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Ring of Honor


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Ring of Honor

In less than three years RoH has gone from a new promotion trying to make it in the wrestling world, to one of the most popular and highly touted companies in wrestling. Since it's inception, they have consistently put on great cards due in most part to their incredible wealth of indy talent, smart booking decisions and intriguing storylines.

Each and every year that the company has been in business, they have been among the top 'breakout' companies with 2004 being their biggest to date. Their success has allowed them to expand into new markets such as Chicago, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as continuing their success in Boston, New Jersey and Philadelphia. However, their success has not come without a large test and that happened in the first quarter of 2004 with the Rob Feinstein incident. Loyalties were tested and the company was on shaky ground for a couple of months until they produced proof of Feinstein being removed from the company.

RoH continued on but without two of their key components: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels. These two men were removed from any further appearances in RoH because they were under contract with NWATNA, who did not want their stars associated with the company because they were trying to secure a Television deal. They were not the only ones, as RoH was utilizing talent such as Amazing Red, Chris Sabin and Tracy Brooks among others for their shows. The future of RoH was uncertain in some fans eyes but they strived forward and put on shows to key on their recent subject, as they would be "Reborn" in the next few months.

New stars began to be introduced such as Generation Next's Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Jack Evans & Roderick Strong that made an immediate impact at the show aptly named "Generation NeXt" and declared that they would start taking people's "spots" inside the company. As well as many new faces such as Nigel McGuinness and Ricky Reyes/Rocky Romero, The Havana Pitbulls.

These are just some of the things that went down in Ring of Honor during 2004:

- RoH World Champion Samoa Joe has kept the belt for over a year & a half, taking on all comers including Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Homicide and countless others as he has continued to show that he is THE man to beat in the company. But Joe has shown weakness and has not gone undefeated, as he has lost several times in non-title and tag team matches.

- After months of trying to capture the RoH World Championship from Samoa Joe, Homicide snapped and turned on the crowd that loved him. He has progressively gotten more violent in his attempts to work his way back up the proverbial ladder.

- Low Ki, the man that has personified Respect, Honor & Discipline returned to the company in shocking fashion back at Reborn: Completion. It looked like it was to help Samoa Joe but then turned his back on Joe & the fans by joining The Rottweilers and has wreaked havoc with The Rottweilers ever since.

- Generation NeXt wreaked havoc inside the company as they secured their spots by taking it at other people's expenses. Alex Shelley is the 'leader' of the rogue faction with Austin Aries as his charge and Evans/Strong competing in the tag team division.

- CM Punk was embroiled in a heated fued with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat that escalated until Punk finally took Steamboat's side after Generation NeXt tried to make a name for themselves at Steamboat's expense. Punk has been embroiled in feuds with Generation NeXt and Samoa Joe over the last half of 2004.

- Legends Collided when none other than Mick Foley came to RoH to debut his "Ring of Hardcore" but Ricky Steamboat told him that RoH was all about Pure Wrestling. They have engaged in a war of words and some fighting along the way with BJ Whitmer & Dan Maff battling The Carnage Crew in a blood feud, as they represented Pure Wrestling & the Ring of Hardcore.

- The Pure Wrestling Title is slowly progressing to be a belt that alot of people are shooting for after the division was in disarray when AJ Styles left the company and the belt was vacated. John Walters has held the belt since defeating Doug Williams in August of 2004 and has taken on all challengers.

As well as so much more. With 2005 approaching, RoH has continued to put on some classic matches that have established them as the predominant indy promotion in the United States. With classics such as: Austin Aries vs Bryan Danielson (2/3 Falls at Testing The Limits) and CM Punk vs Samoa Joe (II at Glory By Honor II) that was given a ***** rating by Dave Meltzer. As well as some former RoH stars returning with AJ Styles (for a one shot appearance), Spanky & Steve Corino, along with debuting James Gibson (formerly known as Jamie Noble) who are all sure to shake-up things inside RoH in 2005!

