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Greatest Metallica Album

Guest Wrestling_Man

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Guest Wrestling_Man

OK, now I know that Metallica hasn't been that good lately, but you have to admit that they have had some great albums. But what's the best album they've ever done? In my opinion, Ride the Lightning is the best album ever, it's just great and I think it's underrated.

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I think Metallica HAS been great lately. St. Anger is bashed and bashed but I love it. And their live show is still the best out there.

As for best album, I think each one is so different it's hard to say, but my favorite(s) would have to be...

Ride The Lighting

...And Justice For All

but every week my favorite Metallica album changes. But those two remain on top most consistantly.

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KEA is nowhere NEAR their best. Mustaine's overrated. Metallica's stuff got better after he was kicked out.

And as far as him writing the best songs off the album...he wrote the music to The Four Horsemen, but listen to his shitacular version of it called "The Mechanix" now you tell me who's responsible for it being good.

And Dave didn't write Seek And Destroy, Hit The Lights, Whiplash, or No Remorse.

He just wrote the main riff to Motorbreath, the riff to Jump In The Fire, and a couple of riffs in The Four Horsemen.

He hardly was the driving force behind the album.

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Yeah but its just his "shitacular" lyrics that make the song bad. There would be no "Four Horsemen" without him. The riff to "Jump In The Fire" is one of Tallica's best riffs of all time. He mightn't of been the driving force behind the album but he layed the foundations for the rest of Metallica's successful career and his career with Megadeth.

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Ride the Lightning

Black Album


Kill Em All/...And Justice For All/St. Anger (tied)


Master of Puppets

It changes a bit from time to time but I'm just not a fan of Puppets. That one song is good but there's nothing else on the CD I'm interested in.

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Master of Puppets....hands down.


Listen to these men, for they know their shit. Master of Puppets is the best Metallica offering, hands-down. It's just a fantastic album, without a single bad song on it. After Metallica (a/k/a 'The Black Album'), the band's stuff started going down the toilet.

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I'm with the minority, I don't give a fuck, St. Anger kicks ass. And for that matter, I think Load is one of their best albums ever. It's too hard to pick the best because I think Master, RTL, the Black Album, and Load are all right up there, if I HAD to make a list, it would probably go like this, but the top four are probably interchangable:

1. Master of Puppets.

2. Black Album

3. Load

4. Ride the Lightning

5. St. Anger

6. ...And Justice for All

7. Kill 'Em All

8. ReLoad

9. Garage Inc.

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I'm tempted to say Puppets, as (other than Garage Inc. fuelling my cover version obsession) it was the album that got me majorly into Metallica, but nowadays I rarely listen to metal and I'm tempted to say Load, as my all-time favourite Metallica track, "Mama Said", is on that album...hmm...decisions, decisions...

That said, I do despise St. Anger.

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