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Aliens: Colonial Marines


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I really enjoyed AVP, but Colonial Marines feels like something that would have came out 10 years ago, sloppy, generic, clunky game. Tries but fails to stay true to the Alien franchise, wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it

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I thought the original AVP on PC had a favourable reputation?

And of course you have the arcade game where you can suplex aliens Mike Haggar style so that's obviously the greatest game ever made.

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Worst part is Gearbox's name gets dragged through the mud with it. It really is Duke Nukem all over again for them, and they didn't even do much of the single player.

... no idea why they promoted single player when they only worked on multi though. Really strange. I mean granted it's up in the air as to how much they did work on it apparently but still, the only good part is multi and I can't convince myself that the guys behind Borderlands would suddenly, collectively, suck this horrifically.

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I heard so much goodness about the single player story and how it was now considered a part of alien canon and I was loving the lead up to the game over the past several months and hearing about little bits and pieces of it and I was looking forward to how much fun it seemed like it was going to be. :(

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