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  1. I'm doing some research to get into the idea of going to a Class-A game, since the Bowling Green Hot Rods (Rays affiliate) play right down the street from me. I can't think of a sadder fate in sports than being the Rule 5 drafted guy who gets offered back to his previous team. Like, your previous team didn't protect you, then the new team that took you didn't want you, so back you go back to that previous team. That must suck
  2. I enjoy the angle the Detroit Free Press decided to take on the Lions signing Danny Amendola. "HEY, THE NEW GUY ALMOST DIED ONCE. EVERYBODY GET HYPE" https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2019/03/11/detroit-lions-wr-danny-amendola/3127974002/
  3. The only thing I remember about the old XFL was that I ended up going to the same school as He Hate Me. Oh, and the coin-toss substitute race for the ball that got everyone hurt.
  4. Kobe played limited minutes all the time during the twilight of his career.
  5. This is easily the best Eagles song and, unlike their 1000 cheesy radio hits, no one's ever heard of it #hottake
  6. The MyPillow guy is the creepiest human being I've ever seen in my life. There is no way this guy is not a serial killer.
  7. Everyone should experience it at least once. I went from hockey-basher to Nashville Predators fan in one trip that a friend and hockey fanatic thankfully talked me into Been to five games since This. I absolutely love LeBron and still consider him a distant #2
  8. Hassan Whiteside would average 1.5 or so.
  9. No idea why on earth basketball doesn't do this either. Is it because LeBron would average like 25 assists a game? I can relate to this in a way, but it's because my knee-jerk reaction, when I'm told over and over how great something is, is to find it underwhelming when I actually watch, simply because there's no way it was going to stack up to how it was being sold to me. Like when I rented 'Lost in Translation' after all my film-buff friends talked it up to the moon and I found myself really disappointed by it. Watched it again later and loved it due to the lack of over-elevated expectation Hockey is my least favorite sport of our Big 4 for me to watch on TV and to follow in general, and yet it's easily my favorite live experience.
  10. It's like Vince Carter, only the exact opposite
  11. Edit: Yeah, was being a bit too flippant with my post. This is pretty serious shit now that I'm reading the details.
  12. I have this warning point hanging on me like a scarlet letter. :( I've been a good boy

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