the attack by the Nashville World Order a week prior. "Jeff Jarrett," Funk said, "You and your boys sure pulled a fast one on me last week. First, you beat me up. Then, you cheated to win your match. All I've got to say to that is... too bad."

"You see," Funk continued, "I came here in order to make sure that everything in NWATNA went by the book. You crossed a line last week, Jarrett. This week, you're going to pay. Afterwards, I don't think we're going to have any more misunderstandings. Now, because of what you did to Ken Shamrock, he's out of commission for the time being. However, Jerry Lynn is here and he'll be your opponent in tonight's main event!" The crowd cheered at this news and Dory waited for them to die down before resuming his speech. "Now, I know that you've probably already got a plan, Jarrett," he said, "But so do I. Tell your boys, The Harris Twins, to get ready. They're up first tonight. Oh, and tell them this... nobody messes with a Funker."

"Jerry Lynn one-on-one with Jeff Jarrett?" Tenay said, "Don, Jeff Jarrett may regret ever crossing Dory Funk Jr.'s path." "Mike, for the past two weeks, Jeff Jarrett has cost Jerry Lynn a victory," West said, "Tonight, Lynn's going to take out all that frustration on him. I just hope we don't get a repeat of last week's events, courtesy of The Harrises." "Fans, we're out of time," Tenay said, "Just ten dollars gets you all the action! Check out NWATNA.com for more info and join us next week from Greensboro for X-Travaganza!"

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

Dangerous Details: Red, White, Black & Blue

By "Danger" Will Riker

The show opened with the entrance of The Harris Twins, as ordered by Dory Funk Jr. Ron and Don looked perplexed as they walked to the ring. "Where's Jeff Jarrett?" Don West asked. "I wouldn't expect to see him out here, Don," Tenay said, "He's got Jerry Lynn to worry about... not to mention, this all seems like a trap set by Dory Funk Jr."

Tenay's fears were confirmed with a guttural voice screaming "WHAT A RRRRRUUUUUSH!" then a massive ovation from the crowd! "My God!" Tenay said, "It's them! Hawk! Animal! The Road Warriors!" The Harrises looked at each other nervously as the Legion of Doom stalked to the ring, then climbed in, followed by referee Billy Silverman.


Ron Harris rushed across the ring, trying to get a jump on the Warriors with a big boot to Animal's face. Animal took the blow... then stared at Big Ron as the crowd went crazy! "He didn't even flinch!" West cried out. Animal began throwing huge lefts and rights, rocking Ron with punches, then flung him into the corner and tagged in Hawk. Hawk stepped in and continued the beating Animal had begun, then hiptossed Ron out of the corner to the mat.

"Ron Harris is scrambling to get to his brother, Don," Tenay said, "By the looks of it, I'm not sure Heavy D wants to get in there with the Road Warriors!" Don reluctantly tagged in and timidly approached Hawk... only to be nailed by a dropkick! Hawk scooped and slammed Don, then leapt into the air and dropped his fist right into Heavy D's face! Hawk tagged in Animal, but Big Ron rushed in and nailed him from behind!

As the brawl intensified, Animal and Hawk quickly turned the tables on Ron Harris, then knocked him out of the ring with a double clothesline. Don Harris got to his feet, then suddenly realized he was all alone. Animal hoisted him up, then Hawk climbed up and leveled him with the Doomsday Device! Animal casually set his foot on Harris' chest as the ref counted the pinfall. "The Road Warriors establish TOTAL dominance over The Harris Twins!" Tenay said.

WINNERS: The Road Warriors via pinfall at 8:34

The Road Warriors celebrated for a moment, then pulled Don up and tossed him out of the ring. They grabbed the Harrises and battered them as they dragged them up the aisle and to the back! "So, that was the plan!" Tenay said, "Dory Funk Jr. has just eliminated The Harris Twins from tonight's preceedings! It looks like Jeff Jarrett will be all alone for our main event!" "Right about now," West added, "I bet they regret messing with Dory Funk last week."