Yes, we've seen just about everything this year in ROH. We've seen legends together for the first time ever like all three members of The Midnight Express on the same side and Jim Cornette vs. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, we've seen Mick Foley return to his underground roots to feud with another legend in Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, we've seen incredible surprise appearances that no one will ever forget from Low Ki to Steve Corino to Ricky Morton, we've seen fireballs, bloodshed and riots, we've been shocked and surprised, we've seen Jushin Liger work on an independent in the United States, we've seen so many great matches that we can't even begin to list them here and we've seen ROH comeback and survive.

2004 has been a rollercoaster ride and its one we won't ever forget and the final memories of 2004 will be made at Final Battle.

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OOC: I'm starting this diary AFTER Final Battle 2004, so when you read the recap it's not the writing that you can expect in the diary. This was my actually jumbled review of the show, followed by RoH's recap and then I will start actually doing this with the diary on my own. I will be using some stuff from RoH to keep things realistic but I will also make this diary my own. Hope you enjoy it.

RoH Final Battle Fan Recap

As I come into the Armory, I head right to the Merchandise table to pick up my AUSTIN ARIES t-shirt, along with the Briscoes t-shirt (hope they come back soon) and then go get a seat and wait for the start of the show.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Trent Acid

Acid did a long entrance to gay music, as he started smoking a cigarette and acted like he was a Sandman/Justin Credible clone. Everyone hated Acid and wished he was gonna lose but I had my doubts.

Acid didn't wanna shake the "HUSS" hand of Jacobs but he would high five him. Then low-fived but Jacobs stomped his hand, as Acid was holding it and he did the "HUSS" thing. The match itself was spotty at best because of Acid (who was wearing lifts! LIFTS AGAINST JIMMY JACOBS!!!) and the bright spots were Jacobs' comedy and Acid hitting a botched Cradle Breaker. Jacobs manages to pick up the win over Acid with the Contra Code to a HUGE POP.

Trent then declares to ROH and the World that he "FUCKING QUIT" and walked out. Everyone pops.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Angel Dust & Becky Bayless vs Deranged & Lacey (w/Cloudy & Cheech)

I loved me some Becky & Lacey, as they were both looking hot. It was very slow beginning but they hit some very neat spots, the highlight of which was Deranged hitting Angel Dust with what could only be explained as "Deranged springboards off the top rope, stomps his feet into Angel Dust's chest, who is standing and drives him down into the ground" to a nice pop. Ending comes with Lacey hitting a nice Elevated DDT on Becky for the win.

Special K then wanna beat Becky up some more but WE'RE NOT GONNA TAAAAAAAAKE IT! And Dunn & Marcos chase everyone from the ring but Cheech, who gets beat up by the RCE and then they help Becky up.

Rockin' Rebel vs Jobber

I had no idea Rebel was gonna be on the show, since I only thought he would be on shows that ROH had put on in Essington and he didn't have a match at MX Reunion. But sure enough a jobber comes out and we all know Rebel is coming.. AND HE GETS A POP FOR SOME REASON. I had to tell people around me that the only possible reason was that Rebel had 20 of his kids there. So we get a Rebel match and we all want it to end quickly but it doesn't. However, it was sort of a fun little match. The highlight (or VERY LOW POINT) was the jobber putting a bottle of water in Rebel's underwear and he procedes to take his pants off to take it out and the jobber slaps Rebel's ass. I'm gonna have nightmares.

Rebel picks up the win with a SECOND ROPE REBELIZER and DIDN'T break his hip. Rebel then took the microphone and wished everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays and he says he can't wait for the next time he's in town, so we can "fucking boo him some more" to a POP. Then as the jobber was leaving he gets a loud "JOBBER" chant.

