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  1. @Asuka's Gonna Kill You come on down then!
  2. That makes 24! @Jake O. Rhodes and @Lineker (assuming he's the 12th man for B) PM me your emails so I can invite you to the league.
  3. That saga is finally, mercifully over with.
  4. You can have him! Last time I gambled on him it blew up in my face!
  5. Unfortunately you can't due to Yahoo's lame 20 character limit
  6. They have the option to renew the leagues without invites for returnees. That's what I did for the other league.
  7. Renewed the league per Maxx's instructions. No invites needed. Looks like there's 2 open spots if EddieG and Thrilla don't return as everyone else in the league is returning.
  8. Sorry for vanishing! Been busy when I suddenly realized EWBFF was probably gearing up and decided to check in. It looks like Midget is taking over for B-League, but I definitely want a spot to reclaim my crown if there's one open. And to destroy Betober and Forbes of course.
  9. I've had 5 of 9 starters listed as day-to-day (Cabrera, Seguar, Pence, Kang, and Hanley) over the past 4 days or so, with Segura probably going on concussion DL. Has Benji been using voodoo dolls on me!?
  10. If anyone's looking for a closer, I'd be willing to part with one for the right piece.
  11. Add me to the skip him train, but I PM'd my pick nevertheless.