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Biker Mice from Mars to return


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This is probably way old news, but I just found my old Biker Mice figures from the loft and decided to look it up on Wikipedia. I found this;

A new 26 Episode series will begin airing in the UK on GMTV/CITV on August 26, 2006 and will then screen in Finland & Austalasia in October. Other countries will see the new series in either the spring or fall of 2007. Trailers for the new series are starting to feature on YouTube from July 2006. Plans for its release in the United States have not been announced. Retro Biker Mice from Mars related items are currently for sale on numerous auction sites. Merchandise based on the new series will be launched in the UK from August 2006 and will feature with on line retailers such as Amazon UK.

Holy mother of fuck. Next week is going to be AMAZING!

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I'm still watching and waiting for Battle Toads once again. I don't even think I remember this show besides its title. However, they revamped the Ninja Turtles and made them excellent...so you never know.

Pffft. The lack of the original Turtles theme disgusts me.

That's because the original Turtles theme kind of sucks.

... then again, the new theme sucks too.

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... why? Seriously. What's next, the triumphant return of Street Sharks?

...you're not a secret donator, are you? :shifty:

And holy shit. I was going to bring the Biker Mice up in the Street Sharks thread in Donators, but I clicked out instead :(

But yeah, I loved the BMFM when I was a kid. I forget almost every aspect of the show apart from the obvious plot point alluded to in the title, but I might keep an eye open for this.

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Limburger smelt bad if I remember correctly.

He did indeed. And his face came off. I had the action figures. All of them.

This, coupled with new Transformers Movie, makes me so happy. All we need now is the return of Mighty Max, and I'll be happy forever.

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Biker Mice From Mars held absolutely no appeal to me when it first came out. I don't know whether I was just the wrong age or something (my brother, 2 years younger than me, quite liked it, but got bored of it quickly). I was probably too busy obsessing over all things Sonic related.

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I can't remember the first thing about it except that I had one of the figures, who would frequently be put up in matches to the death (~!) against my TMNT figures. I do still remember the Survivor Series match: The BMFM figure, Sub-Zero and Scorpion, and Raphael (who had turned after getting such a sucky weapon) vs. Leo, Don, Mike and a random Stormtrooper.

For those of you interested, Scorpion survived after using his Spear move on Leo and hitting him with a brainbuster off the top rope.

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