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Your favorite film moment


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So yes, state your favorite film moment or moments and note why. I have one for now, I may add to my list later.

1. The Godfather: Sonny Corleone beats Carlo Rizzi seneless.

I was watching the episode of the Simpsons where Marge beats her robber in a parody of the scene, and I just had to bust out the movie and watch this all over again. I love this scene, as short as it is from start to finish. The car pulling up, and Sonny coming out to throw the bat as Carlo knows what's about to happen as he speeds off only to be caught and thrashed by Sonny just moments later. I think it sets the tone for just how badass the Sonny character was, but also shortsighted in his actions... come on man, even I saw Carlo going to the Benzini's. :(

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That was brilliant. I only recently saw the film, and when Sonny started smashing Carlo with the trashcans I had to stop myself from trying to start an ECW chant. Sticking with this one film though, I thought the bit where the guy kisses Michaels ring at the end of the film was a much much better scene, since it solidifies him as the new Don, but eh.

My own favourite film moment is probably a bit unusual, but bear with me :P One of the very first films I can remember ever seeing was Robocop, and since it was one of the only films I had growing up, I watched it a lot. And the scene where Robo is walking through the coke factory shooting everything that moves before beating up Red Foreman is just pure excellence, it defined everything an action hero should be for me. I still get chills watching that part to this day, just because it was such a big part of my childhood :P

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The very moment that Draven ignites the huge Crow Logo at the dockside, in The Crow.

As well as the moment when he's sitting on the windowsill, with his guitar, and when spotted just lets out a "Sssssh!" with a cheeky grin, before disappearing into the night.

That entire film amazes me, but those two moments in particular, partly for the way it adds to the dark/good balance of the character, and partly because they're damn cool.

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Hmmm favourite film moment?

I'll have to go with momentS. Sorry.

+ When the narrator and Marla hold hands at the end of Fight Club and "Where is my mind" starts to play.

+ In Amelie at the end when she's listening at the door and imagining the guy coming for her, but he's not there and she walks away sadly AND THEN HE'S THERE! And they kiss and then they're riding on the bike together and I cried like a girl.

+ A few scenes from Zatoichi including: The flashback fight in the rain, when he rescues the Geisha, when he fights the samurai at the end and they play out the fight in their mind first, the huge dance finale.

+ In Battle Royale when Mimura blows the truck.

+ In Clockwork Orange at the end - "I was cured alright".

+ In American Psycho where Bateman picks up the cat and the cash machine reads "Feed me a stray cat".

+ In Oldboy the side-on clawhammer corridor fight scene which they did in one continuous take.

+ The double knee drop at the end of Ong-Bak.

+ In House Of Flying Daggers where the lass is being attacked and the guy fires off four arrows which thud all at once into the four guys attacking her.

+ The dream in Vanilla Sky when he runs through the empty streets - oh and the end with the Sigur Ros music.

+ The line in Dog Soldiers when the werewolf goes to eat the guy - "I hope I give you the sh*ts"

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The sex scene in Mulholland Drive. :shifty:

I'll give you the cliche favorite moments:

- When Jules goes on that long "Is Marcellus Wallace a bitch?" tirade in Pulp Fiction

- Joe Pesci's "Do I look funny to you?" moment in GoodFellas

- The entire end of The Shawshank Redemption

- Sean Bateman riding away on his motorcycle saying a thought that gets cut off in The Rules of Attraction

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The end of Romper Stomper when Davey kills Hando with the Hitler Youth knife he bought earlier in the film. The sort of irony is that Hando gave Davey the spare cash to buy the knife. A cruel twist of fate but an absolutely brilliant and powerful ending to a superb movie.

In Evil Dead 2 when the Deer head looks at Ash and starts laughing. Pretty soon everything in the room is laughing with Ash.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest has a ton of great moments. I love when the patients are on the fishing boat and McMurphy tells the guy working the docks that they are all doctors. "This is Dr. Bibbit, Dr. Cheswick, Dr. Harding," etc. It's when he says "Dr. Scanlon...the famous Dr. Scanlon" and Scanlon gives the guy a sort of exquisite look.

There's the dance scene during Trainspotting when Spud and Tommy are discussing their girlfriends. The girlfriends come up them and say "What are you two talking about?". They both look at each other and on cue both reply with "FOOTBALL, what are you two talking about?". The women like the men reply in unison with "Shopping".

