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  1. Everyone will be focussing on the Vettel-Hamilton stuff, but man Bottas coming back from a lap down to come 2nd is amazing as well.
  2. Bottas took Stroll on the line, but that's an immense result for the teenager.
  3. John Aldridge is a cock.
  4. I mean if everyone just accepted their position, everything would be rather boring - oh and we'd have never have 'knocked them off their fucking perch'.
  5. That's a nice collection. It definitely seems like the SBC packs have a better rate of special cards than any others.
  6. Fourth time lucky for the club I suppose, but considering the state of Italian football probably not.
  7. Considering its Marvel, it was probably cleared up and made muddy again about 11 different times since then.
  8. Isn't it? Scarlet Witch is supposed to be a mutant and is a magic user.
  9. At least Ibra was a free.
  10. I don't want him. Like, at all. Paying a 120 million minimum plus however ever much a week - 500k probably, at least - for a 32 year old who we'll have to set up the entire team around is just not something that appeals to me in the slightest - Ronaldo or not.
  11. Can't we just get rid of it altogether?
  12. That did strike me as I was watching it. WW was really good. It hasn't saved the DCEU or anything, but it makes me hopeful that Aquaman will be good - looking forward to both that and the Shazam film more than anything Batman or Superman related.
  13. This could be a glorious train wreck, but I feel like it probably won't be. Floyd will toy with him for enough rounds to make everyone feel like they got their money's worth, and then end him.