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Your favourite musical artists from different countries

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Just wondering how many countries we can cover here.

List at most two of your favourite favourite groups/bands/solo artists/acts from as many different countries as you can.

RULES: You must actually LIKE the group! No filling just to extend your list!

Australia: Kylie (for 'Slow', 'I Believe In You' & 'Confide In Me'), Imbrugly-woogly

Canada: Peaches

Eire: Cranberries

France: Air, Stereo Total

Germany: Kraftwerk, Console

Iceland: Bjork, Sigur Ros

Japan: Polysics, Mad Capsule Markets

Netherlands: Legowelt

Norway: Royksopp

Singapore: Vanessa Mae

South Africa: The Benjamin Gate

Sweden: The Cardigans

United Kingdom: Aphex Twin (well born to Welsh parents in Ireland then lived in England), Muse

United States: ADULT., Talking Heads

Venezuela: Kid 606

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United Kingdom: Oasis, Supertramp

United States: Beach Boys, Tenacious D

Ireland: The Corrs

Sweden: ABBA

Spain: Los Del Rio

Romania: The Cheeky Girls

Australia: AC/DC

Canada: Neil Young

Denmark: Aqua

Jamaica: Bob Marley

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I don't always know/remember where bands I like are from.

I do know I can cover most of Scandanavia, bits of Europe as a whole,, Japan, the US, Canada....oh, and Brazil.

EDIT: I'll do mine properly later, I guess...or bit by bit...

UK: Amplifier, Reuben

Irish: U2, The Pogues

Australian: Savage Garden, AC/DC

New Zealand:Crowded House (well, I dunno if they'd go as Australia or New Zealand)

Japan: Mad Capsule Markets

Brazil: Sepultura

US: Unearth, Beach Boys

French: Daft Punk

Canada: The New Pornographers, Neil Young

Italy: Ephel Duath, Lacuna Coil

Israel: Orphaned Land

Sweden: In Flames, Meshuggah

Norway: Emperor, Enslaved

Finland: Children Of Bodom

Germany: Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards

Denmark: King Diamond

Poland: Behemoth, Vader

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I like The Corrs slightly if I can use that as my Irish group. >_>

And ABBA are the shit, of course, which covers Sweden.

Those two fat blokes who sang Macarena can represent Spain.

I have real hard trouble differentiating between Canadian and American artists. I know that Sum 41 and Celine Dion are from Canada, but I wouldn't say I liked either.

I only know of Rammstein from Germany, and I hate them. I didn't even know France had music. Japan have that whole J-Pop thing going on but I haven't heard any.

I suppose The Cheeky Girls would be an adequate entry for Romania. Harmless pop fun.

Aqua are the shit and I know they're Scandinavian, but Wikipedia doesn't tell me where in Scandinavia they're from. Let's hope it's not Sweden, since Sweden doesn't need help.

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Finland: Rotten Sound, Impaled Nazarene

Sweden: Marduk, Meshuggah

Norway: Carpathian Forest, Immortal

Denmark: Cataract, Graveland

Russia: Butterfly Temple

France: Blunt Aus Nord

Germany: Necrophagist, Heaven Shall Burn

Belgium: Leng Tch'e, Lugubrum

Israel: Rabies Caste

Poland: Behemoth, Vader

The UK: Gorerotted, Napalm Death

Australia: Halo, The Berzerker

Japan: Susumu Hirasawa, that guy who did the Silent Hill 2 OST (someone help me out here? :( )

Brazil: Sepultura

USA: Pig Destroyer, Pelican

Canada: Cryptopsy, Our Lady Peace

Greece: Rotting Flesh

And to Burnipating Pesci, Aqua are from Sweden.

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Guest Ringo Von Masterson

I'll skip over the US and England because there's loads.

Canada: New Pornographers/Destroyer Wolf Parade, The Unicorns, Columbus, Immaculate Machine, Broken Social Scene, The Hidden Cameras

Sweden: Divisions of Laura Lee, Leif Karate, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Act II, Anniemal, Sambassadeur

Norway: Royksopp

Iceland: Slowblow, Bjork/The Sugarcubes

Scotland: Belle and Sebastian, Ballboy, The Delgados, Mogwai and Boards Of Canada

Ireland: The Cranberries

Wales: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Iraq: .....PSYCH <_<

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I can't believe no one has mentioned.....

Tom Jones. He's from Wales, if I remember correctly.

Other than him (I'm skipping the U.S. and England, or I'd be typing this up for probably an hour!)

Australia: Kylie Minogue, AC\DC, Midnight Oil

Canada: Barenaked Ladies, Neil Young

Finland: Nightwish

Germany: Kraftwerk, Rammstein

Ireland: The Corrs, U2 and a few Celtic music artists whose names I can't think of right now. (Celtic music is the shit!)

Italy: Lacuna Coil (although, I can count the # of songs I've heard by them on one hand)

Japan: TM Revolution, Do As Infinity, Two-Mix, Ayumi Hamasaki, Boa (she's actually Korean, but does J-Pop, so.....)

And I also want to say Orbital and Daft Punk, but I can't remember what countries they're from (I think Daft Punk are from France?).

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Canada: Bif Naked, Live on Release

England: Coldplay, Oasis

France: Daft Punk

Germany: Kraftwerk, Rammstein

Ireland: the chicks from "Celtic Woman" especially the violinist :shifty: The Corrs, Cranberries, U2

So. Africa: Seether

I think that's all I can think of. Does anyone know where KMFDM and/or Pig aka Raymond Watts are from? If they aren't Americans toss 'em to their respective countries.

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This is all at the moment. And I'm going to include USA for shits and giggles. Also, Raymond was born in England.

UK: Arctic Monkeys

USA: The Dillinger Escape Plan

Germany: Einstürzende Neubauten

Canada: Tegan & Sara

Japan: Balzac

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England - Jamiroquai

Scotland - Idlewild

Wales - Fuck Knows

Ireland - Fuck Knows

USA - Strung Out

Canada - Wolf Parade (There's probably others I like more, but my mind is blank)

France - Daft Punk (Never knew they were French...they're class though)

Germany - Beatsteaks

Sweden - Jose Gonzalez

Belgium - Death Before Disco

Norway - Royksopp

Iceland - Sigur Ros

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Germany - KMFDM

France - Daft Punk

Scotland - Franz Ferdidnand (Shirley Manson is Scottish, but Garbage is an American Band)

Australia - AC/DC

South Africa - Seether

Canada - Arcade Fire

Brazil - Anything Max Cavalera does

UK - The Clash

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Canada - Martha Wainwright, Broken Social Scene

Iceland - Bjork, Sigur Ros

Australia - Killing Heidi, Architecture in Helsinki

France - Air, M83

Sweden - The Cardigans, Dark Tranquillity

England - The Go! Team, The Streets

Spain - Prefuse 73

America - Rufus Wainwright, The Mars Volta

Japan - Guitar Wolf

That... should do.

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