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  1. Ok tonight's episode was great.
  2. I can't get into this season. It might just be the way it's now produced like a Netflix series with anti-climactic cliff hangers at the end of episodes, but it's all just meh.
  3. 1. Paul McCartney 2. Thom Yorke 3. Robert Plant 4. Jeff Tweedy 5. Matt Bellamy 6. Stevie Wonder 7. Brandi Carlile 8. Johnny Cash 9. Norah Jones 10. Ray Charles
  4. The guy's clearly the best player they've had (in a player's prime mind you) in their franchise's history so why not make the man a little richer?
  5. Please don't post anything from IMDB ever again if it's half as bad as that was.
  6. Bosh looks more like a tranny to me.
  7. Even though it's a series, I saw enough from Game 1 that I would be incredibly shocked if Miami didn't win it all. Dallas can't out rebound or outscore Miami in a seven game series. Miami has two guys who are unstoppable on the offensive end and will get a favorable whistle the majority of the time while Dallas only has one.
  8. If you didn't like that episode you clearly have anger management problems.
  9. Go ahead and continue to be jealous of my omniscience.

  10. David Hassellhoff

    Big in 2010?

    Heartless Bastards(new album coming in 2010) Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
  11. Jay Rock: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=30352937
  12. I came across these guys on myspace, apparently it's a side project of the Stroke bassist and they're doing shows with the Raveonettes. Reminds me of Leonard Cohen, very surprising considering. http://www.myspace.com/officialnickeleye Thoughts?
  13. Suggestion: Go buy E-40's new album "Ball Street Journal".

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