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  1. I may well be the first Mongolian based EWB'er.

    1. Blehschmidt


      You just stay away from my City Wok.

    2. Hobo


      What says Jamuka?

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  2. We sadly got sod all here. The only "band" of note we've had since I moved here in August have been Blue. You know you're pop career is getting desperate when you're playing in UB.
  3. I'll be back in the UK for 3 weeks and I will most definitely be attending. Living out in Mongolia now, we don't get that many festivals. So I need my summer fix.
  4. Finished version is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?im3506e4yp5w3qp
  5. Can't recall his name, it's a British fighter though who has fought for Cage Gladiators/Olympian MMA.
  6. So I saw, cheers. The buttons are the originals from my WMMA2, they'll be tweaked eventually, I just couldn't stand the originals!
  7. Been working on a new skin for WMMA3 after I bought it last week. Seems GDS don't like people posting links on their mod forum. If anyone is interested, here's a few pics. Title Screen Profile Screen Match Screen Profile Screen
  8. Just a bit of an update for Grand Pro Wrestling, as erm well, I'm help to run it! Roster Additions Alan Tasker Andy Wild Robbie Brookside Si Valour Promoted Trainees El Oscuro Jason Logan Ken Zen LA Austin Skullcrusher Ste "Bin" Mann Staff Davey Mustard (Play by Play Commentator) Iain Career (Colour Commentator) Remove Dirk Feelgood (Retired)
  9. At The Drive In AND Refused reform on the same day. Christmas has come early. I just prey they do UK shows... if they toured together, holy shit.
  10. Mention Tales of the Crypt reminded me of a pretty sweet comic I have, Gore Shriek #1. The art work is fantastic, and pretty gorey given the title. I was surprised who worked on it too, Stephen Bissette, David Spaulding Fuller and a little known artist at the time called Greg Capullo!
  11. Not so much monetary rather than significance to me.. 1. 1st Print Watchmen #1 Signed by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons. 2. The Boys #1 Signed by Garth Ennis & Darrick Robertson. I'm a huge huge huge Garth Ennis fan and met him at Comic Con this week, amazing no queue for signings behind me and we had an awesome 10 minute chat about The Boys, Crossed, Fury Max and The Boys movie. 3. New Mutants #87. Signed by Todd McFarlane and Louise Simonson. Just huge for me as I love Cable. 4. X-Men #1 Magneto Varient cover signed by Jim Lee. Queued for hours at comic con this year for this. I was one of the first comics I collected from #1. 5. The Clandestine #1 Collector Issue. Signed by Alan Davis. Just a big love for his work.
  12. I always thought Sleepers had a great cast, and was a truly underrated film. Kevin Bacon Robert De Niro Dustin Hoffman Brad Pitt Billy Crudup Jason Patric Brad Renfro Vittorio Gassman and Minnie Driver Also has a great small part played by Wendell Pierce, aka Bunk from The Wire.
  13. Few things I read that I'd recommend: Uncanny X-Force The Boys Haunt DMZ Swamp Thing (New 52) Animal Man (New 52) Superior Criminal Northlanders
  14. Has anyone been following Uncanny X-Force? My friend borrowed me the 20 issues and after a slow start, it's easily my favourite Marvel read at the moment. It's a good mix of a group and "just" enough Deadpool in it so I don't get completely fucked off with the character.
  15. Going into the weekend with a yippidy-dap and a zing-zang-spillip!

    1. Mr. Meacon Moneybags

      Mr. Meacon Moneybags

      That sounds fan-dabi-dozi.

    2. New Damage

      New Damage

      I hope this is referencing the Zip Zap Rap.

    3. fourstarfizzle


      A reference to legend that is General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett from Blackadder Goes Forth.

  16. I am the #HeelTeacher in school.

  17. The logo colours are from their old logo, they wanted to keep them that way.
  18. I did indeed! They wanted a retro style wrestling poster, so we went with that, I did that one free anyway so it was a given I guess
  19. Young And In The Way - I Am Not What I Am Crusty black metal band form the US who will literally shit rape your brain. Fantastic band for fans of Wolves in the Throne Roome, Nachtmystium and crust punk.
  20. I don't really work for fun anymore, don't have the time, but I do create posters for a UK wrestling company based in the Northwest, also done a complete rebrand of their logo and website. Check them out at: Grand Pro Wrestling Anyway here's a few bits:
  21. Perhaps he was listening to Warpath?

