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Coolest Band Names


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What bands have you found with awesome names? I'm just curious to see some cool band names. I found one today, a local band called Roshambo, which blew me away, as that is one of the coolest names ive heard, and i hadnt thought of it as one.

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After the Ron Atkinson thing here in the UK, some mates of mine renamed their band for a short period to "Big Ron and the Slaves". They actually got boked for a local gig (Of course I went to watch, I thought they'd be bood off) but no, they loved it. The lead singer wore a carboard cutout of Ron Atkinson's face, and the drummer, and the three other guitarists (Lead singer doesn't play guitar) had Chelsea players faces on (can't remember exactly who). They took their faces off though for most of the 20/30 minutes only "Ron"kept his on. They were invited back the next week but they turned it down, as they wanted them to play as Big Ron and the Slaves again.

It's probably one of the things that you've got to be there to see, they were shocked they got booked, and not bood off the stage. They were shitting themselves before they went on (In case anything was thrown at them).

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The Mr. T Experience

Sci-Fi Life & Death (Gosh, I'm so modest.)

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

And, to be a bit less obscure for a sec, My Bloody Valentine.

But most importantly and above all... the Super Magnificent Action Trio. Best. Name. EVER.

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Aphex Twin

The Apex Theory - I found them by mistake - they came up a couple of years ago whilst looking for Aphex Twin. Quite good. Incidently, they released their debut album on September 11 2001.

A Fire Inside

N.W.A - The name really says everything they were about, great starting point.

The Dave Gorman Project - Aparently a punk band named after the comic who searched the globe for name sakes.

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Anterrabae - [Funny story concerning them - I was reading the novel, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" by Joanne Greenberg, and one of the characters in it is named Anterrabae. I thought, "What a bad ass name for a band." and went about petitioning friends to name our band that. Of course, then I was looking through mp3.com for good music just before it shut down - and I see Anterrabae. The end.]

Penetrator - cheesy metal.

The Black Dahlia Murder

Modern Life is War

Misery Signals [formerly known as the also-cool Seven Angels, Seven Plagues]

Good Clean Fun - sXe hardcore.. name relates well, even though they suck.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

And I'm sure there are more.

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Mull Historical Society. Super Furry Animals. And I've always thought that The Music is the coolest band name ever.

And I'm the other way round on Dogs Die in Hot Cars. I hate the name (too long, too morbid) but like the band, that album is sheer quality.

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