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  1. Let me know if anyone needs the league link, but it should be on your profile.
  2. Good deal! That makes 12. @Pooker pm me your email so I can invite you. Everyone else has autorenewed.
  3. B league is at 11? @Mick are you a yes? @The Heartbreak Kid is our only unconfirmed. That new guy could fill his spot though.
  4. Aww thanks Maxx! B-league has built itself a nice little lineage coming up on our 5th season with largely the same core. Hopefully we keep the retention rate high, so usual suspects get in here and confirm @Ace Berimmer @The Heartbreak Kid @Slogger @DFF @caMeron esposiTo Forbes @Mick @Jake O. Rhodes @munky @james_ewing88 @Asuka's Gonna Kill You @Titi Camara (Thank you DavidMarrio for making you search for your name!)
  5. Completely forgot about this and checked in to surprisingly see I'm middle of the pack despite shit-tier pitching. Thank you Correa and Altuve!!
  6. As a head's up, I noticed week 2 was tagged as a "rivalry week" a while back and I don't think those officially count.
  7. That pick was inspired by watching Yadi slam a homer during the Redbirds exhibition game I'm at.
  8. OF Lorenzo "THAT'S GOTTA BE" Cain @Cloudy