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Eminem: Encore


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This CD isnt good at all, only songs that are even listenable are "Yellow Brick Road" & "Like Toy Soldiers"

Easily Em's worst effort yet on a album.

To say that the CD "isn't good at all" is saying that it's a known fact that it sucks and that NOBODY will EVER like it, which isn't true. Yeah, it might not be the best CD in the world, but it's not like he's trying to win over fans, as he's already got millions. So, try saying that in your opinion it sucks, 'cause it just makes it look like he will NEVER like it, when you have no idea as to what his tastes are.

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Then you say something along the lines of "I don't think it's a good CD", not "It's not a good CD at all". You the see the difference in the two statements? And I'm not an idiot, i know it's an opinion, but some people don't have enough commmon sense to recognize the difference, was just making sure it didn't happen here, because personally, I don't think the CD is THAT bad.

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It's called hyperbole - surely you've once said something along the lines of "That's the funniest thing I've ever seen" or "Worst movie ever", when you haven't sincerely meant it.

As for my opinion on the CD, someone was playing it at school and I couldn't get into it - not awful, but far from good. I haven't really enjoyed Eminem since the first album though, despite liking about 5 tracks from the last 2.

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I think it's a good CD but it's definately not better than his past three albums but that is to be expected because he really can't keep going over the same subjects like in his first two albums (being poor, having a deadbeat mom/dad, still hating Kim.. etc). I did expect it to be better than what it was but at least it wasn't Grand Champ.

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I bought the cd and i really like it so far( haven't listened to it all yet) so far i like rainman , Puke , toy soilders , just lose it and a couple others . its definetly worth the buy

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