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So, Metallica played a new song last night, it's pretty good, lots of double bass and a SOLO. Quality isnt that good, but I'll edit a link in later. Anyone else heard it? Thoughts?

It's better than the new Slayer, which to me sounds like something Avenged Sevenfold could of put out.

http://www.metworld.de/newdesign/start.html there you go, password is www.metallica-world.de

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listenin' now. The double bass sounds niiice...

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Wasn't Unforgiven meant to be just one massive epic, but, for whatever reason, they practically cut it in half? (I know the style is different in II, with the country tinge, but it's still pretty much, the same song)

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What about Load?

I'm not a Metallica fans, but mates who are/were point to that as a baaaad album.

Anyone who claims Load or ReLoad is a bad record is just close minded and want Metallica to be like Iron Maiden and release Master Of Puppets every record.

Load and ReLoad are the most Sabbath-esque albums Metallica has ever released and just because it's bluesy people say it sucks.

Load (and to a lesser extent ReLoad) are terrific albums. They may not be "OMG THRASH!!!" but they're very very good, IMO.

As for the new song, I like it. I like it a lot actually. But then again, that doesn't surprise me.

Ha. No. I listen to far more diverse bands than Metallica, and used to be a huge Metallica fan, and I've never been able to stand ReLoad. Load, I didn't mind, because it had Mama Said, which is an alright song, but beyond that, it's terrible. It's got fuck all to do with it being "too bluesy", because I lo pretty poorly.ve the blues, and I love metal. It's got far more to do with the fact that Metallica aren't very good at either, and proved that fairly well with those two albums.

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I'm really digging the new song....alot. It reminds me of (Musically) Fear Factory in some places, and Dream Theater in others...with James singing over it. It's very old school sounding.

ReLoad may be my...2nd favorite Metallica CD. Justice is number one.

Unforgiven II > Unforgiven.

I love the new song.

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If Load were released by any other band, it would have been called one the greatest albums of the 90s. I love Load, it is a start-to-finish badass record. People just shit on it because it wasn't metal enough for Master of Puppets fans and it wasn't as mainstream as the Black album for casual fans. It's an entirely different record, but I'd put it in my top ten albums of the 90s. I honestly don't think there's a bad song on the entire album; Reload on the other hand...

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