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Why a game boom now?


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Well, it seems to me that the first half of the year wasn't that nice on gaming, sure there was something nice here, and something nice there, but all in all, i'd say it wasn't that great. Either way, then I had a ton of money and I bought some games, some not so great, some I regret buying. WHY THE HELL DO ALL OF THE GOOD GAMES HAVE TO COME OUT WHEN I'M SHIT BROKE.

- Second Sight

- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

- Def Jam Vendetta: Fight For NYC

- Star Wars: Battlefront

- Smackdown! vs. RAW

- Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

- Bard's Tale

- Monster Hunter

- Tony Hawk Underground 2


- Destroy All Humans

- Mercenaries

And that's just what I want....urgh.

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i agree with the timing on releasing most games . it really sucks for me but ehy its a great time for the companies cause they know they'll make money. I've got several games i'm wanting but i'll wait a month or two after they are released and get the games for cheap off ebay

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Guest Crimson Nightmare

Yup, this is always the time new games are released every year. It really is a shame nothing (worthwhile) ever comes out in the summer anymore as that is more or less the time in which you'll want to spend all day and night playing video games. One of the top reasons Fall is my favorite season.

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Now, this serves as a lesson. Scope games out and see when they're released. Read about them if they interest you and don't rush into buying any. If you know that an interesting game is coming down the line, wait for it. What you did was just a mistake on you part and you shouldn't vent about it because you brought it on yourself. Live and learn. ;)

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Has anyone played Second Sight yet? Is the full game worth a buy? The demo is genius. You come up from an elevator part way through the game i'm guessing, where you're being held at an animal hospital. You're all bandaged up and remember almost nothing of your past. As you jump out of the elevator, a guard jumps up and orders you down. As you get down, you have disurbance in your brain and end up shooting the guard across the room with your mind, killing him. Here's the fun part, when you go to computers, they're interactive (you can move the mouse and open up files and such, unlock doors, shut of cameras) and if you go to the one near him, the screen savers is up. Click the mouse, and then X out of the program he was in, go to the Chat program on the Macintosh-like setup. This is what you see:

LK: alright hunnie, but i've got to go now, someone's coming up the elevator and i don't want to get in trouble.

lucky: alright hunnie, love you.

LK: love you too

LK leaves the room.

And then, as you log in:

LK enters the room

There are (1) other people in this room

lucky: hey

lucky: hello?

luck: back are u?

lucky: why wont u talk 2 me?

lucky: come on.

lucky: please?

lucky: are you busy or something?

At that point I X'ed out, only to go back and see this:

lucky:fine be like that

LK enters the room

There are (1) other people in this room.

lucky: oh, going to talk to me now?

lucky: don't be like this.

And then finally the last time I left and came back:

lucky: fine, if you're going to be like THAT.

lucky leaves the room

LK enters the room

There are (0) other people here.

Ahhhh. Hidden humor.

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