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  1. I agree with Maxx. If we were in a keeper league, then last year standing's would be a fair way to make the draft order. In redraft, better to just start fresh. Snake order is fair enough.
  2. Fargo season 3 better deliver if I'm going to continue my naming trend.
  3. Yeah, we usually draft first week of August I think.
  4. I have removed the second > per the terms of our agreement.
  5. Congrats to Slogger on being the 2016 Justin Blackmon League Champion! (Redeeming his horrible chokejob last year!) Final Standings 1) Slogger 2) DFF 3) Berober (gross) 4) HC (highest total pts across the season by over 150 pts ) And the assorted consolation losers: 5) DavidMarrio 6) Forbes 7) Munky 8) JohnnyPerfect 9) HBK 10) Mick 11) Jake O. Rhodes 12) JamesEwing Thanks for a fun and active season! Hope to see you all back next year!
  6. I'm one Ebron TD away from victory here but I'm not gonna get it! And that Stafford fumble makes it a little closer in the title game. DFF needs a good sized Witten catch here, which is doubtful game-flow wise. Also note that if you swap the scores with last week, Berober and I would've been in the title game. FF is a frustrating crapshoot!
  7. Pretty much over now thanks to Cairo missing that XP at the end!
  8. Also, of course Sammy Watkins balls out on my bench after fucking me last week. Fuck you Sammy!
  9. The rest of my team has shat the bed, however, so its anybody's game going into tomorrow night. I just got a pretty huge break with Hauska shanking the XP just now, but overtime may redeem him.
  11. Good luck to both teams in the finals. At least I get a chance to smack down @Ace Berimmer for the bronze.
  12. I stashed him for weeks and thought if there were ever a time to use him it would be against the Browns.
  13. I was wavering between Sammy Watkins and Ty Montgomery all week and made the wrong choice! Oh well, my team got really crippled by injuries down the stretch. 12-2 regular season is pretty damn good. Now I'm rooting for DFF! Beat Berober!
  14. Really bum luck losing Melvin and Julio going into the playoffs. The FF gods are cruel.