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  1. Holy shit despite completely shitting the bed my team pulled it off!!!
  2. No! My stomping of you in FF last week negates any baseball victories. The second > remains!
  3. Congrats to Berober! Unfortunately for him he will not be going back-to-back in fantasy football. As for baseball, 3rd place isn't too shabby. Now you see I finished 2nd place 2 years ago, sixth 1 year ago. 3+2=5 6-5 = 1 = First place finish in 2017 confirmed. The numbers don't lie, and they spell doom for the rest of the league in EWBB 2k17.
  4. My team finally lights it up and it couldn't come against a better opponent than @Ace Berimmer
  5. Every yard counts and ties are for soccer! But actually, DYSI ran B-League with fractional points back in 2013 and I've just always kept the settings the same.
  6. Through 21 weeks @Ace Berimmer and I now have the exact same record (144-96-12).
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that the draft/teams have been finalized and the league is officially open! Slogger had the best draft according to Yahoo's obviously flawed algorithm.
  8. Romo was a calculated risk and I have Aaron Rodgers. It certainly doesn't make or break my season so I'll be alright.
  9. And that's a wrap! Best of luck to everyone. Rosters will be finalized tonight.
  10. Berober's out of time and already has a kicker anyway so I'm gonna take K Cairo Santos since I have work in a minute. can't pull up BPA and it's the last 3 picks anyway so @Ace Berimmer can come in whenever. @Slogger can also go ahead.
  11. DFF will get Blair Walsh. @Jake O. Rhodes