Homicide (w/J-Train) vs Josh Daniels

I was hoping for another match like Homicide had with Nigel, which is vastly underrated but it kind of let me down. It was a decent enough match but I was too distracted by J-Train's antics to really watch the whole match but from what I saw, Daniels was pulling out some good moves.. I hope he does better with his next match.

Homicide gets the win with an armlock-esque submission hold, as he worked over Daniels arm through the match.

Pure Title Match: John Walters vs Jimmy Rave (w/Nana & The OCK)

Everyone started shitting on the match, well on Walters, before we even began and I have no idea why. I find Walters to be a pretty damn good wrestler but most ROH fans treat him like Matt Stryker. It was a pretty basic match with some spots being rough but everyone uses up their three rope breaks after awhile. I though Rave might win coming in but then I guessed a Walters heel turn finish..

Walters picks up the win narrowly as he had a tree of woe/headlock submission on the outside and Rave taps before the ref reaches a 20 count for Walters being on the outside. Which leads to Nana fucking up on the mic and basically offers Walters some cash to join the Embassy. As I called the heel turn, I was right and even shouted out Walters' answer to "YOU THINK YOU CAN BUY ME" before he even said it. Walters joining the Embassy is meh to me.. I guess they figure if it got Rave over it will get Walters over.

Fight Without Honor: BJ Whitmer & Dan Maff vs The Carnage Crew

Going into the match, I wasn't expecting something to blow the roof off the place and as expected, they didn't but it was still an good match. They brawl around and outside of the ring for along time and Danger comes down to do absolutely nothing but run around and freak out. DeVito was blading like crazy and did it in PLAIN VIEW OF EVERYONE IN THE ARENA LIKE 20 TIMES. Then MICK FOLEY comes down and adds some "Christmas Cheer" of thumbtacks in the ring. Then we get guys trying to put someone in the tacks for five minutes.

Whitmer & Maff score the win when Whitmer hits an awesome Wrist Clutch Exploder into the thumbtacks. It wasn't a great match but it was a good one. This lead right into the meeting between Foley & Steamboat.

Ring of Hardcore vs Pure Wrestling

This basically lead to Foley saying that he knows ROH was built on Pure Wrestling but Hardcore Wrestling can be in any promotion for "dessert" as he put it and told people not to make fun of his weight. Foley then takes some shots at WWE saying that Steamboat could help all the guys in WWE except for Heidenreich, Snitsky & Luther Reigns. :lol: Foley then talks about how the Flair incident at RAW and he said that they were both in the wrong and he disrespected a legend, and he's sorry. This leads to Foley calling Joe out and tells him that he should show Foley some respect. Joe shakes his hand and does but then nails Foley with the microphone and Steamboat seperates Foley/Joe. Joe then leaves and Steamboat says "I'm sorry about that Mick but you gotta admit, that was HARDCORE" to a smirk from Foley.

And we get to intermission, where I scope out some babes around the Armory until I see a Becky and Jacobs hanging out by the food table. I do a loud "HUSS" to which Jacobs laughs and does it back. I stand around there for a few minutes and talked to some kid (ROH worker) by the table, then Becky comes over to talk to him and I manage to score a HUG. :wub:

Jay Lethal vs Weapon of MASK Destruction #2 (w/Nana & The OCK)

I was hoping that the WOMD #2 wouldn't be Acid or Stryker in a mask and I was right. People were saying it was El Generico but I doubt it. He was wearing a Green Phantom mask and was actually pretty good from what I saw. Lethal & WOMD #2 have a nice little match but nothing breath-taking.

Lethal hits the Lethal Injection to score the win. He then tells Nana that he wants Rave again but Nana laughs, heading to the back.

Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong vs CM Punk & Steve Corino (w/Brian T Reigal, Corino's Students, Punk's Students & Tracy Brooks)

I was looking forward to this match second most (behind Aries/Joe) because it has four of my favorite wrestlers involved plus Tracy Brooks' BOOBIES. Everyone comes down to the ring and it's time for the STEVE CORINO RING ANNOUNCEMENT SPECTACULAR.

