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Sarah Silverman's show

Your Mom

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I've only seen her movie, which when I saw it all I saw was someone who is brash and over-the-top. I can imagine her show isn't that much more different then the movie and personally I have no interest in watching her again.

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To really get Sarah's act you sort of have to understand the kind of character she is portraying. Which is more or less the stereotypical North Jersey Jewish Princess. I for one have seen so many people in real life who remind me of Sarah that I find her act very real and very funny.

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Jesus christ. After some youtube searches I can infact confirm that she's mind-numbingly AWFUL!! I feel awkward and retarded for merely watching some of her stuff.

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Wait... Rain Robinson from Star Trek Voyager is actually famous?

Who knew.

She's cute. You know Tom Paris and Tuvok took a break from chasing down the time ship to tap that.

Can I get away with saying tap that? Am I cool enough?

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