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Deal or No Deal Game


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My best is 266,000 or so. I had 75,000 in my case. So I would have made a nice bit. :)

DAMNIT....just did it again...was on 390,000 or so, then got the 1,000,000 in my next suitcase...plummeted down to 180,000. :(

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$750,000 with only that and the $50 suitcase left in play...it was just a case of telling the bank to fuck off with every shitty offer they gave me, especially after playing one game and having the million suitcase along with the $100 suitcase left, and only being offered around $200,000...tight cunt <_<

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I can't be as good without Noel! Its a fact. I came out with a dollar after turning down $150 cause I thought I had a million

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