Brian T. Reigal comes down to announce for Corino and the theme is "Famous Philly Wrestlers" and we run down a list of good and oddball names that include: Johnny Hotbody, Don E. Allen, Spider, JT Smith (HUGE POP) and random other names until we get to a SHOOT COMMENT with "The recently released from jail, James "Sandman" Fullington" and the crowd cheers & boo's. Then we get two FUCKING GREAT COMMENTs of Reigal saying "CM Punk, a man without Corino's help would probably be opening the show right now" and "Weighing in at 110 kilos.. or 242 lbs. for the virgin in the Green Lantern jersey" to a loud POP from the crowd and "YOU GOT PUNKED" chants.

The match begins with alot of comedy spots between Corino & Punk, including shouting out "STEAMBOAT" as they armdraged Shelley and/or Strong. We then get Punk tagging in & out with Corino, who's getting frustrated. It goes along slow for awhile until the match picks up with Shelley & Strong hanging with Corino & Punk pretty well. It breaks down into a RUCKUS with people going in & out. Shelley nails a Shellshock on Punk but only gets two. Punk nails Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker but only a two count. Strong breaks out some wicked Backbreakers but only gets a two count.

I don't remember the finish of the match.. SORRY. But I know Punk & Corino pick up the win and they celebrate inside the ring but a long handshake takes place between Punk/Corino.. so something might be up there.This leads to..

Austin Aries/Alex Shelley/Roderick Strong confrontation

Austin Aries making his way down to the ring and tells Shelley that they made a promise three months ago to go after the ROH Title and then Shelley told him to remember where his loyalty lies. But Aries calls Shelley out for missing the shows because of more "important" business and "FUCK TNA" chants come out. Aries then tells Shelley that he wants to take his spot as the Generation Next leader and says Shelley has five seconds to step down or get beat down. Shelley takes the mic but Aries jumps him right off the bat but Strong breaks it up. Aries then stares down both men until Strong attacks Shelley with a WICKED BACKBREAKER and sends Shelley from the ring. Aries then grabs the mic and tells Shelley "You may have Talent on Loan from God but I'm YOUR Personal Jesus" to a huge mark out from me and cheers from the crowd.

Grudge Match: Bryan Danielson vs Low Ki

I was expecting these two to deliver in the match and boy did they ever. It starts out with both men in the ring and Low Ki takes his pants off, showing that he has on black tights (just like Daniels) and we get a "mirror" match with the outfits. This was a great mat-based and technical wrestling match for the first fifteen or so minutes until they take out to the crowd and start brawling around the Armory. The ROH staff guys kept shouting and pushing everyone to get back but more people kept coming. Then Homicide & J-Train come out of nowhere to start beating down Danielson with chairshots and we get a No Contest.

The match ends in a No Contest when the faces come out to get Homicide & J-Train away from the two. This sends Low Ki into a fit, as he hits the ring and starts choking out THE WHOLE REFFIN' SHOW Sean Hanson and Homicide & J-Train come down to help out. Homicide wants Low Ki to KILL Hanson but he just chokes him out with a belt and NO HELP FROM ANYONE FOR THE REFEREE. Everyone boo's as The Rottweilers head to the back and refs come out to help Hanson.

ROH World Title Match: Austin Aries (w/Roderick Strong) vs Samoa Joe (w/Jay Lethal)

And we come down to the match of the fucking night and I strap myself into someone else's fourth row seat for one hell of a ride. My Aries shirt worn proudly as everyone makes their way down to the ring and the bell sounds with Aries pummeling the fuck out of Joe right from the beginning. Stiff shots exchanged from the start as they go back & forth until Joe starts to get the advantage, working over the smaller man in Aries. Toying with Aries for a few minutes until Aries starts to come back and he begins to weaken the big man down with forearms and kawada kicks, along with working on Joe's right knee. They continue to go back & forth until Joe & Aries go to the outside and we get geared up for some OLE MOTHERFUCKING OLE kicks. Joe proceeds to beat the fuck out of Aries with 3 Ole Kicks but then Aries turns the tide, getting some a ARIES RUNNING OLE DROPKICK OF DOOM to a nice pop.

