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The Mcpherson tape

Captain Kirk

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Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen The Mcpherson Tape. The Alien Abduction tape like Blair Witch before Blair withh

I've been scared or slightly creeped out with movies but this movie truly haunted me to the point were I could not watch it, first time I saw this a while ago I was pretty young and so freaked out a didn't even realise it was a movie and couldn't sleep properly for a week and even now six years later I still cannot watch it without being scared. To me it seems like a movie that is perfect in its purpose.

Anyone else seen it?

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Holy fuck!

If this is what I think it is, then this video fucked me up when I was little. I wondered if I had dreamed it, or I had actually watched it on TV.

It's pretty good. Despite being fucked around with by aliens, the mother never puts down her glass of wine....

You wouldn't have a link, would you?

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You beat me to it, Jonny. I was going to post about it on here, but was too into FM.

Yeah, Jonny & I spoke about in great length last night for some reason, in which he told me it was never released on DVD/Video, that's horrible.

It's the scariest movie I've ever seen, and I couldn't sleep at all anytime after watching it.

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the tape is awesome, if you do a little searching...you might find it on ebay. i bought one off .co.uk, its a cheap dvd-r in a home made box, but its the best you'll find,

theres no official dvd release of it.

its also on sky movies once in a blue moon. i started watching it, but i thought the actual aliens at the start...seeing the space ship, was rather cliched of what the stereotype alien looks like.

once they get spotted though, i was teh shittorz.

it is a fake however. but i'd definatley recomend it, especially since it came before the blair witch project. interesting to see where they might've got their ideas from.

btw edit > that youtube video is the actual tape, as far as i can tell, except the film is around 90 minutes at least. the youtube looks like a shortened version. i wouldnt recoment watching it if you can get the full thing.

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According to wikipedia:

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County was a hoax documentary shown on the UPN network in 1998. Directed by Dean Alioto, the film portrays a family named the McPhersons being abducted by extra-terrestrials. The entire incident was filmed on a home video camera and intended to convinvce the viewer that it was a film of actual events.

When this film was revealed to be fictional it sparked resentment in the UFO and alien abduction communities.

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Wow. Can't believe anyone'd think that was real. :thumbsdown:

Blair Witch Project and Signs to it better. The Last Broadcast is also okay, but they abandon the gimmick at the end of the movie, and that kind of ruins it.

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It's leagues scarier than the Blair Witch. I mean seriously.

The only good thing about Blair Witch was the hype behind it IMO, the film itself was genuinely never scary, at least not to me, I watched Scream a week later and was more on edge by that, and that's saying something.

Blair Witch 2 got panned, but that was far superior to the original.

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