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Best Unplugged songs?


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What are the best songs that are done unplugged? I'm looking mostly at stuff which has been done on MTV Unplugged, but as long as it was re-recorded acoustically/unplugged (rather than being an acoustic song already), thats fine also.

I'll add some of my choices later.

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Chris Cornell's "Seasons", but I'm sure everyone knew that already. Those determined enough can even track down a copy from when Cornell performed it live at the Euphoria Morning radio premiere.

The Alice In Chains "Unplugged" album is solid, if not great.

First Days of the New album, with few exceptions, is completely acoustic.

Edit: "Hear You Me" from Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American" album is a very well-done song, as well.

Second Edit: The acoustic version of "Like Suicide" by Soundgarden. Enough said.

Yeah, Edit: Disturbed's "Darkness" if you're looking for a simple but effective song. Same for Staind's "Epiphany" (arguably the only song I can regularly go back and listen to by Staind.)

More as I think of 'em.

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Skindred have an acoustic bonus disc on their album, it's awesome. Trivium have been kicking out some Acoustic stuff as well recently, which is also really good.

How awesome was Dying In Your Arms in London? I loved it.

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Coming from a man who's never been a Nirvana fan, their unplugged stuff was fantastic, but I'm quite certain you've heard that unplugged. Still, "Lake of Fire" was one badass song.

I was always partial to the acoustic versions of "Times Like These" and "Everlong" by Foo Fighters as well.

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I'm not a big fan of the Smashing Pumpkins anymore, but I always liked their accoustic version of "Cherub Rock". I believe it was recorded in a studio in France, for MTV France or some shit. I'm sure their is video of it laying around the internet, it's from a Siamese Dream video they made in 93/94.

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" ksclark (1 week ago)

Baha I was at this show losers. "


I have to say it's amazing how massive Trivium have become in a year. Considering they had an album and EP out no one really heard of them and then they brought out Ascendancy and they just became absolutely huge.

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