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  1. The Ghost of Greg Olsen @Jake O. Rhodes
  2. Harrison Butker and Devin Funchess @JMarushin
  3. Looking over my team and realizing I've pretty much built an old man squad
  4. TE Mark Andrews @Jake O. Rhodes
  5. Shoutout to @caMeron esposiTo Forbes for the quick tag fixes. I decree you my deputy commissioner!
  6. QB Tom Brady @Jake O. Rhodes
  7. @Ace Berimmer to cheer you up, if you can defeat me when we meet week 3, I will allow you to rid yourself of the "HC's bitches" moniker 😛 I also see I have @Maxx week 1, so that'll be a fun battle of the commissioners
  8. DFF showing RUTHLESS. AGGRESSION. I like it
  9. Picks are sealed man We've only ever allowed pick changes for autodrafters that make it back in time That said Pooker and DFF could easily pass
  10. Oh thank god the Josh Gordon news came out after your pick
  11. The front page is updated btw. CRTL-F
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