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  1. As usual, thanks to everyone for a fun season. Hope to see you all next summer!
  2. On the downside, a 7-7 A leaguer won the title on the upside, berober still doesn’t have as many championships as me
  3. The greatest team name in B league history Berober, you better get the job done!
  4. Fantasy football is a cruel mistress, @caMeron esposiTo Forbes Truly an epic squad, though! best of luck to @Maxx and @Ace Berimmer in the championship!
  5. The giant has been toppled! So now my options to root for are Maxx or Berober.... I'm rooting for a tie And before anyone replies, yes I am attempting to jinx @Maxx
  6. Division winners get the top 2 seeds I believe. After that, it's by record. Although I'd probably be bummed too drawing Forbes round 1
  7. EWBFF running its own invasion angle
  8. Oh you mean the season you robbed me of what would now be my 4th league title. Good times indeed 😫
  9. Come join the rejects club buddy!
  10. If it makes you feel better the one league I have where I made the playoffs I went against Brees and Thomas so FML
  11. We’re counting B-league titles not that irrelevant euro league belt
  12. I don’t even want to make the consolation bracket. I just want my awful squad sent to the glue factory already
  13. You're my last hope Jake! And @caMeron esposiTo Forbes is literally projected at 150 points this week. Just disgusting how good that squad is I'm team Forbes all day if it keeps @Ace Berimmer from getting a second title!
  14. I only played him because I figured he would want to stick it to Dallas and have a big game
  15. love you Forbes. And I love all you guys. Let's keep doing this league until we're all old farts
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