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Batman Begins: Teaser Trailer


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Batman Begins Teaser

I think it looks really good! Definently shows that this Batman is much more darker, edgier, and serious then Burtons or Shumachers Batmen :P

What do you guys think?

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Well There will be two villains,one main one Raul Gaul or something like that, and the Scarecrow. (I don't know my Batman :P )

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I think it might save the franchise. I think casting Christian Bale helps it alot, although, I have always seen Bruce as being older.

It seems casted well enough though. Gary Oldman + Bale + Morgan Freeman (sp) = Solid.

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How can you possibly have any opinion formed on that? Okay, there's some snow, that's about all I got from it. The only thing I can say from watching that is this is the role Bale was born to play. He is perfect for Batman.

Other than that, there's nothing else to say. They call it a teaser for a reason, to let you know the movie is coming out. Forming an opinion now would be like forming an opinion on the South Park movie after the"German Dance" teaser.

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Many normal people might not even know it's a fucking Batman movie until the end....when it says BATMANBEGINS.COM.


Isn't that the idea of a teaser trailer. The audience is watching in anticipation, "what the hell is this" and then BOOM! Batman. Holy shit, it's the Dark Knight, I have to clean my jeans. You know way more about movies than I do, you know that's how these things go.

I'm a huge fan of keeping the fans in suspense when doing a teaser for a big franchise. Hell, doesn't even have to be for a big franchise, look at the first commercials for the Ring. Just clips from the tape and then "before you die, you see the ring." Less is more in terms of early trailers. I got an idea in my head for a Teaser for a Buffy movie (if they ever do one) that doesn't show SMG until the last shot of the trailer.

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Guest The Psychotic One

Everyone's pretty much been saying that this Batman is going to be set in a much more realistic world. Directed by Memento's Christopher Nolan, and starring fuckin CHRISTIAN BALE? I say get ready to put this up there with The Crow and... the first Batman movie. Brilliant.

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