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EWB's Favourite Books


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EWB's Favourite Books

Voted for by the public of EWB, I present you with EWB's Favourite 32 Books. Why 32? Because I ended the list at anything receiving 10 points. Anyway, without any further ado, I shall present you with the first batch:



Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

Bringing up the rear is Hunter S. Thompson's most famous work, his self-proclaimed "failed experiment in Gonzo journalism", the twisted story of counter-culture, depravity, the death of the 1960s ideals, and the American dream.



The Hobbit

Next up, the introduction to JRR Tolkein's Middle Earth, and the first fantasy novel to make the list. Although often overshadowed by the later Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Hobbit shouldn't be overlooked as an incredibly deep fantasy epic in it's own right.




Almost certainly the most famous story in the list so far, who doesn't have at least a passing familiarity with Bram Stoker's classic; the archetypal vampire story, in which he laid the foundation for generations of horror stories to come, while simultaneously exposing a dark side to the seemingly reserved Victorian sexuality.

Next up, books 29-25 feature a story of misplaced identity and the Apocalypse, a moving tale of mental illness and personal struggle, a tale of mystery, a depraved classic of social commentary, and a book that has more than a little in common with one of the above.

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I've read The Hobbit, and enjoyed it, however, I wouldn't put it on my lists. I tried reading The Lord of the Rings, but halfway through the Two Towers, I threw it away. I could be doing with that bilge, with the most pompous flowery language. It drove me crazy. God knows how I got through Fellowship without going insane.

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I liked Dracula.. but at the same time I kind of guess I get where you're coming from, it was a bit of a difficult read due to the style of writing but that's to be expected, really.

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Dracula was a painful read, I hated the style. I do like Frankenstein though. Although some of you didn't like the Hobbit, I loved it, and had a fun time reading it. I do know where your coming from with the LOTR trilogy.

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Sadly, if only for myself and CSAMH, no Murasami has made the list.

Also, I agree with most of what has been said about Tolkein. I read The Hobbit and LOTR in primary school, and there was nothing there that has made me want to go back and read them again since. It's admirable that he created such a deep and complex world, but in the process he lost what I felt was the most important aspect of fantasy writing, in that there's so little to relate to, so little to draw contrast with our own world. A good fantasy novel should cast new light on things we take for granted, or criticise aspects of our own world, but Tolkein and his myriad imitators simply lose that in getting too caught up in a world of their own creation. While Narnia is chock-full of Biblical connotations, for example, Tolkein has nothing of the sort. I'm sure that kind of thing appeals to some people, but not me. I'd take Gaiman or Pratchett over Tolkein any day.

But no one can deny the importance of Tolkein, for good or for bad, in shaping fantasy writing ever since, so The Hobbit certainly deserves a place. Dracula, in my opinion, for all its faults, is in many places the epitome of horror writing.

And, although it's not my favourite of his books, and I didn't vote it for myself, I would have liked Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas to make it a little higher. It's the only Hunter book that made the list, though, and I'm glad he got at least some recognition.

Next batch up tomorrow afternoon at some point.

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