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Paris Hilton is So Dumb

Guest fultie

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Haha, i saw her on NBC with Katie Couric, in response to the question, along the lines of, what's a common misconception about you or what' something people dont know about you? She said she works, every day! recording an album! "im not some lazy rich girl!" bwahahaha

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I saw her on Leno a few nights ago. I felt sorry for Jay after watching that interview.

I swear - literally EVER question Jay asked she had to take a minute, think it over, and then she STILL came up with dumbass responses.


Nikki/Nicky/whatever spelling it is Hilton is hotter. And so is Nicole Ritchie.

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Paris might be one of the stupidest people alive. I watched that simple life show, and even if they told her to act dumber(which i really REALLY doubt) Some of the stuff she said made me shake my head, just because no normal person would say it.

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Guest homerjfry

I thought this was going to start a slew of "Paris Hilton is so dumb..." jokes.

I'll start:

Paris Hilton is so dumb...she needs a bookmark to read a bumper sticker.

Paris Hilton is so dumb...she thinks they sell walls at Walmart.

Paris Hilton is so dumb...she filled out an application, and where it said "sex" she put, "on video"

Paris Hilton is so dumb...on another application, where it said "Do not write here" she wrote, "ok".

Paris Hilton is so dumb she opened a box of "Cheerios" and thought they were donut seeds.

Paris Hilton is so dumb she thought "Taco Bell" was a Mexican phone company.

Paris Hilton is so dumb she tripped over a cordless phone.

Paris Hilton is so dumb on ANOTHER application, under "Who to contact in case of emergency" she put, "9-1-1"

That's all I got.

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I can't stand Paris, but I didn't think she came off that bad in the interview. She showed a sense of humor, re-itterated that her book is a spoof on her life while Connan tried to make it seem as if the book was intended to be taken seriously, and generally held her own. Wasn't the greatest interview, but she definately wasn't carried. If anything, Connan tried to make her seem worse than she is by using the rules in her book.

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