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EWB Band 100 III Results


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Here we go again. Ready to flame, spam and bitch? Let's hope so.

First up, here's some bands/artists that didn't quite make the 100 this time, and their positions on previous charts.

Franz Ferdinand [2004: 38th 2005: 31st]

The Darkness [2005: 54th]

The Ramones

The Verve [2004: 59th 2005: 98th]


Gnarls Barkley

Paul McCartney


Slipknot [2004: 17th 2005: 49th]

The Clash [2004: 26th 2005: 33rd]

Depeche Mode

Kaiser Chiefs [2005: 88th]

The Kinks [2005: 72nd]


New Order

At The Drive-In

Death From Above 1979

Goldfrapp [2004: 78th 2005: 99th]

Kasabian [2004: 73rd 2005: 87th]

Outkast [2004: 82nd]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Streets

Manic Street Preachers [2004: 47th 2005: 97th]

Massive Attack [2004: 62nd 2005: 65th]

The Prodigy

The Offspring

Cheeky Girls

David Bowie [2004: 13th 2005: 60th]

The Stone Roses [2004: 34th 2005: 91st]


100-91 will be up later today.

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Speaking personally my favorite Pillows image is the one of them slacking off on the couch, though.

Well I couldn't find that one. I only looked for the first picture I could get that was a reasonable size.

Then you've failed me. Get out of my snarking grounds.

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