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NHL '13 GM Connected (X360)

Cactus Drags

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Right. No idea how this is going to work. I don't know if we need house rules for trades/free agents/waivers whatever like we have in Madden, so as commissioner, I reserve the right to change things up as and when needed. I haven't got the game yet, so the settings could change, but I'll give it till the weekend for initial sign-ups and confirm final settings before we start next week.

10 minute periods

Superstar difficulty (whatever it's called, one up from default)

If there's options for the commissioner to change sliders, I'm enabling them.

If I need to dictate manual versus auto aim, it'll be auto.

I think we'll need a fairly strict deadline to get through a season, probably just a couple of days at a time, most likely longer for playoffs. Basically, everyone be prepared for some simming (not so bad since you can pre-set your lines and strategies even if you don't actually play the game).

I'm not sure what other settings I might need to make clear, hopefully I get the game tomorrow and I'll edit the above to be more accurate. Please reply with your gamer tag and team of preference. Some teams are already reserved from the NHL thread, first come first served. Need you guys to confirm you want the team I have reserved for you from the other thread (also double check/give me your gamer tag).



New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders - Dan (danhufc)

New York Rangers - Ad (alldwsnuk)

Philadelphia Flyers - Rocksta (JmonteII)

Pittsburgh Penguins


Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabres

Montreal Canadiens - Apsham (apsham)

Ottawa Senators

Toronto Maple Leafs - Ruki (RukiK9)


Carolina Hurricanes

Florida Panthers

Tampa Bay Lightning

Washington Capitals - Toe (bradhutchison86)

Winnipeg Jets



Chicago Blackhawks - Srar (Power of Pris)

Columbus Blue Jackets

Detroit Red Wings

Nashville Predators

St. Louis Blues


Calgary Flames - Gabriel (Mister Munster)

Colorado Avalanche - Dragsy (DragsyTwoSeven)

Edmonton Oilers - Ellis (Ample Salty)

Minnesota Wild - Mr. X (Revealer24)

Vancouver Canucks - SDM (makesyouaweapon)


Anaheim Ducks - Vamp (???)

Dallas Stars

Los Angeles Kings - Drock007 (Master Love007)

Phoenix Coyotes

San Jose Sharks

Holy shit, potentially two full divisions.

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My gamertag is bradhutchison86, and I would actually like to change my team if thats ok. I think I'd rather be the Washington Capitals. That way, all the divisions are covered.

The settings all look fine, except I would much rather play with manual aim. Can't that be set by each player separately as their controls?

Also, will we continue to league after one season if enough people are interested? It would be awesome if we have to make short and long term decisions regarding our teams.

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Does manual aim mean I have to aim my goals? If so I very much do not want to do that

As far as I know from playing online in previous years, each player can pick which settings they prefer when it comes to line changes and auto aim. It shouldn't be a problem!

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Also, I don;t think SDM is getting this game jsut yet.

I leave for King Of Trios tomorrow, I might get this when I get back.

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