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2K Football is back!

Riceman 4K

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The idea of "players from years past" is WILDLY unfeaseable, unless Bill Gates is backing the production budget.

It's not impossible though. NBA Street has NBA Legends in their games all the time, all you'd need is about 25-50 big names and then fill out the rosters with made up characters.

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Just depends on if those players are still through the NFLPA, that I'm not sure of, if they are still exclusive to EA. I'd just go with a all fantasy cast, and for commercials introduce them in a cartoonish commercial:

"I'm the Quarterback, Sarge Phillips, I have 3 rings and continue to dominate, welcome to the league"

Or something equally cheesy to introduce the characters.

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Just depends on if those players are still through the NFLPA, that I'm not sure of, if they are still exclusive to EA. I'd just go with a all fantasy cast, and for commercials introduce them in a cartoonish commercial:

"I'm the Quarterback, Sarge Phillips, I have 3 rings and continue to dominate, welcome to the league"

Or something equally cheesy to introduce the characters.

I like this idea the best, as the legends deal seems like it might be tougher to do.

That said, this is great news. The sega sports 2K games were always my favorite football games on the next gen consoles, and I haven't played a football game since their last edition. I've always loathed Madden and it's gameplay since it was a sega genesis cartridge.

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I really hope that it isn't a fantasy league like Blitz. That annoys the fuck out of me, and it makes it so you don't care about any of the players.

I disagree. I find sometimes with games like Madden, there's a tendency to stick to big name players, or players you're familiar with, rather than who's actually good. With an all-fantasy cast, you can compare players without bias.

I agree with that. The one thing I like about Madden is that after the first decade or so in franchise mode, you can have a radically different league with almost no one left who is real (Mike Nugent plays for about 18 years and is generally the last guy to retire) and a lot of teams that have sucked ass and moved (it's kind of fun because the Patriots always fall apart post-haste, and end up moving eight or nine times), so it's almost like reality whereby everything is different. It's also one of the things I don't like, because player development is so fundamentally retarded against the real NFL trends... once you're 20 years into the game you have each team in the NFL with 5 99 overall safeties and 3 99 overall cornerbacks and not a single quarterback in the NFL with an overall of 85 or higher. It makes the game very one dimensional and it sucks because every year the first five draft picks are quarterbacks and every year they all fail miserably and fall under 80 overall within one year. There are teams that have an 11 year pro career third stringer with 65 overall come in and start because that's the best they can do while paying 12 defensive superstars top cash.

I would really love for a football game where everything is customizable. Yeah, there's been create-a-team on the EA games, but you've never been able to create every single player or what have you, you never get the sense of complete control. And being able to edit every uniform, logo, team name, stadiums etc, hell even conference/championship names really appeals. Not only is there awesome scope for diaries, but I'm sure some clever chap or chaps will create an NFL real-world type patch for it.

You can easily, if you wanted to, edit every single player in Madden. The only thing you won't be able to change, pre game, is the skin color and face of players, but everything else is fair game. Trust me, nothing gave me greater pleasure then finally making Steve Gleason the monster that he really is.

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I just bought Blitz on 360 last week and I can't stop playing it, I love it. So looking at the 2K series comming back, I'd like to see them sign maybe 1 legend per team and then make everything else totally customizable, including playoff structure.

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I just read an article on Si.com about the Gridiron Greats initiativeand had a thought (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/football/nfl/02/14/retirees.aid.ap/index.html?eref=si_nfl). Wouldn't it be awesome, assuming they are going with the idea of legendary players, that a portion of the profits went to the Gridiron Greats charity? Not only does it help out all the retired players with injuries and whatnot, it serves as an incentive for the legends to sign themselves up to appear in the game - who's going to refuse to be featured in something that helps their own cause?

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Well..apparently they've decided to go the legends route, and although I don't think they've officially announced a list, there's a bunch of playernames on a little interactive thingy on their website (basically like scrolling through a wall with names on it) including the following players:

