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  1. We’re counting B-league titles not that irrelevant euro league belt
  2. I don’t even want to make the consolation bracket. I just want my awful squad sent to the glue factory already
  3. You're my last hope Jake! And @caMeron esposiTo Forbes is literally projected at 150 points this week. Just disgusting how good that squad is I'm team Forbes all day if it keeps @Ace Berimmer from getting a second title!
  4. I only played him because I figured he would want to stick it to Dallas and have a big game
  5. love you Forbes. And I love all you guys. Let's keep doing this league until we're all old farts
  6. It’s ok. Not my year but You still have 2 league titles to go just to tie me I partially blame school for sucking so bad. Med school has stolen all my fantasy research time
  7. Likely have to win out to get into the playoffs from here. @Ace Berimmer surely relishing the chance to end my season this week
  8. This post is so accurate I actually hearted a Berober post I feel....dirty
  9. My ego is definitely going to be hit if @caMeron esposiTo Forbes tops my 13-1 regular season record.
  10. About to move to .500 for the first time all year. HC is back baby!
  11. @JMarushin is having some terrible luck. 4th in points scored but he’s 1-6 and in 12th place.
  12. Absolutely brutal loss this week
  13. After 6 years of dominance, I supposed I was due for a down year.
  14. Enjoy having your dignity back, @Ace Berimmer it’s a long season.....
  15. It's honestly on whatever DYSI had it on since 2013. I'm not a big fantasy player elsewhere and assumed it was standard. Will look into it after the season. That said they gave up 20 points and had zero sacks, zero picks, zero interceptions, zero anything. Not really sure what settings would allow for 7 points unless your D started with 17 points. I checked my ESPN league and they only got 2 points. 7 seems insane for that performance.
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