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What are you watching this season? 2011/2012 Edition!


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There are only a couple of weeks left until most shows start again, so I thought it was time to make this thread. It will make it easier for everyone to compare their lists and make a detailed schedule of what they are going to watch.

As for me....

Already Airing

Breaking Bad


Doctor Who

Starting Date - Show Name

15.09.11 Archer

16.09.11 Supernatural

19.09.11 Two and a Half Men

How I Met Your Mother

21.09.11 Modern Family

22.09.11 Community

Parks and Recreation

The Big Bang Theory

02.10.11 Dexter

03.10.11 Dr. House

05.10.11 South Park (Second half of season 15)

06.10.11 The League

16.10.11 The Walking Dead

21.10.11 Chuck

23.10.11 Once Upon A Time

08.01.12 Californication

Plus Game of Thrones, but I think there is no date set.

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Already Airing

Breaking Bad

Leverage (when it comes back from it's hiatus - it's on break until November now)

White Collar (when it comes from it's hiatus)

Suits (though it's season finale is this Thursday)

True Blood (season finale is this Sunday)

Entourage (series finale is this Sunday which is hard to believe because the episodes so far don't feel like a show about to end)

New Shows (that I'll be checking out but won't necessarily be weekly viewing)

Ringer (Tuesday - 9/13/11)

The Playboy Club (Monday - 9/19/11)

Person of Interest (Thursday - 9/22/11)

Prime Suspect (Thursday - 9/22/11)

American Horror Story (Wednesday - 10/5/11)

Grimm (Friday - 10/21/11)

Once Upon A Time (Sunday - 10/23/11)

House of Lies (Sunday - 1/8/12)

Awake (Midseason - unannounced)

The River (Midseason - unannounced)

Returning Shows

Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday - 9/6/11)

Archer (Thursday - 9/15/11 for 3 weeks & then in January for it's remaining run)

How I Met Your Mother (Monday - 9/19/11)

Castle (Monday - 9/19/11)

Community (Thursday - 9/22/11)

Parks & Recreation (Thursday - 9/22/11)

Supernatural (Friday - 9/23/11)

Happy Endings (Wednesday - 9/28/11)

How To Make It In America (Sunday - 10/2/11)

House (Monday - 10/3/11)

The League (Thursday - 10/6/11)

Psych (Wednesday - 10/12/11)

Chuck (Friday - 10/21/11)

Californication (Sunday - 1/8/12)

Shameless (Sunday - 1/8/12)

Justified (Unannounced but it's going to be sometime in January like the last two seasons)

...I don't think I watch enough TV. :shifty:

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Already Airing

Hells Kitchen

Americas Got Talent

True Blood

Returning Shows


Breaking In (No clue when this restarts though)

The Walking Dead


How I Met Your Mother

The Big Bang Theory


Kitchen Nightmares

Vampire Diaries

Haven't seen what new shows are starting up, so I may pick up on a couple once they air and I actually know about them. I'll also give Two And A Half Men a chance just to see how Kutcher fairs, never really been a big fan or anything, but I'll check it out. Will likely do the same with the US X Factor too just to see how it comes across. I'm also meaning to find time to check out some current shows along the lines of Happy Endings, Franklin and Bash etc. Keep trying to push myself to watch Falling Skies too, but I was bored throughout the first ten minutes of the opener and gave up, may retry it soon. Same goes for Alphas.

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Everything seemingly starts back up over here this week.

4th season of "Outnumbered" started at the weekend. Good episode. I like they've realistically aged the kids and the family dynamic has swung a bit (the two lads now having conversations, which they weren't before etc.).

Mock The Week, QI and Would I Lie To You (panel shows ahoy!) start again this week. And we're getting the first series of Happy Endings, but I think I may have already seen it all. I'll probably end up stop watching Would I Lie To You after a couple of episodes, it always happens.

Americans are remaking Prime Suspect?!?! Hahaha.

Series of "New Tricks" finishes tonight. :( Pretty much the only TV show I consistently watch at the moment. Thankfully I'll just record one of the billion episodes played on Alibi during the day and get my fix.

Christ you lot seem to watch a fucking lot of tele.

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Still to come this year is...

Always Sunny (ONLY 9 MORE DAYS)

The Walking Dead

second half of South Park

second half of Tosh.0

Bored To Death


Next year...

Eastbound & Down

What I'm watching now...


