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  1. Deshaun Watson - QB - HOU. @Jake O. Rhodes
  2. Hey sorry for the delay. I'm in.
  3. There was and it wasn’t actually that bad. Something similar to that would be great!
  4. Something similar to Ultimate Team on FIFA?
  5. I am interested. Never done a Fantasy Football. What do I need to know? I know a little bit about NFL, if that helps.
  6. Yeah I can definitely see me sinking some hours into it once ranked is introduced.
  7. Didn’t want to start a new topic; what are your thoughts on this new “auto chess/auto battler” games? League of Legends have their version called Teamfight Tactics and Valve has released their official once, Underlords. Personally, I love them. Big fan of Dota 2 and have 600+ hours on it, so it was always going to be a fun time for me. Just wondering if anyone else has played or is currently playing them and if so, would a thread involving the Auto Chess games be warranted?
  8. I picked up Two Point Hospital and I am loving it.
  9. Just started The Witcher III for the first time. Looking forward to it, I saw that Spider-Man got a hell of a praise on here so I might try that after I finish this one.
  10. Just broke things off with the fiancé, feeling lost, relieved and terrified all at the same time. 

  11. I am forever and always, Imperial scum.
  12. There’s DLC coming out soon for it. Like two weeks.
  13. Paton

    The Sims

    My partner is currently on her Sims binge. She’ll play it extensively for the next 5 months and then not again for another 6 months. What should I do to occupy my time?
  14. Detroit: Become Human. Heavy Rain. RPG? Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.
  15. Good luck! Have fun!
  16. Yeah, don't get me wrong I love playing God, but it's fun and a whole different dynamic when you're actually playing as a character.
  17. Currently writing a 5 player campaign for the newly released Ravnica (Magic The Gathering related) setting. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun. I would love to somehow record the sessions. I’m finding that I’ve sort of become the only person in the group/friendship that runs a game. Sometimes we Game Masters want to play too okay!
  18. Mass Effect trilogy. Loved the series, but felt as though it could have offered more.
  19. Didn’t know where to ask this but, anyone here play Magic The Gathering? I have recently started getting into it. My brother plays, and has managed to take me along to a few casual card tournaments. Which I have enjoyed, but I believe I would enjoy it more if I had a greater understanding of the rules, different play styles, and overall a better knowledge for the game. With the new Challenger Deck sets coming out, I was curious to see if anyone was keen for them? Or for MTG in general?
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