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  1. Other than RTJ4 on loop. 'Rascal' by RMR could be the cover of a generation... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCdAtvwW1E8
  2. Worked on this off and on for a year. Finally finished. Download Link A few images for anyone interested... https://i.imgur.com/FTgZ1nl.jpg https://imgur.com/YoT8aVS https://imgur.com/YoT8aVS https://imgur.com/Ye4lsqp https://imgur.com/gu97vjI https://imgur.com/kH8GJEi https://imgur.com/n2nbiQv https://imgur.com/wb8YARJ https://imgur.com/OrIgjGn
  3. So far I've brought in: Danny Ings (Burnley) Saido Berahino (West Brom) Maximilian Meyer (Schalke) Andreas Cubas (Bocas) Steven Gerrard (LA Galaxy) Eder Alvarez Balanta (River) John Stones (Everton) Nathanial Clyne (Southampton) Mendes (Maritimo)
  4. Finished my second season with Liverpool, tweaked the tactics and managed to win the Premier League by 9 points as well as the FA Cup against Everton. I lost Balotelli for 5 months with a broken foot but Saido Berahino became a start and grabbed 35 goals in the season. I also brought Gerrard back after 6 months for 500k and he's now a Player/Coach.
  5. An ok first season for me, finished 3rd in the Premier League, got to the Europa League Final and lost 3-2 to Spurs after they were given a penalty in the last minute from a dive. Signed Berahino so far for £6m for next season.
  6. So my Liverpool started the season on fire and now we're just burning alive. Cruely knocked out of the CL Group stage after a last minute penalty to Dortmund. Currently 5th in the league after losing 3-1 to United and 3-2 to Everton, not the bets results for a Liverpool manager. Balotelli is now on 30 goals in January, top scorer in the PL with 18. Reinforcement of the defence is definitely on the cards for next season as Toure is awful, Sakho is great but picks up a lot of cards, and Lovren just isn't hitting his stride. If I can steal Zouma I'd be happy.
  7. Finally picked this up yesterday, I've been on a severe 01/02 binge for years and my last purchase was '12. Started a game as Liverpool just to get a feel for it. Worked through some tactics, decided to go with the HULK SMASH tactic and it's doing wonders for the team, Balotelli has 17 goals in 9 games, Danny Ings (my only singing) has picked up 8 in 15 games. Sturridge is struggling to fit in with the system.
  8. I think Joel Schumacher needs to step upto the plate again.
  9. Finally watched it last night, really enjoyed it for the most part. It's highly unlikely and a long way off but I hope this Banner exile starts to lead to some Planet Hulk/World War Hulk action, plus it'd be a great way to revisit Stark vs Hulk. And in the long run, I'd die for a Thanos Imperative movie. Overall B level movie, but great set up for the next phase.
  10. Really not impressed. Only one that peaks my interest is their take on Enchantress. DC are doing a great job ruining their own property. I know I shouldn't judge things before the film. But the look and visual tone is half the equation.
  11. fourstarfizzle

    The Punk Thread

    Yeh, I'm not big on the new Refused song, too polished and a little underwhelming. Although in good news today I finally completed my Scream vinyl collection. I've been on the hunt for a good copy of "Your Choice Live Series Vol. 10 - Scream" for a few years and finally found one. I'm happy yet sad it's now complete.
  12. Here he is: I'm not a fan myself, looks like Joker really wanted to be Ninja from Die Antwoord.
  13. This. On repeat. For a long time.
  14. I've never had an issue playing offline. I'm often playing offline on flights via steam as pretty much all my games run through it. Looking on the GDS forum I was surprised how many E-License purists there are on there and the fear of getting negative criticism on Steam. I know they're niche market games, but business wise it makes sense to open up to the bigger markets. You may not get glowing reviews from everyone but it certainly opens up some nice opportunities for the likes of WMMA.
  15. Glad GDS has started moving games to Steam, seems a shrewd business move. I've always felt the E-License system was a little outdated. Hopefully this opens them up to an even bigger casual market. Just need to get the GUI a bit more polished and it could do wonders.
  16. That track also featured Jonah Matranga on it from Far / onelinedrawing / Gratitude. Shinoda is a massive Far fan. As for some of my favourites one album wonders: Rites of Spring - S/T Probot - S/T New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too The Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols Jeff Buckley - Grace The Avalanches - Since I Left You Monsters Of Folk - S/T Minor Threat - Out of Step The Germs - G.I. Operation Ivy - Energy
  18. I'm going to the Mongolia/East Timor game on Tuesday, no real point now they've been dicked by a team below them. But should still be fun regardless.
  19. A sad sad day, being at +8 GMT I got the news just as I was browsing twitter before going to bed. I was for a good few hours after contemplating the loss. I've the vast majority of Discworld books at my parents house in the UK, I've even got the original Discworld PC Box game somewhere. I remember my primary school was filled with Roald Dahl and then Terry Pratchet took the helm for most of my adolescent life. His wit and humour helped shape mine. As the great man said, 'He said that there was death and taxes, and taxes was worse, because at least death didn't happen to you every year.' And also, my favourite line of all time: 'Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.'
  20. I'll be having a good look this weekend.
  21. I've got a massive garbage issue at the moment, didn't realise I had to send trash from the landfills to the incinerators so now they're full and I'm trying to juggle it all across while handling 12k populations trash.
  22. I was wondering why it was running choppy as hell.
  23. I'm seeing Hawkwind and Bastard Noise (sadly not on the same bill) in Tokyo in 4 weeks, and also these guys, Shibusashirazu Orchestra: How I've missed cities with actually good gigs on.
  24. Well my Mongolia adventure ends in June, and I've now been confirmed to be moving to Atlanta. BADSTREET!

  25. Black Album had some high points but I always felt they lost something when Burton died.
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