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  1. My team finally lights it up and it couldn't come against a better opponent than @Ace Berimmer
  2. Every yard counts and ties are for soccer! But actually, DYSI ran B-League with fractional points back in 2013 and I've just always kept the settings the same.
  3. Through 21 weeks @Ace Berimmer and I now have the exact same record (144-96-12).
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know that the draft/teams have been finalized and the league is officially open! Slogger had the best draft according to Yahoo's obviously flawed algorithm.
  5. Romo was a calculated risk and I have Aaron Rodgers. It certainly doesn't make or break my season so I'll be alright.
  6. And that's a wrap! Best of luck to everyone. Rosters will be finalized tonight.
  7. Berober's out of time and already has a kicker anyway so I'm gonna take K Cairo Santos since I have work in a minute. can't pull up BPA and it's the last 3 picks anyway so @Ace Berimmer can come in whenever. @Slogger can also go ahead.
  8. DFF will get Blair Walsh. @Jake O. Rhodes
  9. Ewing selects Alfred Morris and Spencer Ware @Slogger