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Suplex Saga


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Hi there. I was given permission by your global mod Kaney to post here. I'm Cordero with Finger Gun Games. We just launched a new Kickstarter for a video game called Suplex Saga. It's a mixture of wrestling and rpg. I figured this board would like to hear about the project considering its topic at hand. Being a longtime wrestling fan myself, it's a pleasure to be here. The reason we are making this game is because throughout all the wrestling games I've played, they were just action games in the end. Career modes try to give that immersion of backstage drama and stories between wrestlers, but they never took it any further than they need to. No Mercy on N64 and the Smackdown games on PS1 & PS2 did a nice job with giving those reimagined scenarios of car-hitting and ambushes from behind. It was decent, but you never went beyond the arena life. We decided to take the angle of the kayfabe/ reality lives of wrestlers and turn it into a game. The action is no longer restricted in the ring, but in the world itself. If someone has a conflict with someone else about them stealing their girl or offending them by talking trash about their green leotard, they duke it out where they are. At the same time, you get into the behind-the-scene lives of wrestlers, seeing how their real life affects their wrestling life. It makes for an interesting new world, which helps with the rpg adventure angle we are throwing onto the genre. 


We plan to release this game for Steam, with stretch goals slated for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you guys have any questions and concern, please feel free to discuss it here. For more info on the project, you can check out the Kickstarter link:
Suplex Saga Kickstarter

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Really excited about this. A couple questions:

1) Any chance of it getting on Steam Early Access?

2) How much, if any, customization will be involved?

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2 hours ago, Benji said:

That looks cool. Would it have 4+ player online co-op? Not enough arcade style games have that option.

Also, it totally needs a fake version of Mayor Mike Haggar from Final Fight :shifty:

Also, also, my feelings on El Gato are strong. We have a clear favourite for me :shifty:

Unfortunately, it's meant to be a single player game. I know it would be cool, but we'd never be as great as Streets of Rage. Even though a WWE beat em up sounds like a very cool idea. There's going to be a few references in the game to many pop culture wrestlers. 

And I agree. I like El Gato so far as my favorite.

2 hours ago, GoGo Yubari said:

I backed this day one. I love the battle mechanics at play in that video.

Thanks, GoGo. I hope we can get to the goal so we can at least get to working on it.

2 hours ago, The Chiksrara Special said:

I'd play this on console. Don't play anything on PC though

We're looking to get it on console. If we don't make the stretch goal, the console release will have to come after the PC release, but it'll definitely make it there. Just porting takes a little longer, and the resources to purchase the dev kits.

2 minutes ago, OctoberRavenO said:


Really excited about this. A couple questions:

1) Any chance of it getting on Steam Early Access?

2) How much, if any, customization will be involved?

1) We're going to be doing two kinds of releases: a demo and the complete game. Early access wouldn't fit well with a single player story game, so likely not.

2) A good chunk. You're going to be customizing your movesets, your party setup, and a few miscellaneous things. Cosmetically, we're going to have skin options to change the character's colors, but it'll be mostly palette swaps like in fighting games.

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