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    Games,Wrestling,Card Games,Making Games,WWE,but I wish I was born early enough to witness WWF Attitude Era instead of this stupid PG Era.

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  1. hmm haven't been here since September 2014, and before that, May 2011. Wonder when's the next time I log in

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    2. 9 to 5

      9 to 5

      You are the Haley's comet of EWB.

    3. CobraKaiEnTai


      I'm guessing May 2018

    4. Sousa


      EWB don't mean a thinger if it ain't got that swinger.

  2. ahh shidd.. haven't been here in like a year

  3. I think so? Are you that 12 Why Are? old?

  4. wassup dude, remember me?

  5. hello lol

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    2. Happy HoLintdays
    3. Meacon Keaton

      Meacon Keaton

      Dude, not cool. He's a twelve year-old swinger.

    4. Noah


      I always prefered Simon Diamond.

  6. thanks Rocky and I found everything I needed
  7. It's just a little skin I just made.Fresh not?
  8. If you guys don't mind,I would like you to post your tutorials on how to make skins and buttons.I would appreciate it greatly because I want to make my own skins.Thx in advance
  9. Finished with Federation Manager-Link:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V6HKIEHM

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    2. KevinStorm


      Sounds like you forgot to compile it into an exe file.

    3. Sousa


      ...wait, this was a FINISHED product!?

    4. Rocky


      Well he said he was "Finished with it" Maybe he meant he gave up in it.

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