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Board Watch: TGIF


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So, despite the fact that I don't often attend them for the entire time, I really enjoy Lineker's wrestling board watches that he does every month. It's a great concept, so I'm stealing it and putting a Maxx spin on it?

A Maxx spin of course means that instead of wrestling, we'll be watching 90's/early 2000's television shows. Youtube has a pretty robust selection on this front, so there's quite a few options. The poll is just the ones I could think of, feel free to suggest others. I'll put together a two hour block based on the top 4 answers, for us all to watch together. It can be EWB's version of TGIF, or SNICK.

Yes, that does mean I'm planning on either doing it on a Friday or Saturday night, at least at first. I'm currently sick, poor and it's supposed to rain all weekend, so I'll have nothing better to do.

Please indicate which night works better for you.

Embrace the nostalgia people!

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This is all a sham without Perfect Strangers.

Put that together with Family Matters (as it IS a spinoff of PS), Full House, and Step By Step. Or replace any of these three with any of the following:

- Just the Ten of Us

- Going Places (It's better than its short run indicates, it had Heather Locklear, and at least one appearance of the blonde-hair-red-glasses kid from Step By Step!)

- Dinosaurs

- Baby Talk (Loosely based on Look Who's Talking, featuring Tony Danza as the baby's voice, plus appearances by Scott Baio and George Clooney!)

- Billy (Billy Connolly! . . . but that's all I remember/can quickly look up that's notable.)

- Getting By (I barely remember it, but the description and cast makes it look like "Yes, this would only fit on TGIF.")

- Hangin' With Mr. Cooper


Actually, you should totally do 3 of the old stand-bys (Perfect Strangers, Full House, Family Matters, etc.), then one of the also-rans (Just the Ten of Us, Going Places, Baby Talk, etc.)

Also, you should find some of the old interstitials where actors from one of the shows would host the whole block in character and play those in between.

Not that I have any specific thoughts on this. :shifty:

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All of those things are popular. I was going to splice in old commercials and movie trailers. I want it to be more than just TGIF shows though, I just called it that as I'm probably doing it on Friday.

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