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Someone on my MSN list was listening to Paramore, I couldn't work out where I had heard the name before.

Then today I saw an advert for the new Papa Roach album 'The Paramour Sessions' and it all fell into place...

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Myspace'd them:

A Day Called Desire are incredibly generic and, despite apparently being English, are way too American sounding for my liking.

Paramore are ok actually, the woman singer is a bit unusual but it is pretty much generic American emo-rock. I wouldn't ever buy their stuff, but I wouldn't turn it off.

Rattlesnake Remedy should fuck off back to the 80s, that genre deserved to die. Probably be a nice pub band.

I will pimp:

Aconite Thrill



Fell Silent

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I'd heard Paramore before. The chick is pretty nice, though I thought I'd never ever say this, she looks better as a redhead than a brunette. As for the actual band...they're pretty good. Catchy enough emo band. Nothing more, nothing less. I just noticed that they're touring here soon. I'll probably end up seeing them. They're a band I could probably get mates to listen to.

I really quite like A Day Called Desire, there's just something about the singers voice that makes me like them. They're nothign flash though.. Rattlesnake Remedy are fairly catchy as well. Not really into thisGIRL, Mindless Self are pretty crappy and Aconite Thrill were good for one song (The top one) then the rest is a bit rubbish.

As far as girl fronted bands go (Because I want to do some good band whoring :shifty:);

The Headlights

Stream Of Passion



are all you need.

And because it's new;


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All those string tribute CDs you keep hearing about? Yeah, The Section Quartet.

Oh, what the hell, let's keep the ball rolling. The John Butler Trio gets no love when they're excellent musicians.

A very talented band from the Chattanooga, TN area be Crank Sinatra. They recently changed vocalists (their current one is now featured on MySpace) and while I'm not huge on the new vocal changes, they are some of the best musicians I've heard.

Crossbreed deserves some recognition for those into the more industrial sound.

(Yes, I know two of these are technically Christian-oriented bands. SFW?)

Instrumental metal? Try Pelican. Now.

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