Entourage - I agree with everything Livid said about this season, it's not bad, just doesn't feel like a final season


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Right now I'm watching Doctor Who, Torchwood, Outnumbered, Deadliest Warrior, Shooting Stars, The Great British Bake Off (¬_¬), Dragon's Den, Ugly Americans and Futurama.

Coming Up: QI, Would I Lie To You, Dexter, South Park, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, American Dad, Modern Family and Boardwalk Empire. I'm probably forgetting loads. New HIGNFY starts some time in October too, so there's that.

I watch too much TV, but considering how bored I've been over the summer I'm glad I have a lot to watch.

EDIT: Oh, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, which has been airing for a while now. Been a great season.

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Sunday is my premium cable night. Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, and probably Hell on Wheels on TV and then I'll find some means of watching Dexter in the following days. Somehow. Hmmm.


I have class until 8:30pm so I'm actually probably not watching TV on Monday nights this quarter! I'm going to give 2 Broke Girls a couple episodes via online viewing, and I'll probably give Terra Nova an episode or two on Hulu too. And apparently Bored to Death is on Mondays now? So I'll probably catch it when I get home since HBO has enough channels and replays their shows enough that I can usually catch them a couple hours after they air.


I continue my abusive relationship with Glee, and maybe give New Girl a chance before turning it off due to my loathing of indie quirk.


Class until 8:30 again. Which sucks because that's going to cut into my Survivor time. I'll also be watching Modern Family.


NBC comedy block; Community, Parks & Rec, The Office. Not bothering with Whitney.


Chuck. I guess... maybe Grimm? If it reviews okay.

I'm currently watching Futurama, Louie, and the World Series of Poker Main Event. I'm like two episodes behind on both Futurama and Louie because of a con and then a work day in succession.

When does 30 Rock start back up?

They're starting midseason this year.

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I'll be watching House, Dexter, Doctor Who (in progress already), and Community. I can't decide if I wanna catch up on the Office or not yet, and I've recently started watching the back catalogue of Chuck (in the second season now and am really glad to hear it's been picked up for a fifth) and I'm considering checking out Pan Am and Fringe this season.

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Last year I think I had Dexter, HIMYM, and the start of Big Bang Theory before I got bored. And later on Charlie Brooker's How TV Ruined My Life and How Not to Live Your Life. I meant to iPlayer Outnumbered but forgot. And I assume Peep Show will be back?

This year I'll have the above, minus BBT, and Community and Modern Family. I got into the former within the last month and Modern Family in about February, about 2/3s of the way through the season.

That's about it. I don't watch TV really, I just iPlayer/stream it at my convenience.

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Guest mr. potato head

None of the below includes midseason shows or Mad Men:

Sunday: It's probably futile, but I'm going to try and watch The Simpsons new for the first time since like 2003. Also Pan Am although I expect to get bored of that one pretty quickly as well. I've never watched much non-sports TV on Sundays frankly. :shifty:

Monday: Honestly I'll probably watch every single episode of Terra Nova no matter how good or bad it is. I did it with FlashForward and V and The Event, and this is the only sci-fi-y show on my list this year. That leaves HIMYM, which luckily airs at 9 up here for some reason, and InSecurity which I can catch on time-shifting. If InSecurity is any worse than last year, though, I'll probably be dropping it pretty quickly.

Tuesday: CTV2 lists Big Bang Theory at 8...if it turns out to be the new episode two days early, I'll watch it, if not I won't. Then comes 22 Minutes and New Girl, but New Girl is dependent on how much I like it after the first few episodes.

Wednesday: Free Agents and Happy Endings will both get my attention for a while, we'll see if they can hold it. Michael, Tuesdays and Thursdays is a potentially promising (if confusingly scheduled) new CBC show that I'll also check out for at least a few episodes, and I'll also watch The Debaters on weeks when they have decent topics.

Thursday: Community, Parks and Rec, The Office. Big Bang Theory on timeshifting if not on Tuesdays.

Saturday and Friday: ...um, Hockey Night In Canada if I'm not out and The Fifth Estate if I'm not out *and* I'm interested in it that week. The rest of the week is more than I've ever watched in a year anyhow so I don't need more.

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Returning/Already Returned




Sons of Anarchy




Fairly Legal

Dirty Jobs


South Park

I'm gonna give Pan Am and The Playboy Club a few episodes to feel them out a bit. At worst, The Playboy Club is a good way to see hotties in Playboy bunny outfits :pervert:

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DVR. NEver again will I be a slave to the prime time TV schedule..

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