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Lohan.. poledancing?

MalaCloudy Black

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Has anyone else heard about this? They were just talking about it on Early Today, apparently she sent out some mass email to her friends that leaked out about how much respect she has for strippers and how she's been poledancing for an upcoming role, as well as complaining about thigh bruises from poledancing.

As much as I don't care for the girl it's kind of sad how much her privacy - and that of any celebrity - is invaded. I mean, I suppose you can argue that it's to be expected when you're a celebrity but it's still disrespectful. :S

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Indeed, I don't see anything wrong with it... I mean a girl can be dancing on a pole without it being in front of a bunch of drooling old men. Now, I'm not saying that they put them in gyms... but as a personal fitness thing or something to increase sexual activity with a lover, not a problem really. As far as the Lohan topic goes, she's talking to friends... and likely respects the strippers for putting up with the subject topic of the movie she's apparently in... eh no problem with that although I agree with Cloudy that it's pretty sad her privacy is invaded like that.

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"So . . . 3 hours of pole dancing and bruised. everywhere . . . I mean we're talkin' like, UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION-bruised . . . like a walking black-and-blue mark. I mean really though, really, I didn't know it was actually possible to have bruises in such areas of the body. Strippers dude, I tell you, I really respect the cunts now. . . I'm not gonna lie to ya."
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