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  1. The 2016 EWB Baseball League Thread

    Add me to the skip him train, but I PM'd my pick nevertheless.
  2. The 2016 EWB Baseball League Thread

    RP AJ Ramos Am I still tagging Twist? I'll tag both of them just in case. @mattman1624 @Twist
  3. The 2016 EWB Baseball League Thread

    I agree, but I didn't see Midget say anything about skipping over him (although I may have missed it)so I didn't.
  4. Comic Book Films & TV

    Saw it yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised since the critical reviews had my expectations pretty low. The worst parts of the movie were the disjointedediting and the fact that Henry Cavill/Amy Adams have no chemistry together. The Lois/Clark scenes were just not good. The movie definitely takes itself waaaay to seriously with the philosophical dialogue as well, but it's kind of a nice change of pace from Ultron cracking jokes.I loved Batfleck and WW though(Lex seemed to be trying to hard to channelLedger's Jokerbut grew on me), and the action scenes were well done. I'd give it a B, and I think it helps that I came in with low expectations.Not breath-taking, but it delivered for me, although I certainly understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea.I liked it more than AOU, MOS, andDKR, personally.I really need a solo Batman movie now.