The Baseball Furies chase in the Warriors is another awesome scene. The music played is perfect for the setting that the characters are in. The ensuing fight scene is brilliant, probably one of my favorite brawls in any movie even if it is short lived.

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My favourite scene ever is the scene in Eternal Sunshine where they are in the library and his memory is being wiped. If you watch you notice the titles on the books and shelves disappear as they talk. I loved it when I first saw it and I love it every time I've see it now. It's haunting, in a strange kind of way.

Also, because I'm watching it as I type. The scene in Unleashed where Morgan Freeman's character is teaching Jet Li's how to tell if a melon is ripe or not. It's hilarious and actually show's that Jet Li can (gasp!) act. Also the fight scene in the toilet rocks all.

EDIT ~ And I agree with whoever said the ending of Shawshank.

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Sorry to bring it up in yet another thread, but the two 'obvious' River Tam Badassness scenes in Serenity are pure awesomeness. The first one being "You've always looked after me Simon... *weird freaky stare* ...my turn now!", And the second one being when the doors open to reveal her standing there in a very-cliche-but-still-fucking-awesome pose, with blood dripping from her gleaming blades.

<3 Summer Glau's badassness.

Other than that, the 'original' mindless-slaughter-of-just-about-everyone-in-the-club scene from Blade. Drinking fingers every time a zombie died suddenly became a SHITTY idea when that scene started.

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the first-person scene from Doom! That was fucking awesome.

The 'room of mirriors' scene from Enter the Dragon (or at least I think it was Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee movies aren't my specialty).

Rob Roy hiding in a rotting cow carcass anyone? :D

The mooning scene in Braveheart too :P

Oh, and while the rest of the movie generally sucked big fat monkey balls, the majority of the Satan/Gabriel and Holy Shotgun scenes in Constantine were memorable.

Oh yeah, and the final shoot out from Unforgiven of course :D

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Garden State:

When Largeman & Sam are in the bathtub, and they're talking about the necklace that Mark gave to Largeman, and then Largeman cries a single tear and Sam catches it in a cup.

American History X:

Just after Derek got anally raped, and Sweeney visits him in the medical ward. This is when Derek finally breaks down and confesses he wants to change.


When the video of Shannon fucking Tricia in the ass appears on the screen at the game show, and Shannon goes "Oh yeah, call me Donnie". :lmao:

Lost In Translation:

When Bob is doing the commerical for the alcohol, and he can't understand the japanese director. Also, when he's doing the photoshoot and the suit he's wearing rips because it's so small (or the biggest they have in japanese sizes).

Revenge Of The Sith:

Obi-Wan: YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! You were to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness!

Anakin: I hate you.

Obi-Wan: You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.

And many more I can't remember right now.

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Well, The Crow is my favourite movie of all time, so the entire movie really, but one of my favourite parts is the end when Eric is fighting Top Dollar, and Top Dollar thinks he has it all won.

Eric Draven: I've got something to give you. I don't want it anymore. (Grabs TD with both hands on the head) Thirty Hours of pain....all at once.....all for you....

and then the few clips of Shelly in the hospital room before he lets go and Top Dollar falls, landing on the gargoyle.

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Have have more than one, but the current one playing in my mind is when Rudy hits the field.

*respect for Biggz just fucking shoots up for being the only person I know of who even knows about Rudy, let alone likes it*

That scene is awesome. I'd never heard of it either, but my brother likes it and he was watching it one day, and I just joined him watching and the whole film is very good. If it wasn't based on a true story it'd be so damned cliche'd.

One scene that is probably my favourite scene in film or TV ever; Mal's motivational speech to the crew of Serenity when he's basically telling them that they're gonna get the signal out, no matter what happens. It's easily the greatest motivational speech I've ever heard or read. It's just purely awesome, the lighting, the acting, everything is perfect.

Another obvious one..."No, I'm your father". What explaination is needed here? If it wasn't the first film to do it, it would probably be so stupid, but it's Empire Strikes Back, and it's awesome

The whole Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker fight in the Return of the Jedi. Not so much for about how it looks or how it's acted, but for the whole music. Another composer would've used some sort of triumphant music in that scene, but not John Williams. It so utterly captures the spirit of the scene, which is the father and son fighting each other, both reluctantly on their part, but they both have to.

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