I'll hit Fast forward to the good parts, as Aries continued to work Joe's leg over but then Joe comes back strong with a FURY OF SAMOAN POWER. Slaps and punches to Aries before he sets him on the top rope, looking for his Muscle Buster but Aries shoves him off and hits a 450 Splash to a huge pop. Cover on JOE FOR FALSE FINISH #1. We then get some more brawling until Aries goes for a Brainbuster but it's blocked. Aries gets Joe in the FISH HOOK SUBMISSION HOLD for FALSE FINISH #2. Joe then gets to take control, as he hits an Island Driver for FALSE FINISH #3. By now, the whole crowd is going crazy and more & more people want Aries to win. We then get more SAMOAN POWER as Joe stiffs Aries and goes for a LARIAAAAAAOOOOTOOOOO but Aries ducks it. Tries a Brainbuster but then gets thrown over the ropes but he lands on the apron. Joe comes charging but Aries hits a shoulder and SUNSET FLIP for FALSE FINISH #4! But then Aries pulls Joe right over into a modified Boston Crab for FALSE FINISH #5! They then begin to brawl back & forth until Joe goes for another Lariat but Aries hits him with four charging attacks in the corner. Joe then catches Aries on the fifth try and goes for the Muscle Buster but Aries gets him in a Crucifix Cradle position but turns it into some kind of slam! Aries pumps up and gets Joe to his feet and he FINALLY hits a BRAINBUSTER! The fans are going fucking nuts and I'm losing my voice. Aries makes it up to the top rope and hits a SECOND FOUR FIFTY SPLASH AND GETS THE WIN!!! MARK OUT CITY!!!!

AUSTIN ARIES IS THE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION AND EVERYONE IS LOVING IT!!! BAH GAWD! This leads to massive "Aries" to "Joe" to "ROH" to "THANK YOU JOE" TO "ARIES" chants all around and I lose my voice from all of this.

.. Yeah, it's all jumbled with various shit. Read through it if you DAAAAARE.

All-in-all it wasn't a GREAT show and certainly not the best that I've been too. Some of the matches were off but the atmosphere was electric and you couldn't NOT get into Ki/Danielson and Aries/Joe, especially with all the build up. I definately recommend you get the tape/DVD because I'm gonna snap that shit up quick when it comes out.

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Ring of Honor

Newswire Report

December 27th: New ROH World Champion Austin Aries realizes that he has big shoes to fill and a huge legacy to follow after Samoa Joe's 21 month World Title reign. Aries has stated that he will be an honorable champion but he will do anything to keep the title. We aren't quite sure what he means by that with his history in RoH. Aries has already offered Samoa Joe a rematch. We'll have more on this later in the week.

December 27th: Aries has agreed to put the RoH World Title on the line vs. Colt Cabana on 1/15 in Cambridge, MA. Aries has stated he won't back down from any challengers.

December 27th: Mick Foley has challenged Samoa Joe to meet him in the ring on 1/15 in Cambridge, MA. Foley is irate that Joe punched him in the face last Sunday. We will have word from the former RoH World Champion later this week.

December 27th: Prince Nana told RoHwrestling.com that he is sending Pure Champion John Walters on a month long vacation to one of his palaces in Ghana, West Africa so Walters will be unavailable to defend the Pure Title on 1/15 in his hometown of Boston. Walters stated that he would rather be in sunny Africa than cold Boston in January anyway.

December 27th: Low Ki of The Rottweilers has been suspended indefinitely from RoH for hitting referee Sean Hanson at "Final Battle 2004." This kind of abuse of RoH officials will not be tolerated.

