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Tell Your Favorites: Comics


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Series, heroes, storylines, mini-series, one shots, what you're into now...

Anything reguarding comics really. Just post your favorites and maybe why.

I went to my first comic book expo today, so I'm in the mode and interested in what everyone else likes.

I'll post mine in a bit

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First and foremost I MUST suggest....

The Walking Dead

It is a zombie apocalypse survival comic, but that is just the premise. It has far more to do with the Survivors than it does the Zombies.

It also has the best writing I have ever seen in a comic book....period, and I have been collecting for nearly 20 years.

The first ten issues are available in two seperate graphic novels at a reasonable $9.95 (USD) and since they are only on issue 13, the others shouldn't be hard to find.

I also collect the G.I. Joe comic from Devil's Due, since I am and always will be a huge Joe fan.

The writing isn't near as cheesy as the old comic or the cartoon, and they are willing to take risks with storylines, so it doesn't come off as a kids book.

I also just recently starting collecting Batman again, and while I can't say much for the individual issues (since I JUST restarted), I will suggest the two graphic novels of there recent Hush storyline.

Intriguing, well written, and with a surprise that will throw any old school Batman fan for a loop.

That's it for me!!

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I used to have the complete "Jigsaw Puzzle" series from the Punisher comic books. I believe it was six comic books in the series, basically detailing a huge battle between the Punisher and Jigsaw. I really wish I still had every issue, but I think only 1,2,5, and 6 remain. Weird that the two middle issues are gone, but oh well, somebody gave it too me for free more than a decade ago. I was always a huge Punisher fan, and to this day still think he's a total fucking hard ass. The Punisher will always remain my favorite comic book character, barely ahead of Venom, Gambit, Sabretooth, and Ghost Rider.

I think the last comic book I bought was Generation-X issue #1, which is almost certainly ten years old by now. All of this comic book talk brings back alot of memories of my child hood, it's hard to believe that it's been about ten years since I was heavily into comic books. I still like pulling my old ones down on occasion, but like I said, it's been about a decade since I had a true interest in comic books.

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Mangas are comics... :shifty:

Currently reading 'Tsubasa', which is kind of like some giant crossover series featuring a great deal of CLAMP's older characters - Syaoran, Sakura, Chii, Sora Arisugawa, Arashi Kishu, Touya, Yukito (Card Captor Sakura/Chobits/X1999) - and ones from other series that are running in parallel - like Yuuko and Watanuki (xxxHolic). Their characters are a little different from their originals, but it's still all very well done. CLAMP, as ever, have done an excellent job.

...And before anyone else says it, yes. I'm a girl. <_<

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I collect 100 Bullets.

It's about an agent who turns up and gives random people an attacje case containing a gun, 100 untraceable bullets and the picture of someone that's ruined eir life, and where to find them.

A real noir thriller. Tis great.

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The only still running series I'm currently collecting is Outsiders.

I also am finishing off the H-E-R-O series that just ended after 22 issues, its a cool story thats based off the old Dial H for Hero stuff.

The 5 for a Dollar bins at the expo yesterday also got me Damage #1 and the first 9 issues of The Titans, which ended last year.

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Ok here is a bit about my collection/views on comic books.

Ok I started off my collection this last summer by buying the whole Marvel Knights The Punisher Vol. 3 (which is the basis of the movie apparently) which was a good read.

Other marvel comic series I am collecting are Marvel Knights Spider-Man and Marvel Knights 4 (Fantastic Four) These two series are freaking awesome. The Spider-Man one involves so far will go up to 12 issues long and it is about Aunt May being kidnapped by someone and pretty much every issue has a fight with a spider-man villian (electro, venom, green goblin, doc oc etc.). Now as for the fantastic four one... I am only buying TPB's of this and it has to be my second favorite series and characters. The storyline is that the FF have gone bankrupt and this leads to whole new amounts of ideas... hard to explain but awesome series so far. The second TPB comes out early january.

Now I must say I enjoy DC comics better then Marvel comics.... plus they are less expensive.

I have recently started buying in the DC line Y: The Last Man, Majestic (mini), Superman.Batman, Any Batman series, Any Superman series.

I find DC comics are much more well written in terms it appeals more to adults then marvel comics do. My favorites of DC are the Majestic mini series and the "Strange New Visitor arc of all the superman series (which involves Mr. Majestic)

Note to everyone Mr. Majestic>You

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Of the stuff i read 20th Century Boys is by far the best on the german/english marked at the moment (speaking overall, there is no official english release AFAIK, only frensh, german and italian in our region, i know there is an english scanslation that you might want to check out)

I´ll most likely get my hands on the Bone one book edition, i just read the number one a cupple of weeks ago and liked it a lot, the superhero marked is so dead, i think DC and Marvel havent invented annything new sinc the 70s and they just mess up their old characters (constantly killing and bringing back characters, the stacy crap in spider-man and so one) and i never realy got into the other companys (i liked spawn a bit but i cancelt it after about 50 issues ore so)

What i realy love about the german comic marked is Spider-Man Compleed, they re relase all spider-man books from the beginning of the series for a very good price on fitting paper (at the moment they are at 13 boxes wich each one year in it, expet the first one wich had 2 years thanks to the by monthly books they had in the beginning)

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