Backstage, Steve Corino stood alongside C.W. Anderson and Simon Diamond, holding a microphone. "It started with one," Corino said, holding up one finger, "One man, one dream, one goal. It began with me. I'm a former NWA Champion who'll reach that pinnacle once more... and I won't do it alone." "Then there were two," C.W. Anderson said, holding up two fingers, "Two men, one dream, one goal. I'm an enforcer, pure and simple. I'm not flashy. I'm not stylish. I'm the guy who'll kick your ass and make it look easy... because it is." "And two became three," Simon said, holding up three fingers, "Three men, one dream, one goal. These are two of my best friends in the world right here. I've been up and down every road you can imagine with both of them. Now, they've brought me here to watch their back, just like they watch mine." "Three men," Corino said, holding up three fingers, "One dream... one goal. And in two weeks... there will be four." All three then held up four fingers and placed their hands together. "Behold a new era," Corino said, "For now is the time... of The Extreme Horsemen."

"The Extreme Horsemen?" West asked, "What does he mean in two weeks four is coming?" "Steve Corino is a dangerous man, with or without allies," Tenay said, "Extreme Horsemen? I certainly hope that doesn't mean what I think it does. Changing the subject here, next week is our all X-Division showcase, X-Travaganza! Here now we've got an exciting preview of that show as two brand-new X-Division stars go one-on-one!"


"Fans may remember Blitzkrieg from his short stint in WCW," Tenay said, "He certainly caught my, as well as many others', eye with his amazing high-flying moves. Tonight, he'll be taking on quite possibly the next generation of the X-Division, The Amazing Red." Red, a Ring of Honor wrestler, asked for a handshake to start the bout... then kicked Blitzkrieg in the leg when it was granted! He quickly rolled Blitzkrieg up, getting a near-fall.

Red hooked on a waistlock, then there for a bit before spinning around and armdragging Blitzkrieg to the mat. Both men kipped up with lightning-fast quickness and locked up. Blitzkrieg slung Red into the ropes, but Red came back with a headscissor takeover... only to be caught in mid-air and planted with a DDT! Blitzkrieg made a cover, but Red kicked out just before three.

Blitzkrieg gave Red a few kicks as he slowly got up, then whipped him across the ring again. Again, Red went for the headscissors and again Blitzkrieg caught him for the DDT. Red quickly slipped free and leapt up, catching Blitzkrieg with a huracanrana. Blitzkrieg quickly got up and charged towards Red, but Red leapfrogged him and landed on his back! Red sat there for a moment, trying to steady himself... then flipped forward and slung Blitzkrieg to the mat in a powerbomb!

"Wow!" West said, "That was incredible! Now I know why they call this kid 'amazing'!" Red held Blitzkrieg down for a two-count, but Blitzkrieg kicked out and shoved Red away. Red continued to apply the pressure, blasting Blitzkrieg with kicks before scoring with a sick knee strike to the head! From there, Red stood over his prey, posed, then leapt over a standing shooting star press! "It's over!" Tenay said, "Impressive win for The Amazing Red with the Red Star Press!" "Fans, there was no trick photography there," West said, "This guy needs no special effects!"

WINNER: The Amazing Red via pinfall at 11:07

After Red and Blitzkrieg left the ring... out came The Honky Tonk Man for this week's Honky Talk. "Whoo, baby!" HTM said, "Y'all know who my guest is going to be. Come on out... Rey Misterio Jr.!" Rey came out to a raucous ovation, then joined HTM in the ring. "Now, Rey," Honky said, "I know you were watching backstage. That last match was incredible! I mean, you had the flips and flaps and the flops... it was unreal!" "It was a great match," Rey agreed, "My hat's off to both of those guys."

