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Albums that everyone should own


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What are the albums that you believe everyone should own?


The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

Most people prefer Hatful of Hollows, but I prefer this. It's just brilliant. It would be perfect if I could grab 'How Soon Is Now?' and 'This Charming Man' and put them onto it, but it's still great.

BEST SONGS: The Queen Is Dead, Bigmouth Strikes again, There is a light that never goes out

Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain

The most beautiful album I've ever heard. It's just stunning. I could listen to it a million times in a row and I wouldn't get bored. Utopia is definetaly one of my favourite songs ever, it's just breathtaking. Plus, live, Goldfrapp are simply stunning. I've not seen them since their second album came out, which I'm not as keen on. For an electro pop album, it's great, but nothing compares to Felt Mountain.

BEST SONGS: Utopia, Lovely Head, Paper Bag

Radiohead - OK Computer

Everyone has their own opinion of when Radiohead were at their best, but for me it has to be OK Computer. Songs like Exit Music [For a Film] and Paranoid Android are just amazing.

BEST SONGS: Paranoid Android, Exit Music, Electioneering, No Suprises

Muse - Origin Of Symmetry

You knew it was coming. It's just amazing. My favourite album ever.

BEST SONGS: Plug In Baby, HyperMusic, Citizen Erased & Bliss

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Refused; "The Shape of Punk to Come"

Perhaps the most revolutionary Punk Rock CD to come out since the original scene in '77. Experimenting with different sounds (including violins, harpisochords) and destroying the 3 chord, 2 minute punk-rock theory, Refused are indeed perhaps one of the greatest bands alive. Dennis Lyxen, screamer and anarcherist, has perhaps one of the best voices alive. Anyone who is anyone should check out this album.

BEST SONGS : New Noise, Summerholidays vs. Punk Routine, Tannhauser Derive, Refused are Fucking Dead.

The Clash; "Self-Titled"

The Clash are perhaps one of the best punk-rock groups ever. A lot of people like London Calling for it's vast effect on music. I like their self-titled better because I find the songs are written better, Joe Strummer comes across as a great vocalist and rebellion swells deep in their hearts. But hey, while you are at it pick up London Calling, which is just a few awesome away from being on the level of their Self Titled.

BEST SONGS : London Burning, White Riot, Janie Jones, Hate & War.

The Doors; "Self-Titled"

Jim Morrison was indeed a character. He released this CD, perhaps one of the greatest rock albums of all time, and than releases complete and utter shit for a few years. But don't let Blender magazine tell you wrong, these guys do in fact rock. The Doors are pent up frustration, anger, love, and every other emotion in a catharis on a CD.

BEST SONGS : The End, Alabama (Whiskey Bar), Break on Through, Light My Fire.

Jay-Z; "The Black Album"

Twentieth century rappers beware: Jay-Z has skill. He did release some shitty albums. But Jay-Z has come back to his game. Jay-Z has proven that he will forever be immortalized with this CD. With hot tracks galore and some insane beats, Jay-Z is the man. Chingy, Nelly, other flavor of the months, take notice.

BEST SONGS : Encore, Dirt Off My Shoulder, 99 Problems, Change Clothes.

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Guest Evenflow

Metallica - ...And Justice For All - Greatest.Metal Album.Ever.

Slayer - Reign In Blood - Awesome thrashy goodness

Sepultura - Roots - Tribal Metal. Experimentaion. Chanting. Max Cavalera. What more could you want?

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Guest Jeremy

Three Days Grace - Three Days Grace

- Great album if you want to hear better canadian rock music then Nickelback.

That's no big accomplishment.


Pearl Jam - Ten

Nirvana - Nevermind

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

The Beatles (The White Album)

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Guest Angry Baboon

The Smiths- "The Queen is Dead"

Talking Heads- "Once in a Lifetime (Best of)"

Husker Du- "New Day Rising"

Pixies- "Surfer Rosa"

Sonic Youth- "Daydream Nation"

REM- "Murmur"

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"Revolutions Per Minute" - Rise Against. The style is similar to that of Pennywise but only a bit faster and a lot more catchy. Some fucking awesome guitar riffs and solos. Tremendous musicians, even non-punk fans should check them out, as they're amazing.

BEST SONGS : Broken English, Like the Angel (Kick ass Guitar Solo), Amber Changing, Torches, Heaven Knows.

"Origin of Symmetry" - Muse. Great album. This was the album that got me into rock music other than Radiohead and Placebo (That i'd been listening too since I was a wee little kid). There's not really a bad song.

BEST SONGS : New Born, Plug in Baby, Bliss, Citizen Erased.

"Hot Fuss" - The Killers. As somebody (can't remember who) said in The Killers topic, they are like the bastard love child of Hot Hot Heat and Duran Duran. GOing to see them live on the 30th. Can't wait.