December 27th: Jimmy Rave has officially signed the contract to face AJ Styles on 2/25 in Dayton, Ohio.

- - - - - -

December 28th: RoH officials have decided to drop the Contender's Ring. The Contender's Ring was similar to the Top Five Rankings and #1 Contender's Trophy in that it was a good idea on paper, but didn't work for a promotion with an average of two shows a month with an inconsistent talent roster. RoH will consider bringing these concepts back one day if the promotion is in a position to really make the most out of the concepts.

December 28th: The challengers for all titles will now have to petition RoH officials for a shot at the belts. RoH officials will then look at recent won/lost record, strength of opposition and respect shown towards the Code Of Honor to decide who will get the title shots. This will also create some new booking scenarios that will become clear in the upcoming months and lead to more intense in ring competition.

December 28th: Homicide was the first man to petition RoH officials for a title shot.

December 28th: Samoa Joe has accepted Mick Foley's challenge and said that he will meet him in the ring on 1/15 in Cambridge, MA. There is no telling what will happen or what kind of mood Joe will be in. After relaying this short message to RoH officials, Joe said he was taking a vacation and then going into intense training and would not be in contact with the offices until the 1/15 show. We don't know what is going through Joe's head or how he is handling the title loss, we just know he's coming to Boston to wrestle Nigel McGuinness and confront Mick Foley.

December 28th: Alex Shelley has been trying to contact Jack Evans to see where he stands in the split of Generation Next. So far Shelley has been unsuccessful in reaching him. Evans has been on tour in Japan. We'll have more later this week.

December 28th: Steve Corino is petitioning RoH officials to give him and CM Punk a Tag Title shot based off their victory on 12/26. Corino wants the shot on 1/15 in Boston. Meanwhile, Jack Evans & Roderick Strong are demanding to get the 1/15 title shot since they feel they were ripped off of the Tag Titles last time in the Boston area. RoH officials have also declared that both The Carnage Crew and Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer will be awarded future Tag Title shots since both teams went above the call of duty in the brutal Fight Without Honor on 12/26. We will have news on who gets this Tag Title shot next week.

December 28th: BJ Whitmer will undergo elbow surgery as a result of injuries suffered in the Fight Without Honor and will be out of action until 2/19 in Elizabeth, NJ.

December 28th: Bryan Danielson suffered an arm injury to his left arm, but will be ready to go in the Tap Out match on 1/15 vs. The leader of The Rottweilers, Homicide. The Rottweilers first attacked Danielson's left arm on 12/4. The injury was further agitated when Low Ki worked on the arm on 12/26 and then Homicide smashed it with a chair. Danielson is more pissed off than ever and is coming for a fight on 1/15.

- - - - - -

December 29th: As we announced yesterday, RoH has dropped the Contender's Ring with wrestlers having to petition for their titles shots and today we have another change involving the Newswire. RoH officials feel that too much time is spent on updating the Newswire constantly that they can save time in doing by changing it to a weekly/bi-weekly system. This will give everyone in the company more time to focus on getting out merchandise, tapes, dvd's and everything in general alot faster. However, if there are any breaking news stories we will update our fans ASAP.

December 29th: RoH has now opened up websites for our Japanese and spanish speaking fans. Check it out at http://www.japan.rohwrestling.com/ and http://www.pr.rohwrestling.com/.

December 29th: Mick Foley has signed to be at the 2/19 event at the RexPlex in Elizabeth, NJ. Also signed for the 2/19 night show are: RoH World Champion Austin Aries, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Steve Corino, Samoa Joe, Homicide with Julius Smokes, Dan Maff, BJ Whitmer, Jay Lethal, Jimmy Rave & The Embassy led by Prince Nana, Alex Shelley, Special K and more to be announced.

December 29th: The Homicide vs. Bryan Danielson series will continue on 2/26 in Chicago with the stipulation to be announced.

