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Woman shags fish and wins an Oscar


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Get someone who looks at you like Hingle McCringleberry looks at Davoin Shower-Handel.

It's also a bit mental that 'that bird off Hollyoaks that Gazz fancied nearly ten years ago' is now an Oscar winner. She is an absolute worldie.


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5 hours ago, Rich said:

If you were that worried about spoilers for one of the biggest events of the year, just stay off the internet.

That's like saying that we should all stay off of EWB if they're not watching the Royal Rumble live so that someone can start a topic with the title 'Shinsuke Nakamura wins the Royal Rumble, challenges AJ Styles'.

3 hours ago, Colly said:

Do people really care about having the Oscar results spoiled? All you've missed is the anticipation of an envelope opening.

Nah, I was just pulling MDK's leg. The funny thing is that Peele winning was probably the only actual surprise of the night :P 

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