"Your hat?" Honky said, "Rey, next week, you're going to go one-on-one with TAKA Michinoku as part of X-Travaganza. Are you really saying that the two of you can hold a candle to what we just saw?" "Honky," Rey said, chuckling a bit, "Not only can I hold a candle to what you just saw... I'm going to blow it away! At X-Travaganza, everyone's going to know that NWATNA and the X-Division are the real deal! I don't care what anyone says now, because after my match next week, they'll all be saying..."

Rey stopped suddenly... as TAKA Michinoku attacked him from behind! Michinoku nailed Rey with forearm shots to the head, then stomped him down. He pulled Rey to his feet, hoisted him up and spiked him with the Michinoku Driver! With the damage done, TAKA gestured to the crowd, then made his exit. "Face it, Rey," HTM said, "Your time has come... and gone."

"Did Honky set that up?" West asked. "I have no idea," Tenay said, "But the X-Division will be on full display next week as Rey takes on TAKA Michinoku. Plus, you'll see 20 wrestlers who define what the X-Division is all about do battle, all looking to earn a contract with NWATNA! The one who walks away will become a regular member of the roster here in NWATNA." As West and Tenay rattled off a few of the names of the participants... up walked Dos Locos.

"Yo, gringos," Juventud Guerrera said, interrupting Tenay, "Que sobre nosotros? What about us?" "Juventud! Super Crazy!" Tenay said, startled, "You two are..." "Save it, maricon," Juvi said, "Crazy and me want to know why the hell it is that this all X-Division deal is goin' down sin Dos Locos? We're undefeated, man! There's no team in the X-Division that can beat us!" "I'm sorry," Tenay said, "This show is stacked from top to bottom. I guess the championship committee forgot to include you."

"Se olvido?! They forgot?!" Juvi said, "Listen here to the Juice... Dos Locos WILL be on that show, whether anyone likes it or not. Consider this an open challenge to any team in the world. You think you've got what it takes to hang in the X-Division? Bring it on, and Dos Locos will prove that you don't! Adios, perdedores!" "An open challenge? Any team in the world?" Tenay said, "Dos Locos may have just bit off more than they can chew!" "Mike, you've seen what they've already done here in NWATNA," West said, "Maybe they're overconfident. Maybe, however, they're right. Maybe they are the best X-Division tag team in the world!"


"Fans, we're in for a treat here," Tenay said, "In all my years of calling the action for WCW, I don't think I'd ever seen a man with as much potential as 'Das Wunderkind' Alex Wright. Tonight, he makes his NWATNA debut." Techno-music played over the speakers and out came Alex, still sporting hair in the style of the "Berlyn" character, sauntered out dancing awkwardly. "This is the guy?" West asked, wondering exactly what Tenay had seen in such a... well, goof.

Wright walked right up to Krush and challenged him to a dance-off, then continued his odd gyrations... until Krush blasted him in the head with a big right hand! Krush rocked Alex with a series of punches, then kicked him right in the gut. Krush mocked Alex's dance for a moment, then leapt into the air, looking for the scissor kick! Wright stood up, avoiding the contact and sending Krush down to the mat. Spotting his chance, Wright pulled Krush up and... resumed dancing, asking him to join in.

"I don't know what's wrong with Alex Wright," Tenay said, "This certainly isn't the same man I recall from WCW." Krush stepped in to punch Alex... but Wright blocked it! He pulled back his fist and prepare to level Krush, but Krush told him to wait. "I just want to dance," Krush told him, talking Alex's aggression out of him. Alex nodded his head and started dancing as Krush watched.

When Wright turned his back, Krush nailed him with a neckbreaker. Krush wasted little time in pulling Alex up and spiking him with a sit-out gourdbuster then covering him for the pin. After the bout, Krush stood up and soaked up the boos from the crowd, then shouted into the camera "Yo, I just dropped the N-Bomb on that cracker!"

