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  1. Paton

    Apex Legends

    There is no building aspect to Apex Legends. Just loot and shoot.
  2. Paton

    Apex Legends

    Played once with randoms, it's an interesting experience. Good game though.
  3. Paton

    NFL 2018

    Oh that’s where Big Boi is from.
  4. Insomnia, keeps you up doesn't it?

  5. Paton

    The Anime Thread

    How fucking good was it?
  6. I watch a lot of Twitch. I also stream, which I haven’t done in a while because of the Christmas/New Year period and work. I’m hoping to pick it back up again shortly. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve always enjoyed having it on in the background when I’m doing other things as well.
  7. Talk to me. Been a DM for a while.
  8. Yes it really is. Been doing chores around the camp, haven’t really ventured to the story yet. I’m just happy doing my part in the camp. Am I able to purchase crafting tools or any tools for that matter at this camp?
  9. I’ve just got to the first encampment outside Valentine and I’m loving this game so far.
  10. Ended up with Until Dawn, Little Big Planet 3, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain for $60. Thanks for the recommendations!
  11. Bought this 5 minutes ago. Excited to play!
  12. Would be fun to watch that.
  13. Yeah good point. I wanted her to try the Telltale Walking Dead series too. Is that on PS4?
  14. Shrinking horse testicles? That still a thing?
  15. The girlfriend got me a PS4 for Christmas with Spyro and WWE 2K19, any recommendations? I want to get her playing, so I’m thinking Last Of Us is a good game, any other choices? She’s not really a gamer, and prefers story-heavy games.
  16. I’m thinking I’ll start a Cube diary with player-created DND characters. Would anyone be interested in reading that? I understand that there would be very little input in terms of combat, however dialogue choices and story-telling would involve the player(s).
  17. Essentially you could be the DM + players. Write up each session in The Cube and from what you wrote up, players would then respond with what they’d like to be doing in the next sessions. Would that work? I’ve run a DND over Discord by myself, through a bot and it seems to be a great way to do it.
  18. twitch.tv/DingoJackTV - 12 Hour Livestream, drink and chill. You can request a song too!

  19. Mass Effect did it, didn’t it? Another game was Lost Odyssey, if my memory serves me correct.
  20. Never actually completed it. Really want to. Must find motivation.

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