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Is a book worth $75?

Your Mom

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Ok so there is this book I'm interested in reading. It's by an author I like so I have a feeling it will be pretty good, but it's $75.00. That kind of has me at a pause. I mean I wouldn't think twice about spending that much on elecronic stuff but I am wondering if a book is worth it.

I guess what I'm asking is would you spend $75.00 on a book if you wanted it and if not how is it not worth as much as some other things that will bring about the same level of enjoyment?

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To the initial question of is a book worth that much, my college says yes. Now more seriously to your question, try a library. Many have computer systems that if they don't have it and another does they'll ship it in just for you. This way, you read it, return it, and don't waste 75 bucks.

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$75? No way. Unless its an autographed first edition, maybe. But just a normal book? Nah.

The most expensive book I own is Baseball: An Illustrated History, by Geoffery C. Ward and Ken Burns. It cost about 60 bucks when it came in 1994, but I got it as a present, and the person who bought it got it at book sale for about half price. As much as I love the book (I go back and read parts of it on occasion), I wouldn't have paid $60 for it myself, and wouldn't have expected the person who bought it for me (my mother) to have paid that much.

I'd say either wait and see if your local library gets a copy and go check it out and read it, or see if there's a book club you can join that might get it (if the author has done previous books and the club has some of them, and its in the same genre, then its a good bet they'll get this book). I used to belong to the Science Fiction Book Club years ago, and got some pretty good deals. Even if you have to buy a certain # of books over a certain period of time, you still get the books cheaper than they'd usually be in stores, even with shipping factored in. I think I had to buy 3 books over a year, and ended up buying about eight by the time I quit. (And I quit due to financial problems at the time)

If you decide to buy the book, I really hope its worth the money to you once you finish it, but I'd say....no, don't buy it.

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I prefer to use the library for books. The biggest one here has almost anything you could ever possibly want to read.

But as for the actual question... Depends, but extremely unlikely. It would have to be hardcover, full colour, glossy papered, and with plenty of pictures with a few hundred pages. Pretty much, a text book.

It would have to be worth quite a bit material wise. Most new novels retail for about $40 at most. Other full colour hardcovers (such as atlases, encyclopedias, etc.) run for up to $60. But $75 (which would be about $85 here)... I doubt it.

Would have to be the best damn book ever with everything you could imagine for that kind of cash.

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Guest Chasing Ringy

Library wouldn't have something like this and does it make a difference that it's actually 3 books in a collection that you can't buy on their own? So it's more like $25 per book but you have to buy all 3 together.

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Why won't you say what they are? is it something embarrassing? or is it hardcore porn?

Because thats not really the point of the discussion. At least thats not what I meant it to be. I meant it to be more of an abstract would you pay $75.00 just for something to read kind of thing. Was just curious since it came up with me.

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