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  1. General Television Thread

    Phenomenal episode last night.
  2. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    Yeah, I was only noting in general as I'm sure it happened to some people in fantasy.
  3. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    I feel sorry whoever had Eli and had to play Brees or vice versa. Complete waste of a huge game.
  4. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    My team is killing it today.Second highest point total. Too bad I'm playing the first highest.  
  5. 2015 MLB Season

    It's such a cheap way out and it sucks the ivy made that possible. Then again, if it were my team I'd praise the savvy but it's such an Eddie Guerrero move.  
  6. 2015 MLB Season

    Fowler with the lazy jog to the ball so it'd be a ground-rule double and save the run. 
  7. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    As much as I enjoy free wins @EddieG really should set his line-up every now and then. He actually has a pretty good team between Freeman, Bell, and Brady.    That said, 4 in a row!
  8. 2015 NFL Season

    That game was stressful. Lucky to win that after letting Rivers throw for five hundred yards...
  9. Making some lame 2edgy4me comment about how Raw sucked or something and getting my ass chewed out by everyone, which was deserved on my end.
  10. 2015 NFL Season

    This Cleveland/Denver game is fascinating. Denver making blunders at every turn, yet the Browns are still Brownsing all of their opportunities to win. Cleveland Browns - Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory since 1946.
  11. 2015 MLB Season

    Mattingly is toast, right?
  12. 2015 MLB Season

    Come on down and have a seat next to me and my birds in the reject pile. 
  13. 2015 NFL Season

    Saints block the punt. Now 14-0. 
  14. 2015 NFL Season

    See what I mean? 7-0 Saints already. Never write off a rivalry game on that level. 
  15. 2015 NFL Season

    The Saints always play them close and Julio could be a decoy. Could be closer than people think.