Troy Aikman QB

Marcus Allen HB

Dick Anderson SS

John Anderson OLB

Ottis Anderson HB

Jim Bakken K

Carl Banks OLB

Lem Barney CB

Steve Bartkowski QB

Sammy Baugh QB

Chuck Bednarik OLB

Greg Bell HB

Raymond Berry WR

Elvin Bethea DE

Eric Bieniemy HB

Fred Biletnikoff WR

Tony Boselli T

Brian Bosworth OLB

Cliff Branch WR

Robert Brazile OLB

Bubby Brister QB

John Brodie QB

Tom Brookshier CB

Bob Brown T

Jerome Brown DT

Roosevelt Brown T

D|ck Butkus ILB

Willie Brown CB

Joey Browner SS

Ronnie Bull HB

Nick Buoniconti ILB

Leroy Butler FS

Dave Butz DT

Earl Campbell HB

Tony Canadeo HB

Mark Carrier WR

Harry Carson ILB

Anthony Carter WR

Dave Casper TE

Deron Cherry FS

Todd Christensen TE

Dwight Clark WR

Gary Clark WR

Ben Coates TE

Reggie Cobb HB

Roger Craig HB

Lou Creekmur T

Nolan Cromwell FS

Randy Cross G

Bill Curry C

Dermontti Dawson C

Len Dawson QB

Al Del Greco K

Joe Delamielleure T

Lynn D|ckey QB

Mike Ditka TE

Chris Doleman DE

Art Donovan DT

Troy Drayton TE

Billy Joe Dupree TE

Henry Ellard WR

John Elway QB

Chuck Foreman HB

Barry Foster HB

Bill Fralic G

Irving Fryar WR

Willie Gault WR

Ernest Givins WR

Mike Golic DT

Otto Graham QB

Eric Green TE

Russ Grimm G

Steve Grogan QB

Lou Groza K

Ray Guy P

Dan Hampton DT

Alvin Harper WR

Cliff Harris FS

Jim Hart QB

Lester Hayes CB

Abner Haynes HB

Mike Haynes CB

Bobby Hebert QB

Dalton Hilliard HB

Merril Hoge FB

Paul Hornung HB

Jeff Hostetler QB

Raghib Ismail WR

Keith Jackson TE

Joe Jacoby T

Jeff Jaeger K

John Jefferson WR

Pepper Johnson ILB

Daryl Johnston FB

Brent Jones TE

Brian Jones ILB

Deacon Jones DE

Rulon Jones DE

Stan Jones G

Too Tall Jones DE

Leroy Kelly HB

Bernie Kosar QB

Greg Kragen DT

Tommy Kramer QB

Dave Krieg QB

Jim Lachey T

Greg Landry QB

Night Train Lane CB

Jim Langer G

Lamar Lathon OLB

Dante Lavelli WR

Leon Lett DT

Albert Lewis CB

Bob Lilly DT

Floyd Little HB

Larry Little G

Greg Lloyd OLB

James Lofton WR

Ronnie Lott FS

Marty Lyons DT

Tom Mack G

John Mackey TE

Dexter Manley DE

Archie Manning QB

Gino Marchetti DE

Fred Marion SS

Jim Marshall DE

Dan Marino QB

Leonard Marshall DE

Eric Martin WR

Harvey Martin DE

Tony Martin WR

Don Maynard WR

George Mcafee SS

Randall Mcdaniel G

Terry McDaniel CB

Hugh McElhenny HB

Guy Mcintyre G

Freeman McNeil HB

Natrone Means HB

Karl Mecklenburg OLB

Dave Meggett HB

Pete Metzelaars TE

Keith Millard DT

Bobby Mitchell WR

Ron Mix T

Joe Montana QB

Herman Moore WR

Lenny Moore HB

Rob Moore WR

Mike Munchak T

Chuck Muncie HB

Anthony Munoz T

Eddie Murray K

Tony Nathan HB

Chuck Noll ILB

Ken Norton Jr OLB

Jay Novacek TE

Ken O'Brien QB

Neil O'Donnell QB

John Offerdahl ILB

Christian Okoye HB

Leslie O'Neal DE

Jim Otto C

Bubba Paris T

Jim Parker T

Bryce Paup OLB

Walter Payton HB

Drew Pearson WR

Joe Perry HB

William Perry DT

Pete Pihos WR

Gary Plummer ILB

Tom Rathman FB

Andre Reed WR

Mel Renfro CB

Jerry Rice WR

Eugene Robinson FS

Mike Rozier HB

Mark Rypien QB

Dan Saleaumua DT

Barry Sanders HB

Ricky Sanders WR

Jesse Sapolu G

Gale Sayers HB

Joe Schmidt ILB

Lee Roy Selmon DE

Clyde Simmons DE

O.J. Simpson HB

Billy Sims HB

Mike Singletary ILB

Emmitt Smith HB

Jackie Smith TE

Matt Snell HB

Chris Spielman ILB

Bob St. Clair T

Ken Stabler QB

Bart Starr QB

Roger Staubach QB

Jan Stenerud K

Dwight Stephenson C

Korey Stringer T

Scott Studwell ILB

Steve Tasker WR

Jack Tatum SS

Charley Taylor WR

John Taylor WR

Joe Theismann QB

Yancey Thigpen WR

Derrick Thomas OLB

Thurman Thomas HB

Mick Tingelhoff C

Tony Tolbert DE

Johnny Unitas QB

Charley Trippi HB

Jessie Tuggle OLB

Eric Turner FS

Rick Upchurch WR

Brad Van Pelt ILB

Bill Wade QB

Wesley Walker WR

Andre Ware QB

Curt Warner HB

Chris Warren HB

Charlie Waters SS

Ricky Watters HB

Richmond Webb T

Roger Wehrli CB

Randy White DT

Reggie White DE

Solomon Wilcots FS

Dave Wilcox OLB

Otis Wilson OLB

Steve Wisniewski G

Willie Wood SS

Ickey Woods FB

Rayfield Wright T

Ron Yary T

Warrren Moon QB

Including info that these players will not be on certain teams to start the game but that you would be drafting them to start the season mode.

Although I would assume there's an option to put them on random teams and save to memory card for quick exhibition play.

Who knows though.

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I really liked that list. It represents a few of the great players from the Lions, and also has a nice list of hall of famers. Plus the addition of guys like Reggie Cobb, Andre Ware, Alvin Harper, and Brian Bosworth gives the rosters some depth. I always preferred the 2K series to Madden and love the idea of it's return.

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