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RuPaul's Drag Race

Mx. Canadian Destroyer

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Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman win!

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So the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race is starting soon. Meet the Season 9 Queens:


You can find videos of all the queens at Logo.tv by clicking here!

The season premier hasn't been announced but it will air this spring.

Because this should have had it's own thread for a while now. Looking at you, @RPS.

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Initial thoughts:

  • Aja watched a Bollywood movie that she did not know the name of and just chose her name because she liked it. Very vapid. Not a fan. 
  • Loved Alexis outfit and vibe. Big fan. 
  • Charlie reminds me of Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Big fan. 
  • Eureka was kinda boring. 
  • Farrah Moan was okay. 
  • Jaymes needs TO FIX THAT FUCKING HAIRLINE RIGHT NOW. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It is so awful. 
  • Kimora is terrible.
  • Nina is life. That Avatar drag was everything. 
  • I liked Peppermint. Fix the hairline!!!
  • Sasha was fine. 
  • Shea seems like a robot but I think she has potential. 
  • Trinity's look was god awful. 
  • Valentina is so glam. Loveeeeeeeeed her. 

I'd be down for a pool. 

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Found a Fantasy League with some basic rules:



The eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race will begin airing in March 2016.

Before each episode you can pick a team of 3 drag queens. Your final team is selected at final 5.


Challenge Wins
Mini Challenge Win +5 
Main Challenge Win +25 
First Main Challenge Win of Season +30
5 Points for Surviving the week 

Lip Syncs
+10 for winning 
-10 for taking your wig off during a lip sync.

+2 for crying in workroom/confessional 
+5 for crying on main stage in front of judges or anywhere in front of Ru 
+10 for being a member of a named clique “RoLaskaTox”/“The Healthers” (points awarded only 

Runway Looks 
+10 for Top Looks
-10 for Bottom Looks 


If people are game, we could either do a weekly pick 'em, or we people could draft a team from week 1 and have to stick with it. Thoughts?

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Just now, Ms. Canadian Destroyer said:


RPS, did you watch?

I usually delay watching each week and watch two of them in one go. It is so hard when I know Gaga is on! 

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So there's come controversy because Wendy Williams hosts some sort of commercial break thing for Drag Race on VH1. Williams has kicked someone out her show for being in drag and was pretty transphobic when it came to Caitlyn Jenner stuff.


I'd prefer her to make a statement about some of the stuff she's said in the past and apologize. 

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I love Valentina, but who doesn't. She is just the best. I don't think she's really faltered at all. Yeah, in love with Valentina.

Sasha is another favourite, I loved her Snatch Game. Shea and Nina round out the top of my list.

Trinity is in the middle. She's good, but I'm not in love with her. Alexis is good but has been so terrible on Untucked.

Bottom of the list is Farrah, who I like but just doesn't stack up. Not a huge fan of Aja. Obviously relate to Peppermint but she hasn't done a lot to stick out.

Except for that bomb ass lip synch.


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We are on episode 4. Valentina IS AMAZING and is getting the most curious edit ever. Why are they showing everyone shit talking her when she's doing amazing? Getting some Jinx vibes there, where she was the underdog the whole time. Her or Nina is my winner pick. 

Nina is great. 

Shea is pretty funny. I dig her. Sasha is getting all of this weird exposure during the show. Like she keeps narrating the real serious and huge moments of the show. She is very articulate, but I do not particularly love her drag. 

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