BESTSONGS : Somebody Told Me, Indie Rock & Roll, Jenny was a Friend of mine, Mr Brightside.

"Good Mourning" - Alkaline Trio. Some people say "From Here to Infirmary" is there best album, but other than for 3 songs (Stupid Kid, Armageddon, Trucks and Trrains) I think that it's probably their worst. Good Mourning however, even though it doesn't have a stand out song, is and all round great album. Punk fans, you should buy it, you'll love it.

BEST SONGS : Continental, Fatally Yours, Donner Party, Old School Reasons, We've Had Enough, All on Black.

"7 Ways to Scream Your Name" - Funeral for a Friend. IMO a lot better than the eventual album (They fucked about with their original sound a bit, and the guitar sounded synthesised on the album, it's a bit yuck). An awesome mini-album that I picked up for cheap once it was released (After hearing This Years Most Open Heartbreak) Now it's quite expensive to buy £13 is the cheapest i've seen on the high street. Definately worth it if you can find it cheaper. It's amazing with only Red is the New Black letting it down (Sorry, that song is just bad, and they put it on the album too :angry:)

BEST SONGS : 10:45 Conversations in Amsterdam, Art of American Football, The Getaway Plan, This Years Most Open Heartbreak, Kiss and Makeup. (I would have mentioned Escape Artists Never Die but that's on the album)

"Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation" - Funeral for a Friend. Behind the Darkness, this was my favourite album of the passed year. I waited eagerly for it to be released and snapped it up the weekend after it was put on ths shelves. The guitar sound gets a bit of getting used to for the EP fans and the songs take a time for new listeners to enjoy (My mates thought they sucked for like 2 months, but it eventually gets incredibly catchy). It'll be hard to pin down a favourite song as they're all good (Other than Red is the New Black and to some extent Juneau, Juno was so much better with the screaming and harder guitar.)

BEST SONGS : Escape Artists Never Die, Rookie of the Year, Bend Your Arms to Look Like Wings, Novella, Waking Up, Your Revolution is a Joke, She Drove me to Daytime TV, Moments Forever Faded, Bullet Theory, Storytelling.

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Guest AgonyToMe

In Utero, Nirvana

This CD is possibly the greatest punk album ever. Cobain poured out his heart in the last CD Nirvana ever made.

Master of Puppets, Metallica

Yes, actually there was a time when Metallica wasn't a group of sellouts, and here was there best stuff.

Best of R.E.M., R.E.M.

It has all their good songs, really any R.E.M. CD is good, but this is a culmination of the best of the best.

Probot, Dave Grohl and Various Artists

Dave broke free of his Nirvana and Foo Fighter's outfits to make the music for his project aptly named "Probot." This CD has the vocals and lyrics of the best in heavy metal.

Americana, The Offspring

One of their best, this is a great album to get to know The Offpsring and it helps you truly connect to punk.

The Wall, Pink Floyd

This double-album is the best thing to get high with ever. Don't take my word for it, experiment!

Finger Eleven, Finger Eleven

A great hard rock CD. In my opinion it's better than Zeppelin. Scott Anderson's vocals are mesmerizing.

Satellite, P.O.D.

Payable on Death reached through the void and made so many great songs on this CD that you must get it. To not get it is like being castrated... I guess.

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A Tribe Called Quest - "Midnight Marauders" and "People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm"

For me, A Tribe Called Quest are the quintessential hip hop group. Avoiding putting any real focus on image or marketing, they gained massive success with their rhymes. Listening to these two albums is like a gateway to the rest of the genre, because in almost any really good hip hop album since you can find a little Tribe influence.

Our Lady Peace - Spiritual Machines

This is one of those great passed over albums, at least in the States. While Clumsy and Gravity both went Gold in America, this one almost got lost in a shuffle in the nu metal that was dominating the charts at the time. However, I must stress that this is not only the best album that Our Lady Peace ever recorded, but also one of the best concept albums ever recorded. I love how it pretty much comes full circle, taking you on the journey with them.

2pac - Me Against the World

If you need me to explain this, perhaps you should read a book about the mid 90's pop culture. This album was the best 2pac ever recorded, and probably his most influential.

Coldplay - "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and "Parachutes"

Listen to Parachutes and be impressed with how great a debut it is. Then, listen to A Rush of Blood to the Head and be amazed at how quickly they were able to top it. I highly anticipate the third album, although it seems doomed to disappoint.

Ozzy Osbourne - "Blizzard of Ozz"

Listen to Dee. You will then need no further explanation.

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"40 Seasons: The Best of Skid Row"

Why? Because Skid Row kicks ass, and I absolutely LOVE Sebastian Bach's vocals.

Great songs on the disc: Youth Gone Wild, Eighteen and Life, I Remember You, Monkey Business, Quicksand Jesus.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Best of R.E.M., R.E.M.

