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Your top 10 bands/artists

Guest George

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Yeah so I'm bored, and I'm doing a Greatest artist poll from the beginning of time to 2004.

What is your top 10 on music? You can decide whether it's influence you are judging, favoritism, whatever rolls your mind.


1.- Alice In Chains

2.- Soundgarden

3.- Chris Cornell

4.- Jaco Pastorius

5.- The Doors

6.- Primus

7.- Beatles (Don't like them that much, but to not put them on a list of this sort is illegal)

8.- Bob Dylan

9.- Ramones

10.- Pixies

And, PLEASE, put your list in order and ONLY do 10. It's a pain in the ass to see posts with "In no particular order" and a list of about 20 when I only ask for 10.

You can say honorable mentions, whatever, but the top 10 are the most important ones.

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Top Posters In This Topic

1. Deftones

2. Rage Against The Machine

3. System of a Down

4. Tool

5. Nirvana

6. Metallica

7. Cypress Hill

8. The Mars Volta

9. Marilyn Manson

10. At The Drive In

Too hard to put them in order really ... If I was to do this in a weeks time the order would probably be changed.

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My Top 10 changes really often, but most of these have been up there for some time now. Anyways, here it is:

1.) Atmosphere

2.) Immortal Technique

3.) Spineshank

4.) Rage Against the Machine

5.) Ill Bill

6.) Bob Dylan

7.) Sabac

8.) The Eagles

9.) Radiohead

10.) Eyedea and Abilities

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GEORGE: Awesome avatar. Cliff's my idol.


10. Danzig

09. The Doors

08. The Beatles

07. Creedence Clearwater Revival

06. Black Label Society

05. Godsmack

04. Iced Earth

03. Government Mule

02. Corrosion Of Conformity

01. Metallica

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1) Steve Earle

2) Guy Clark

3) Johnny Cash

4) Kris Kristofferson

5) Bruce Springsteen

6) George Harrison

7) Leonard Cohen

8) Willie Nelson

9) Tom Waits

10) Bob Dylan

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I'll go in order of my favourite, as of right now:

1. End of Fashion

2. The Rolling Stones

3. You Am I

4. The White Stripes

5. Radiohead

6. The Black Keys

7. Alex Lloyd

8. The Panics

9. The Von Bondies

10. The Pixies

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Guest Wrestling_Man

1. Iron Maiden

2. AC/DC

3. Metallica

4. Led Zeppelin

5. The Doors

6. Judas Priest

7. Nirvana

8. Guns N' Roses

9. "Weird Al" Yankovic

10. Quiet Riot

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You can edit your post up until I say so, as I know that doing this sort of lists often leads to mistakes and not being able to correct it's annoying.

I'm also making this thread in another forums, so the opinion wont be 100% EWB biased.

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1. Nomeansno

2. The Doors

3. Dead Kennedys

4. Minutemen

5. Bad Brains

6. Reagan Youth (Pictured in Signature)

7. Black Sabbath

8. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

9. Billy Childish (Encompassing every project he's been involved with)

10. The Dead Boys

I like your threads George, you always manage to start good threads involving music.

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All because you asked for ten, George :)

75. Moby

74. Stevie Ray Vaughn

73. Ministry

72. Killswitch Engage

71. Seether

70. The Presidents of the United States of America

69. The Cult

68. Blue Man Group

67. Disturbed

66. Jimmy Eat World

65. Mushroomhead

64. Local H

63. Weird Al Yankovic

62. Lostprophets

61. Crossbreed

60. Rob Zombie

59. Flickerstick

58. Drain S.T.H.

57. Oysterhead

56. The Murderdolls

55. Papa Roach

54. Weezer

53. Filter

52. Dave Matthews Band

51. Soil

50. R.E.M.

49. Korn

48. Flaw

47. The Offspring

46. Blink 182

45. Oasis

44. Nonpoint

43. Nirvana

42. Pearl Jam

41. Slipknot

40. Linkin Park

39. Abandoned Pools

38. Drowning Pool

37. Green Day

36. The Smashing Pumpkins

35. Deftones

34. Metallica

33. Jimmie's Chicken Shack

32. Audioslave

31. Powerman 5000

30. Pantera

29. They Might Be Giants

28. Collective Soul

27. Godsmack

26. Beastie Boys

25. Outkast

24. Coal Chamber

23. Beck

22. Stone Temple Pilots

21. Coldplay

20. Norah Jones

19. Radiohead

18. The Union Underground

17. Queens of the Stone Age

16. Chevelle

15. Rage Against The Machine

14. Mudvayne

13. 311

12. Nine Inch Nails

11. Chris Cornell

10. Days of the New

9. Sarah McLachlan

8. A Perfect Circle

7. Alice in Chains

6. Tool

5. Primus

4. System of a Down

3. Incubus

2. Static-X

1. Soundgarden

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