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  1. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    What an ugly week full of upsets in the NFL! I literally made the wrong choice in starter at 4 different spots and have 4 dud starters (Rivers, Ebron, Baltimore, KB fuck me) but still have a a 40% chance of winning or so if Dez underperforms tomorrow. Of course my chances would be better if the refs hadn't taken away that Cohen TD on an obvious officiating blunder.
  2. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Somehow 2-0 despite a lot of my higher picks underperforming. but even better is the fact that Berober is 0-2
  3. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    We've been PPR for at least 5 seasons
  4. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    @Davidmarrio could have eeked out a win against Asuka possibly if he hadn't left in a kicker on IR!
  5. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Everytime I had preseason on he was busting out some huge play. I figured at worst, he'd handcuff Howard for me, but both guys look startable now.
  6. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    DFF's reaction to me picking Tarik Cohen. Just gonna leave this here.
  7. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    So @james_ewing88 how about that Zeke trade huh buddy
  8. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    When KC drafted Mahomes and he got flashbacks to Kaepernick. but Smith never put me off Tyreek. He's a dynamic enough playmaker that I trust him to make some big plays even off short throws. And in the 5th round, there wasn't much to lose by taking him.
  9. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Game is still up in the air, but Tyreek Hill came through big time with Mike Evans out for me. I wasn't even going to play him.
  10. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    League PSA: the Miami/TB game is not being played this week. Adjust your lineups accordingly, Berober especially.
  11. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    We're usually lucky to have one trade all season (and it's usually Me/Berober/Forbes), but we already have one preseason this year. I like it!
  12. No, but Mcgregor was gassed and was surely about to be dropped before the stoppage. He can take some punches, though. First five rounds or so he actually held his own.
  13. Mcgregor can take a punch. Unless Floyd seriously learned some wrestling or MMA, he'd likely be a pretty easy TD and submission.
  14. Everyone won there. Floyd gets a 50th win and 300 million dollars. Conor puts up a more than respectable performance (Considering if the sports were flipped, Floyd wouldn't last a round) and gets 100 million dollars. The fans got a pretty entertaining fight.
  15. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Draft grades are up. Lot of A's this year.