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Celebrity Big Brother 2011


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So, no Charlie Sheen. But, the housemates are:

Amy Childs appeared in the British BAFTA award-winning reality show, The Only Way Is Essex.

Bobby Sabel is a British fashion model, currently signed to Elite Model Management, and Company Director of Bobby Sabel Ltd.

Darryn Lyons is an Australian paparazzo and media personality, best known for his professional work in Britain.

Jedward are a musical duo, also known as twins John & Edward Grimes, who rose to fame on The X Factor. They also represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, finishing 8th in the Final with the song Lipstick.

Kerry Katona is an English media personality, best known for her television work, predominantly in light entertainment and reality shows. She was also a pop singer with girl group Atomic Kitten.

Lucien Laviscount is a British actor, best known for being in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.

Paddy Doherty is a former bare-knuckle fighter, and featured in the 2010 Channel 4 programme, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Pamela Bach is an American actress, and the ex-wife of Baywatch actor and Britain's Got Talent panel judge, David Hasselhoff.

Sally Bercow is the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

Tara Reid is an American actress, most famous for portraying the role of Victoria "Vicky" Lathum in the first two of the American Pie film series.

Anyone else going to watch for the car-crash value of it?

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Well they said that there were 12 housemates entering, so even if you count Jedward as two, we are due one more. Maybe a bigger name like Bobby Brown, Sheen or Anderson said they'd enter, but it'd have to be ONLY them entering that night... to make them more 'special.' So the live show tomorrow might be that.

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I won't be watching the celebrity one but I'm thinking of watching the normal one when that starts. I remember actually liking Big Brother for the first few seasons but then it just got stale, hopefully Channel 5 can bring back some of the program's glory days.

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Which season was it when it all proper kicked off and security had to come into the house, I think it was the year that Nadia won it. That was my favourtie season, I don't remember watching it much after that. But yeah give them as much booze as possible, it makes for better TV for sure!

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Guest BK2010

well missed most of it watched the last 15 minutes, saw some model chap go in saw the others and went, who the hell are these people? Jedward went in, I switched off. If Channel 5 didn't spend all their budget on CSI repeats, they might have been able to get some decent housemates. Worst line up I've ever seen.

In fact I think I've only ever liked 2 celeb BB's, the one with Jackie Stallone and 06, which was only because Pete Burns went in. I mean Channel 4 give us Stephanie Beacham and Vinnie Jones, and Channel 5 give us Kerry "that's why moms go to Iceland" Katona and The Hoff's ex wife! Way to show everyone what a crap channel you are 5!

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My reactions to the housemates-

Kerry Katona- Fuck off no one likes you.

Tara Reid- She's going to walk...soon.

Paddy Docherty- Irish gypsy dude who no one can understand.

Amy Childs- ....... - her brain

Darryn Lyons- Will probably piss someone off soon.

Bobby Sabel- I thought this was CELEBRITY big brother?

Lucien Laviscount- Do you want bland on the side of that sir?

Pamela Anderson- Oh how the mighty have fallen. Baywatch to BB.

Jedward- The only reason I'm still watching. Are sooo gonna piss people off.

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