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Best daytime viewing? (UK)


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Anyone who's spoke to me for an extended period of time knows of my eternal love for Diagnosis Murder. Plus there's an episode where Dick Van Dyke plays Mark Sloan, a woman, a victim and one of her brothers. Awesome.

Murder She Wrote is the drizzling shits, it's the same shit constantly. Plus she's annoying as fuck. WHO KNOWS THAT MANY PEOPLE!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Father Dowling is immense as well, but it just isn't Diagnosis Murder.

The real question is "Diagnosis Murder" circa Jack Stewart, or circa Jesse Travis. It's a really tough one, Jack was an awesome character...purple car an all, but it just seems better with Jesse, he's far too likeable.


Diagnosis Murder > Perry Mason > Father Dowling.......................................> Quincy > just about everything > Murder She Wrote.

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Father Dowling Mysteries all the way that nun is way too sexy to miss :D

Diagnosis Murder is too shit for word's man that can piss me off also Quincy was ok "Ok Sam" every week the victim alway's had the same injury as ruptured freakin spleen man anything new to add on that Quincy.

I do like Diagnosis Murder i always' watch it with my Grandma but we missed it today because of Evil Dead that we were watching.

I alway's watch the what ever's on before Cbbc because my tv time start's with Neighbors.

Where's the best detective off all man you should be shot why isn't he in there Columbo


"Just one more thing" i also forgot Mr Monk.

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The Jeremy Kyle show is pure class in the morning there's always a drama lol, Cash In The Attic is ok but i prefer it when Alistair was on the rest are crap and that other shit Carbooty or what ever no i will not watch it.

Yeah me and my gran always watch stuff like that it's Saw 3 tommrow i think or the second part to Evil Dead she was watching Ash and saying how good looking he was that was before the blood :D

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Cash In The Attic went downhill when they got Jenny Bond to host it. Car Booty is where it's at. :shifty:

As for morning TV, City Hospital circa Ainsley Harriott and the "Missing Person's" program were both class. Also that one where they got a bloke to break into your house.

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