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So, does anyone here play Music Maven?

I played v2 for a few months, but then went off to college and forgot about it... now the version 3 beta is out, so I've signed up for that. I'm not seeing too many dramatic changes from the 2nd version, but I'm still going to give it a chance, since I'm in summer boredom mode.

I'll probably forget about it again once I go back to college in the fall.

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I signed up as a hardcore punk band, Blood Rush. (Bad name I know)

So far, it just seems exactly the same as 2, other than the Music Maven shop's done, and you can be denied bookings, you can select individual instruments for your band. (But you should be able to assign 2 per person. eg. Lead Guitarist and Main Vocalist). Maybe more changes will become evident as time goes on. But knowing me, just like MM2 i'll get bored after like a week and a half and never go back on.

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Well, hopefully V3 will keep me occupied longer than V2. It does seem more difficult... right now my band is losing lots of money. I should try to get more gigs, I guess.

I'm just using the time now to figure out the best way to start a band, so when the game is reset in July I'll have a leg up on the rest of the n00bs.

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I used to rock at this. Ignition used to own. I was like.. the second best Industrial band around.

I just tried getting back into it, two of the band members were born in 92' and 93' respectivly.. I gave up right away.

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As long as noone sees through the thinly-veiled cover of my bands name, SoundMachine are gonna rock. As soon as they get some decent talent. An EWB record label would be cool, but once it kicks off properly, (off the beta) it'll be better.

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