It has all their good songs, really any R.E.M. CD is good, but this is a culmination of the best of the best.

Urge to rant...Rising.

It's not the "best of the best", It's the "Best of the most marketable". I'm glad Stipey was willing to Put Nightswimming on there, but it lacks sooooo much good stuff. Those two new crappy songs, Bad Day and Animal (Which sound like heartless little put together in five minute numbers, despite the fact that versions of Bad Day has been lurking around for twelve years). REM Should have spruced up the Life's Rich Pageant 1986 demo of Bad Day instead of using that new version.

Plus the album lacks sooooooooo much good shit. Why the hell did they ony use songs from 1988-2003? REM's best albums (This isn't a fact, but if you ask ANY die-hard REM fan and they will agree with almost definetely this), Murmur, Life's Rich Pageant, Document and Reckoning with all of their good stuff came before 1988. Completely retarded. They better do a second disc with the 1983-1987 stuff. Not only that, but I could on all day listing the amazing shit they left off.


Binky the Doormat

Perfect Circle

Exhuming McCarthy

South Central Rain

Finest Worksong

Fall on Me

World Leader Pretend

Best of the Best? More like best songs that appeal to fans that download 3 singles by them off the internet them proclaim them to be the best band ever ;)

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Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, L.A.M.F. - Johnny and Jerry's first album after breaking away from the New York Dolls. When I think of rock, this is the album I believe personifies it.

Songs to check out: Born to Lose, I wanna be Loved, Chinese Rocks, It's Not Enough

Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Blank Generation - Richard Hell was an incredible song writer, and add to the fact he had a great band behind him in the Voidoids. It should also be noted that drummer Marc Bell would later become Marky Ramone, of the Ramones obviously.

Liars Beware, Rock and Roll Club, Blank Generation, I'm your man

The Germs, M.I.A. - Not many could match Darby Crash's animal-like growl. When you listen to the Germs, they assault your ears, and you love every minute of it. A song like "Caught in my Eye" makes you feel as if you really do have something caught in your eye, thanks to Darby's vicious sound.

Communist Eyes, Caught in my eye, Land of Treason, Lexicon Devil

The Adolescents, Self titled - An underrated group in the grand scheme of punk rock. Rikk Agnew was a fantastic guitar player, one who is over overlooked when great guitar players are talked about. This is a fast album, and should always be played loud.

Kids of the Blackhole, Wrecking Crew, Word Attack, Creatures

I feel like I could go and on with this, but I'll just limit myself to four.

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Let's do mine

Mine will shy away from the mainstream mostly and hit Aussie bands

The Whitlams - Eternal Nightcap

Still one of the greatest albums ever IMHO. Think Ben Folds Five with an indy feel and you're close. This was their album before they become Warner Musics Minions from HELL. This album shows what they could do

Hunters & Collectors - Under One Roof

Old school 80's Oz Rock Live biyatch! I actually prefer the live album to what they did in the studio. They were a much better live band.

1200 Techniques - Choose One

If I was allowed only one hip-hop CD to listen to for the rest of time. It'd be this one.

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The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

just listen to it at least ten times and you will start to understand

Mars Volta > j00

Idlewild: The Remote Part: Meh, what can I say. Every song on the album is gold.

Symphony and Metallica: Wonderful album, one of, if not their best.

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Jeff Buckley - Grace - There is no excuse for not owning this. Everyone should own at least one Jeff Buckley album, so you may as well start with the original. The greatest voice you'll ever hear, beautiful lyrics, amazing cover versions, more musical diversity than anyone else you can think of...possibly the greatest solo musician who ever lived.

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead - It has There Is A Light That Never Goes Out on it, that's more than enough to qualify it for this list. Add in the greatness of Bigmouth Strikes Again and Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others and it's a definite keeper.

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Rock Art & The X-Ray Style - Any of the Mescaleros albums could have gone on here, but this one just edged out the other two because of the title track. If you ever need proof that there's creativity and new ideas left in music, and not going in the same direction as the likes of Godspeed! You Black Emperor and their ilk, then pick this album up, as well as the other two.

Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls - Greatest covers album ever. Even better than RATM's Renegades. An absolutely beautiful version of Raining Blood, a great Enjoy The Silence and a fantastic I Don't Like Mondays. Not to mention the weirdness of Heart Of Gold and the sheer empowered sexuality of Real Men. Buy it. Now.

The Alarm - In The Poppyfields - Any of their albums could be up here, but this one gets it for proving that age is just a number by being arguably their best ever album, 20+ years after their commercial prime.

The Cure - Greatest Hits - The Cure. 'nuff said.

Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip - Incredibly dark, heavy-as-hell melodic metal. Worth a place in any rock fan's collection.

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