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  1. TE Travis Kelce @JMarushin
  2. RB Dalvin Cook @DavidMarrio
  3. Gonna go ahead and BPA Berober with WR Michael Thomas. He can alter that if he makes it back before @Maxx
  4. Time to gamble RB Clyde Edward-Helaire, KC @Your Mom
  5. while we wait for @Pooker reminder that you can PM a short list of players if you know you will be away for several hours. Just so we can fish this draft before 2021
  6. not after that monstrous season he had last year
  7. WR Michael Thomas @damsher hatfield
  8. @Slogger will get some leniency haha also if your pick is coming up soon and you have to sleep send me a list, even if just one name.
  9. Aussies slowing down both drafts!
  10. EWBFF Dean Spanos League Greetings friends! Like Frosty the Snowman, I have returned after my annual hiatus now that the season is upon us. Welcome back to another year of the B-League. As usual, it's nice to see most everyone come back. This will be my 7th year running this league and my 8th participating with you all, and it means quite a bit to me to come back to stomp you jabronies every year. (insert reminder that I am the only 3 time league champ). I don't quite have the free time I used to due to med school, so I will keep this intro pretty bare bones. Our league name gimmick this year is shitty owners, and it doesn't get much shittier than the guy who moved his team to a town where they are now the third most popular team behind the Rams and Raiders. Also, do to COVID we will be expanding IR spots to the max and cutting 1 roster spot to ensure a deeper free agency pool. That means the draft will now be 14 rounds instead of 15. Also a reminder that we let an A-leaguer win our league last year, so let's not allow that to happen again. I will be pulling double duty in their league this year to get our revenge! Quick Notes (cheaply pasted from last year's thread)- Draft will last 14 rounds (We are dropping a bench spot this year to make the draft quicker and free agency better. IR spots will be maxed out as well)- Order is obviously snake-style, meaning if Maxx for example picks last in round 1 then he picks first in round 2.- I will keep the draft results updated in this post. Make sure you look over it before making a pick to avoid picking someone already taken.- We're playing under 1 PPR rules. Passing TDs are worth 7 points a piece, meaning QBs are a little more valuable- Roster consists of: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX(RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 DEF, 5 Bench Spots. - Waivers will be rolling and reset weekly with lowest record getting top dibs- Draft will start TODAY- Each person gets 12 hours to make their pick. Time limit may be shortened if we run too slowly towards the later rounds. Try to move quickly. - Be a pal and tag the person who picks after you so they know it's their turn.- I'll be lenient on late picks in the first couple of rounds, but as we move along if you don't have a list you're getting Yahoo's best available at a position of need, with the option to correct the pick if you make it back before the next person.- If you think you might get busy, be asleep, etc, please send me a list of players you want, in order. This makes everything run so much smoother and prevents you from missing a pick. I will do my best to PM you guys when you're up but no guarantees, so please consider giving me a list. Lists will be critical to finishing the draft on time as we get deeper and time limits shorten. - @caMeron esposiTo Forbes is the deputy commish and I trust her to make the tough calls should I be unavailable. @Ace Berimmer @Slogger @Essa @DYSI @Maxx @DFF @DavidMarrio @JMarushin @Pooker @Jake O. Rhodes https://imgur.com/a/MfTHuUm I cannot figure how how to embed this, but Round 1 1) Slogger - RB Christian McCaffrey, Panthers 2) Pooker - QB Lamar Jackson, Ravens 3) Forbes - RB Saquon Barkley, Giants 4) Essa - QB Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs 5) DFF - RB Ezekiel Elliot, Cowboys 6) Berober - WR Michael Thomas, Saints 7) Maxx - RB Derrick Henry, Titans 8 ) Jmarushin - RB Alvin Kamara, Saints 9) HC - RB Dalvin Cook, Vikings 10)DavidMarrio - WR Devante Adams, Packers 11) DYSI - WR Tyreek Hill, Chiefs 12) Jake Rhodes - RB Miles Sanders, Eagles Round 2 13) Jake Rhodes - RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chiefs 14) DYSI - TE George Kittle, 49ers 15) DavidMarrio - WR Julio Jones, Falcons 16) HC - TE Travis Kelce, Chiefs
  11. @Maxxif no other b leaguer wants to pull double duty, I'll do it.
  12. @DYSI was the original creator of the fractional points. How it is b league tradition.
  14. @DYSIand @EssaDM me your emails for a league invite
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