WINNER: K-Krush via pinfall at 6:31

The shot cut to backstage where Christopher Daniels was relaxing, watching the action. Just then, Michael Shane walked over. Daniels stood up and clenched his fist, anticipating Shane's attack. "Hold on, Chris," Shane said, "Listen. I want you to know that what happened last week, that wasn't personal. RoH dumped me like a bad habit and I'll never forgive them for it. You, however, I've got absolutely no problem with. In fact, I've got a proposal for you."

"Listen, Shane," Daniels said, "You cost me one of the biggest matches of my career last week." "I know," Michael said, "And I'm sorry. Still, I'm offering you the chance to get a win back, next week at X-Travaganza. You see, Dos Locos just put out an open challenge to anyone in the world. Now, there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't be a part of X-Travaganza... and you too, Chris. We deserve to be on that show and this is our opportunity. If we work together, we can steal that show." "You want to team up with me to get on the X-Travaganza card?" Daniels asked, "Well... sorry. I'm already on it."

"What?!" Shane cried. "Yeah," Daniels said, "NWATNA and RoH are doing another cross-promotion match. It'll be a match for the #1 Contender's Trophy for the Ring of Honor Title. The winner will get a shot at the new RoH champion after Crowning Of A Champion next weekend. I'm going to be in it... and I'm going to win it." With that, Daniels walked away, leaving Shane fuming. "Damn Ring of Honor!" he shouted, "They screwed me again!" Just before cutting back to the arena, Daniels returned to the scene. "Oh, and just so you know," he said, "I wouldn't have been your partner anyway."


Lynn entered the ring first, but quickly left it and jumped Jarrett during his entrance! He battered Jarrett up the ramp and around ringside before tossing him into the ring. Once there, the bell sounded and the match officially began. Lynn dropped Jarrett with a dropkick, then stomped away at his head before making a cover. Jarrett kicked out, but Lynn remained merciless. "Jerry Lynn is just beating the hell out of Jeff Jarrett!" Tenay said. "Imagine it, Mike," West said, "Lynn was inches away from beating Ken Shamrock two weeks ago, Jarrett cost him. Last week, he was inches away from beating Don and Ron Harris, Jarrett cost him. Add to that the knowledge that the championship committee is watching this... Lynn wants to win BAD!"

Lynn whipped Jarrett across the ring, then launched into a dropkick. Jarrett grabbed the ropes and watched Lynn crash down onto the mat, then stepped in and grabbed his leg, signalling for the figure four! As Jarrett spun around, lynn raised his boot and kicked Jarrett off... head-first into the turnbuckle! Lynn got to his feet and advanced on Jarrett... but Jarrett quickly went low and nailed Lynn in the groin! "Oh no!" Tenay said, "Jarrett's got Lynn in a bad way now. He's setting him up for the Stroke!"

Jarrett positioned himself beside Lynn for his finishing move... but Lynn used a sharp elbow to the mouth to free himself, then whipped Jarrett across the ring! As Jarrett came back towards him, Lynn scooped him up onto his shoulders and delivered the TKO! "Lynn's got the cover!" Tenay said, "One! Two! Three! He got him!" "What a huge win for Jerry Lynn!" Don West added, "You know that backstage Dory Funk Jr. is watching this with a smile on his face."

WINNER: Jerry Lynn via pinfall at 12:49

Jerry Lynn took a moment to soak up the fan's adulation, then pointed at Jarrett and signalled for the Cradle Piledriver! "He's not satsified yet, Mike!" West said, "Lynn wants to not just beat Jarrett, he wants to hospitalize him!" Lynn pulled Jarrett up and positioned him for the piledriver, when suddenly... a spotlight shone on them as the lights slowly dimmed.

"What's this?" Tenay said as Lynn released Jarrett and walked towards the corner, peering up into the rafters, "Could this be Sting?" The spotlight followed Lynn as he circled the ring, trying to see if he could spot Sting, then it quickly moved up into the rafters, shining on... nothing at all. The house lights came back on... and Jarrett leveled Lynn from behind with a guitar!