  22. Not him, he'd have at least moonwalked across.
  23. Well, it's been and gone, and here's my gigging report... I've just worked through who I saw, managed to fit in 37 bands over the 3 days, and mainly all bands I wanted to see, which is crazy. Also probably the best festival I've ever been too both musically and camping atmosphere wise. FRIDAY Saint Vitus - Really awesome band to end the first day, wasn't sure about putting them on so late though. Great set though. Heaven And Hell - Good stuff, really liking their new album. Repulsion - Fantastic, great set. Down - Pretty good, seen them 4 times already, Phil seemed a bit out of it. Pig Destroyer - They were ok, only caught first 4 songs then watched Down. Entombed - Immense live, thoroughly enjoyed em. Torche - Great band, hopes where high and they delivered. Misery Index - Best time I've seen them live, which is my 3rd, lpayed 'The Arbiter' too which was great. Soilent Green - One of the best live bands of the whole festival, front row center for it too, absolutely unreal. Destroyer 666 - Kicked ass as usual. Melechesh - Never heard them before, impressed by em. SATURDAY Cro-Mags - Kicked it old school, really enjoyed their stuff. Sacred Reich - Thrashed my face off, and opened with The American Way, awesome! Vision of Disorder - Awesome, if only Bloodsimple was this good. Enslaved - Did the business once again, fantastic set. Gojira - Once again proved they're amazing and only gonna get bigger. Immolation - Started watching Amebix, realised it was basically a shit cover band, got to these to see the last 4 songs, sounded great. Amebix - See Immolation Soulfly - Meh, nothing fantastic, same as Cavalera Conspiracy at Download last year. Devildriver - Seen them a few times, good middle of the road band to watch. Skinless - Great gig, and amusing zombie wall of death. All Shall Perish - Good gig for em, matched the other shows I've seen them at. The new guitarist slays, equally as good as Chris Storie. Vader - Brutal is all I can say to explain them. Loved them playing 'Wings' Gama Bomb - Good bit of thrash to start the day. SUNDAY Manowar - Possibly the greatest metal show I've seen next to Kiss, mainly for the cheese, the songs and the overall show. Although very annoyed at the wasting 20 minutes with some idiotic fan from the crowd who was clearly a plant. Great cheesy show though, just wish they'd played Black Wind, Fire & Steel! Amon Amarth - Great band to headline the big tent, about 20-30 crazy fools climbing up the metal columns to watch them, all the way upto the tent roof. Great atmosphere with the viking horns. Electric Wizard - Another band I recently saw in Manchester, the tent really helped the sound, and they were awesome, heavy as hell! Mastodon - UGH! So dissapointed I saw them in manchester just a week ago and they blew me away. It's bad when a band you love sounds bad. The new stuff does not play live well outside, and on the whole, they were just a bit messy for the festival, joint vocals always seemed out too. Cathedral - Saw the first 3 tracks, sounded good. Black Dahlia Murder - Tight as hell, sounded great, even whilst I was falling asleep outside the tent. Napalm Death - Loud and intense, loved it! Orange Goblin - Listened outside the tent, sounded great. Pestilence - Caught the last 4 songs, great to finally see them back together, the new stuff is EVIL! Wolves in the Throne Room - One of the bands of the festival, finally got to see them, absolutely amazing. Keep of Kalessin - Fair decent black metal. Despised Icon - Not my bag personally, sat outside the tent, sounded tight. Aborted - Wasn't too hot on the new album, but it plays better live, finished on Dead Wreckoning which was cool. I think overall top 5 would have to be: 1. Soilent Green 2. Manowar 3. Wolves in the Throne Room 4. Electric Wizard 5. Gojira
  24. Spoiler: Click here to viewWhy do I have the strong feeling that REBEL is Micah? It makes sense as the computers got hacked in record time, he can commmunicate with anyones phone, he can interact with all the governments security stuff to know when people are after people, etc.
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