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  1. We may finally have a 100% retention rate for B-league this year. Just need munky and Ewing
  2. Fall short? You beat me to win the league last year!!
  3. @caMeron esposiTo Forbes @Ace Berimmer @DMarryMaguire @munky @Slogger @Pooker @Asuka's Gonna Kill You @Jake O. Rhodes @james_ewing88 @Mick @anybody else I see DFF is already here so yay! Open to reducing 1 bench spot if the league wants to
  4. Just want to pop in one last time and say thanks to everyone for a competitive, fun season. Hope to see you back in 2018! Final Standings: 1) DavidMarrio 2) HC 3) Forbes 4)Jake Rhodes 5) Asuka 6) James Ewing 7) Mick 8) Pooker 9) Munky 10) DFF 11) Slogger 12) Berober (lol)
  5. Looking pretty unlikely at this point. Cooks, McCaffrey, Ravens D, and Case Keenum all let me down and my team as a whole has way too many boom or bust guys On the bright side, 2/3 in title games over 5 seasons is pretty impressive, and I'll get a silver for the trophy case. premature congrats and hopeful jinx to @Davidmarrio. The shitfuck bitchasses finally win the big one
  6. A visual representation of me prying my 3rd B-League Crown from @Davidmarrio this weekend.
  7. Fargo is on hiatus, so I'll have to find a new prestige TV themed name next year.
  8. Looking through the league history and realized that IF I seal the deal tonight, @Davidmarrio and I will be having a rematch from the 2013 Championship game.
  9. if I lose up 74 points w/ Mike Evans vs Freeman and ATL D I'm retiring from fantasy football.
  10. Fun fact: the top 3 teams from last year finished this season as the bottom 3 teams.
  11. You're pretty much in. Most likely scenario is: (1) Forbes v. HC (4) (2) Jake Rhodes v. DM (3) Not happy about basically falling into the playoffs as the last seed but I should get Rodgers next week so it's a fresh start.
  12. As much as I'd rather have it clinched already, I should be good. Only scenario I miss is if DavidMarrio and Asuka both win, I lose, and I'm outscored by 90+ points that week. I should have enough season points to win a tiebreak. JINX!
  13. Forbes and I are locked in a close one for the divison. Giving up 8 points on Houston's last garbage time drive didn't help things either...
  14. Looking at the standings between me, DM, Forbes, Asuka, and Jake Rhodes there's going to likely be an 8-6 team missing the playoffs. please don't be me...

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