"What a shot!" Tenay said, as Lynn slumped to the mat, unconscious. Jarrett strutted around the ring, celebrating his post-match assault. "Mike, even when you beat Jeff Jarrett in a battle, he still can find a way to win the war," West said, as Jarrett shouted into the camera "He's not coming! He's never coming back!" "Don, the championship committee doesn't judge by attacks like this," Tenay said, "They count wins and losses and right now Jerry Lynn has one win over Jeff Jarrett. That's all that matters to them. Fans, next week, X-Travaganza showcase the exciting stars of NWATNA's X-Division! It's two hours of high-octane, high-impact, high-risk action and the only way you can see it is live on pay-per-view! From Columbia, South Carolina, this is Mike Tenay, for Don West, saying good night and have a happy and safe Fourth Of July!"

Red, White, Black & Blue:

Dory Funk Jr. books Jeff Jarrett versus Jerry Lynn.

- Overall Rating: 60%

The Road Warriors defeat The Harris Twins.

- Overall Rating: 56%

- Crowd Reaction: 58%

- Match Quality: 69%

The Extreme Horsemen hype the coming of "Four".

- Overall Rating: 81%

- Steve Corino gained overness from this segment.

- Simon Diamond gained overness from this segment.

The Amazing Red defeats Blitzkrieg.

- Overall Rating: 64%

- Crowd Reaction: 45%

- Match Quality: 100%

- Blitzkrieg debuted his new "luchadore" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- The Amazing Red debuted his new "highlight reel" gimmick. It got a positive response.

Honky Talk features Rey Misterio Jr.

- Overall Rating: 80%

- TAKA Michinoku debuted his new "highlight reel" gimmick. It got a positive response.

- TAKA Michinoku gained overness from this segment.

Juventud Guerrera makes an open challenge for X-Travaganza.

- Overall Rating: 70%

K-Krush defeats Alex Wright.

- Overall Rating: 65%

- Crowd Reaction: 61%

- Match Quality: 85%

- Alex Wright debuted his new "comedy character" gimmick. It got a negative response.

- Alex Wright lost overness from this match.

- K-Krush gained overness from this match.

Michael Shane's proposal is rejected by Christopher Daniels.

- Overall Rating: 58%

- Michael Shane gained overness from this segment.

Jerry Lynn defeats Jeff Jarrett.

- Overall Rating: 68%

- Crowd Reaction: 71%

- Match Quality: 81%

- Jerry Lynn gained overness from this match.

Overall Rating: 67%

- Buyrate: 0.16

- Attendance: 2,778

- The Amazing Red: "I think I should be higher up the card."

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Thursday, July 4th, 2002

Next: X-Travaganza

By Katy-Jayne Myers

Happy Independence Day from NWATNA!

Wednesday night will be the first-ever ALL X-Division supershow, X-Travaganza!

Billed as a battle between two pioneers of the X-Division style, the match between Rey Misterio Jr. and TAKA Michinoku took a serious turn last night when TAKA attacked Rey during Honky Talk. Now, not only will this battle be a showcase of their incredible skills, but also a personal grudge will be settled!

In yet another cross-promotion between NWATNA and the rising federation Ring of Honor, the RoH #1 Contender's Trophy will be on the line at X-Travaganza! It will be a three-way match between "The Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson! With RoH set to crown their first champion on July 16th, whoever wins this match will receive first crack at the new champion at an upcoming RoH event!

NWATNA prides itself on consistently bringing new talent in to showcase for it's fans... but Wednesday night, not one, not two, but TWENTY new faces will be on display... in one match! Twenty X-Division stars from around the globe will face off in the first-ever "Xamination", all vying to earn a spot on the NWATNA roster. Only one will receive a guaranteed contract with NWATNA. Tune in and see who the new face of the X-Division will be!

Plus, Dos Locos have issued an open challenge to the world. Will anyone step up and challenge their dominance as the #1 X-Division tag team on the planet? Find out this Wednesday as NWATNA presents X-Travaganza live!

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