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Great Canadian Bands/Artists


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Write about your favorite Canadian bands/artists. Heck, even Americans can talk about Canadian bands they like. Oh, and lets try to stick to the not so obvious ["I really like Nickelback"] This can be current groups, disbanded groups, old groups. Whatever.

Band... recommended song

-Action {Dawn of a New War}

-Age of Electric {You Complain}

-Alexisonfire {Accidents}

-Billy Talent {The Ex}

-Bombs Over Providence {Walkertown, Workfare and the Wusses Who Watched}

-Broken Social Scene {Cause=Time}

-Buck 65 {Wicked and Weird}

-Career Suicide {Sucker}

-Closet Monster {Mr. Holland vs. Acceptable Behavior}

-Death From Above 1979 {Too Much Love}

-DJ Tiga {Hot In Here}

-Femme Generation {Body Technology}

-Hidden Cameras {High Above the Church Ground}

-Hostage Life {Money Parade}

-Hot Hot Heat {Bandages}

-I Mother Earth {One More Astranaut}

-Jersey {Generation Genocide}

-Jesus Mullet {Munsoned}

-K-OS {Crabuckit}

-Matthew Good {Avalanche}

-Matthew Good Band {Anti-Pop}

-Maximum RNR {Switchblade}

-Moneen {Lifes Too Short Little Ndugu}

-Nomeansno {Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue}

-The Odds {Someone Who Is Cool}

-Propadandhi {Fuck Religion}

-Protest the Hero {Just Defy}

-Riot 99 {New York City Girl}

-Rufus Wainwright {Across the Universe}

-Sam Roberts {Brother Down}

-The Weakerthans {The Reason}

Plus, that is without the classics that we have all grown to love like Teenage Head, BTO/The Guess Who, Rush, Tragically Hip...

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Man, the ODDS. It's been a damn while since I heard them.

*Anti-Pop :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: *

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I so agree about Rainbow Butt Monkeys. I remember the day when me and my friend heard about them and only liked their music because of their immature name. Oh, great times as a kid.

And I do belive the Odds released something in 2003, or perhaps it was the lead singer. All I remember is, The Odds rocked my world as a kid.

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MC Abdominal {Vicious Battle Raps}

The Trews {Not Ready to Go}

Swollen Members {Breathe}

So yeah... I have a pathetic grasp on Canadian music apart from the obvious (Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, Rush, Barenaked Ladies pre-Maroon) and the stuff you already have listed.

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Nice to whoever said the Trews. I have tickets to see them on the 28th, and I am all ready to rock and roll when I see them. Three Days Grace on the other hand are playing tommorow and I get the unfortunate pleasure of seeing them. Sum 41 was here last week and man did they put on a good show along with Protest the Hero/Bombs Over Providence. And than next week, I get Kardinal Offishall and on Saturday I get to see Alexisonfire, Closet Monster and Hopes Fall.

I also kind of dig Swollen Members. I mean, they aren't really talented MC's and there beats are nothing to phone home about, but I guess since they are Canadian got to represent. Canada has a hot bed of talent when it comes to MC's... K-OS, Kardinal, Choclair, Brassmunk amongst other talented MC's.

To whoever said OLP... the first CD I bought was Naveed and it is still good for a listen or two. After Clumsy, Raine and the guys went down hill and became absolute shit.

How about some of the old classic punk bands... Dayglo Abortions? Marilyn Vitamins? D.O.A? Heck, I'd even say old Gob is pretty good pop-punk {not this Give Up the Grudge, I Hear You Calling Pussy shit. Give me Soda or give me death}.

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The greatest Canadian band ever was......

Loverboy! :thumbsup:

That said, I like Finger Eleven and Barenaked Ladies.

I also have to admit there are a couple of Nickelback songs I like, but most of their stuff is the usual generic tripe.

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sHeavy's pretty good, they're canadians IIRC. Check out Electric Slee and Destiny's Rainbow. It's sorta, stoner-rock and their vocalist sounds nearly identical to Ozzy Osbourne on some tracks.

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Bucket Truck, without a doubt.

Don't Call Me Judas (If It's All The Same) [technically there two different songs, but they're short so they put the two together for a single. Most Bucket Truck songs flow into each other).

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Softer stuff go with Barenaked Ladies, it's radio friendly but it's really addicting, "If I had a Million Dollars" "It's all been done" are two of my favorites.

A lot of Rush songs are pretty good too, Tom Sawyer and Xanadu are quite good.

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Nomeansno, The Hanson Brothers, and D.O.A are really the only ones that I can come up with.

There is no such thing as a bad Nomeansno album, everything they record is gold. Two, Lips, Two Lungs, and One Toungue is a great song, from their best album "Wrong". I also like Rags and Bones, Madness and Death, Cats Sex and Nazi's, Obsessed, Sex Mad, Graveyard Shift, and...geez so many more. Nomeansno may very well be my favorite band.

The Hanson Brothers are an offshoot of Nomeansno featuring the Wright Brothers. The band is based off of the Hanson Brothers from the old "Slapshot" movie with Paul Newman.

D.O.A., an oldie but goodie. Nothing like blasting the song Disco Sucks, because disco does suck. "Saw some people stomping around, saying DISCO SUCKS DISCO SUCKS". Great hardcore band, that ventured out to California and played with many of the L.A./Orange County groups of that era. Race Riot...don't buy it.

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