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  1. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Your team is loaded, man. Reminds me of when I had Rodgers/Julio/Demarco/Gordon/Howard last year and went 12-2.....James Ewing certainly helped you out with those trades as well. I'm really impressed that everyone is at least 4-6 right now. PARITY
  2. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    While 5-5 isn't ideal, it's still very possible to go 3-1. 8 wins almost always clinches a playoff spot. Also can't believe I started 5-1 now looking at 6-4 if my last two players tonight underperform.
  3. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Finally decided I'll start Will Fuller this week and deshaun Watson tears ACL. Goddamnit.
  4. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    It's entirely possible. They probably scored some touchdowns of their own and/or got a safety. Looks like I'm probably dropping to 6-2 but that's alright. Will Fuller has had 4 monster games on my bench now, but as soon as I start him he'll drop a goose egg And the parity is crazy so far. Lots of .500 ball. If projections hold true we'll only have 3 teams over .500.
  5. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    On a side note, helluva swing for Asuka. Went from 5-1, likely 6-1 to 4-3 after a stat correction the previous week and forgetting to set starters this week.
  6. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Couldn't ask for a better start than 6-1. Probably gonna get murked in the playoffs by Jake Rhode's team, though. Feel a bit like the Cleveland Cavs trying to match the Warriors there.
  7. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    The good news for @james_ewing88: Amari Cooper finally produces and gets him almost 50 fantasy points. The bad news for @james_ewing88: He traded him for peanuts prior to the game. (to the guy who already took Zeke from him)
  8. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Pleasure doing business with you, @Pooker Willing to take some risks at 5-1, so open to trade offers. Other than Mike Evans I'd move anyone for the right price.
  9. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    If it's any consolation I still would have won but that's a great pickup for you still. I really wanted to pick him up off waivers but no chance with my priority number.
  10. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Fournette is a beast. And to think @Asuka's Gonna Kill You got him by missing the deadline in the third round
  11. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    @Ace Berimmer Adding a second >
  12. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Eh, @munky well deserved win for you sir. My critical mistake was benching Graham for Engram, cost me the week. 4-1 is still pretty good and hopefully I crush @Ace Berimmer
  13. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    If my first loss comes to Munky and his bench warmer squad
  14. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Undefeated and arch nemesis @Ace Berimmer is in the cellar at 1-3. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
  15. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Hoping to stay undefeated. Have a decent chance but the Seahawks running up the score on Indy has kept Forbes in it, albeit barely.