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Name Some Standup Comedians


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Carlin stuff, lets see...What am I doing in New Jersey, Back in Town, Carlin on Campus, Carlin at Carnegie, You are All Dieseased, Complaints and Greivences, George Carlin Again, On Location with George Carlin, A Place for my Stuff, Parental Advisory, Playin' With Your Head, Classic Gold

I know I'm forgetting some but that's all I can think of right now :)

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I just watched this guy and he makes me lose it every time...Bill Burr aka the White Guy from Chappelle's Show. He was the last guy on the Racial Draft panel. His Comedy Central special is funny, but my buddy sent me this one audio clip from a show of his that he went to and it was fucking hilarious. Too bad my computer stinks or I'd make an attempt to post it so everyone could hear it.

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reyrey619 had it right, get some Dane Cook stuff. He has a comedy central special on DVD that's funny as fuck.

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