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Best Honda Ad

Which advert do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Honda Ads to choose from...

    • When things work (when all the car pieces make one long domino effect)
    • Can hate be good? (that cartoon about diesel fuel and catchy song)
    • Power of dreams + England special (Bald guy drives loads of different vehicles while singing)
    • This is what a Honda feels like (when they make the noises of the car)

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You can YouTube these too...Just type "Honda advert".

While I like the top three, and the "Can hate be good" song is far too catchy for words the Power of dreams advert has grown on me so much and it's probably my favourite advert at the moment (along with the Carlsberg pub team full length ad) but I don't know why. The England world cup version with the England flag everywhere is even better!

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Honda have the best advertising team in the world.

Guinness and Stella Artois regularly own Honda, in my opinion.

Though if it is a Honda advert, the one where they talk about "OK" being used a lot, and how different things would be if someone said "what if?"....I liked that.

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This is what a Honda feels like was awesome the first time, but after that I get bored of it.

The Power of Dreams looked great and felt awesome in the Cinema, but it doesn't have the same kick at home.

When Things Work gets my vote for just being great time after time.

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To reach the unreachable...


I actually voted for the domino one >.<

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The domino one is my favourite one, it's probably the only advert I've ever seen that gets one of those "that was cool" smiles from me. The one that ends in the hot air balloon is not far off. Honda adverts are just the best.

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Two of my favourite adverts of all time have to be the domino effect and the sound effects one Honda did. For the sake of argument - I voted for the Domino Effect as I can remember watching the premiere of it at 3am during the Australian grand prix a few years back and thought: "this is the greatest thing I've ever seen".

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