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  1. HC

    NFL 2018

    I love a good A-Rod comeback, even if the refs bailed us out with that soft penalty on Sherman. Packers are looking very rough this year, though.
  2. @Maxx I hope they remember you Also damn, DFF just shattered the record for league points scored in a game, I think
  3. @DavidMarrio field a proper team! I want @SeanDMan to go 0-12
  4. Holy fuck. Won by the skin of my teeth even with Enuwa putting up zero. Time to pray for no stat corrections.
  5. Amazing Yahoo has me a 13 point underdog those disrespectful heathens!!
  6. I just need 2 fantasy points from Kelce and Sanders combined. Surely I will get that, right? Right? 0_0
  7. Dalvin Cook may blow, but getting Thielen in the 4th definitely eases the pain.
  8. HC

    NFL 2018

    I am not arguing at all that it doesn't fit the rule. I'm saying that the rule is bogus and the it's been called so inconsistently. I'm not mad at Clay Matthews there at all, though. It's a pivotal moment and he's had a 10 year career where that's a legal hit. That's a tackle, and it's clean as can be in any year other than one. As for him being called previously for it, in week 2 he got called even while actively shifting his body weight off of the QB, so fuck it. As others have said, the league might as well make the QBs down by 2 hand touch at this point. Or maybe just do away with lineman all together since pass rushing is so evil. Let's just have a 7-on-7 score-a-thon.
  9. HC

    NFL 2018

    Oh no guys it’s not the shit rules that’s turning viewers away it’s the kneeling obviously /s
  10. HC

    NFL 2018

    The rule is expecting guys running full force to suddenly halt their momentum. Even last week Clay shifted his weight off and was flagged. It’s such a ridiculous rule. I expect the backlash will worsen once it affects something pivotal like a playoff game.
  11. HC

    NFL 2018

    Not that it decided the game (this time), but Clay Matthews got called for a perfectly clean sack. No helmet contact or anything. I understand player protection and QBs are valuable but they honestly need to just put red jerseys on if this is the alternative.
  12. Hahahaha no.... and man that Atlanta/New Orleans game going to OT almost cost me a W shoutout to Munky for benching Aaron Rodgers for me!!
  13. Yeah I saw that later. Love Greg the Leg

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