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  1. Does the Youth Cup get any TV coverage? I feel like it'd get a decent amount of viewers. Also Chelsea now move to 8 time winners, 2 behind Manchester United. Chelsea have now won 6 of the last 7 FA Youth Cups, with United winning it in 2011. Edit: was looking at some of the finals on wiki. Arsenal won it in 2009 thanks in part to a goal by a Sanchez Watt, which is my new favourite name for anyone ever. That team included Jack Wilshere and Oguzhan Ozyakup, who forshadowing his senoir career at Arsenal, was an unused substitute.
  2. Nah, he doesn't deserve one, the tax avoiding twatwaffle.
  3. I really want either of Argentina and Uruguay to not make it.
  4. It's definitely more a move to give him a second chance over how everything unfolded - and lingering good will following his one purple patch - 29 in 36 in 11/12 - but for a club that's just been promoted its a ridiculous move. There's better choices out there even if, as United are, they're struggling for goals (right back Kieron Freeman is second top scorer for them this season and the only other player with 10 goals. Leon Clarke, a striker, has 9). There's definitely better options though, even if United just poach from the relegated teams from the Championship. Danny Ward's scored 9 in 36 for Rotherham which isn't a great record but its recent goals in the Championship, which is something Evans has never done. Danny Graham has 11 in 26 which isn't bad either and if Birmingham goes down they could probably pick up Che Adams, who looks a decent prospect at 20 years old. Oh, and loans and stuff obviously. Sam Gallagher (formerly of Argyle!) on loan at Blackburn from Southampton has like 11 goals in 30 games or something and it's likely he'll find himself back on loan in the Championship next season.
  5. So with just one days gap before a game against title rivals Arsenal in my second season - we're neck and neck basically - I played this team against 16th placed Derby County, but with Bastian Schweinsteiger, Ro Shaun-Williams and Dani Alves starting instead of Lincoln, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Benjamin Henrichs. And this happened and I have no idea why, cos Derby aren't a bad team: Also this happened:
  6. This seems like the topic to ask in. What's a good football podcast I can listen to?
  7. Gotta make sure we take at least 4 points from our games in hand now.
  8. I don't know who this Grujic is, but he's a dirty fucker.
  9. I mean you had a really good centre back that would've helped you today massively. Just a shame he's on loan at Palace...
  10. Disney owned cable channel that used to be ABC Family.
  11. I'm only marginally interested in the World Championships. The Ronnie vs Hearn battle is much more entertaining.
  12. 'arry to League One then as well, hopefully.
  13. Has any kind of explanation at all come out over that? Because whether you get relegated or not, it's one of the biggest cases of sabotaging your own club there is. Just a completely bizarre sacking.
  14. Yeah, I'd rather get relegated a few games before the end rather than have it go down to the wire like this if my team was going to go down. False hope is the worst.
  15. The bottom of the championship is really interesting right now. Any two of 6 teams could still go down. I think Wigan are doomed, and Birmingham will join them.