December 29th: CM Punk has officially signed for 2/25 in Dayton and 2/26 in his hometown of Chicago.

We will be back with lots of news about all upcoming shows on January 3rd. Have a great and safe New Year!!!

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I think it's pretty obvious that the first challenger for the World Title should be Alex Shelley... I mean, come on people... he's in TNA so you gotta know he's just plain BETTER than Austin Aries... <_< ... right? lol

Anyways great diary... good luck with it

oh and push Alex Shelley... TO THE MOON!

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.. Aries's first defense is against Cabana at 1/15. Not Shelley.

But yeah, I'm glad you decided to start an ROH diary, too. It's been a LONG time since there's been one here that I truly enjoyed. (The last one I seem to remember is Fitzy's from like a year ago..)

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Ring of Honor

Newswire Report (1/3 thru 1/7)

This is a stacked Newswire report as we have lots of news, notes and new matches signed for 1/15 in Cambridge as well as 2/19 in Elizabeth, as part of the Third Year Anniversary show that will be spread over three shows: 2/19 in Elizabeth, 2/25 in Dayton & 2/26 in Chicago!

- RoH offices have been hectic over the past few days as many RoH wrestlers have petitioned for a World Title shot from Homicide to Bryan Danielson to Alex Shelley to The Outcast Killahs! RoH officials will take everyone under consideration that petitions for a title shot but as we stated before win/loss records, strength of opponent and respect shown towards the Code of Honor will be the key components to decide who gets a shot at the RoH World Champion, Austin Aries. We can announce as of right now, Bryan Danielson & Homicide will not be eligible for a shot at the title until their Best of Five series reaches it's conclusion. Meanwhile, discussions on the other candidates are still taking place.

- Upon hearing the news that he was not going to get a shot at the RoH World Title until his Best of Five series with Bryan Danielson was complete, Homicide flipped out at his training dojo. Homicide was seen throwing chairs, breaking eqiupment and even getting into an altercation with his best friend, Julius Smokes at one point! We've since been told that punches were thrown in the Homicide/Smokes fight but they have since made up. Homicide was heard shouting that he was going to make short work of Danielson by any means necessary. RoH officials have warned Homicide that if he goes "over the line" in ANY of his matches, he will not get a World Title match again until 2006!

- RoH World Champion Austin Aries has already been making claims that his RoH World Title reign will go down as the most prestigious reign in history. Aries has already stated that he will not back down from any challengers and will be a fighting champion unlike anyone that RoH has ever seen. Many people find this hard to believe because Low Ki and Samoa Joe were both fighting champions, taking on all comers. Aries will have his first test on 1/15 in Cambridge as he takes on Colt Cabana, who could very well end Aries' reign and make him the shortest reigning champion in RoH history.

- Samoa Joe was told about Aries' comments while at the LA Dojo and Joe said that Aries was a great wrestler but if he thought that he could top his reign without even defending the title once, that he had no idea what he was in for. Joe said that when you're the champ, everyone is gunning for you and that Aries will learn that the hard way. Joe was asked about his match against Nigel McGuinness on 1/15 and he said that he knows Nigel is a great athlete but he was coming to Cambridge to prove that he was still the man that RoH fans knew and loved as a 21 month long World Champion. Joe refused to comment on Mick Foley except that if Foley was there for a fight, he would be more than willing to oblige.

- Alex Shelley has continued to try to get ahold of Jack Evans to see where he stands but has still be unable to get in contact with him. Shelley told RoH officials that if Evans gets in touch with us that he wants to know. Going on to say that Aries & Strong turning their backs on him was the biggest mistake of their lives. RoH officials then informed Shelley of his opponent on 1/15, which will be a First Time Meeting in any promotion. As Alex Shelley will go one-on-one with none other than Spanky! This could be a match that could steal the show at 1/15.

- BJ Whitmer has informed RoH officials that he will be able to make the 1/15 show in Cambridge and will be putting off his elbow surgery. This came a little too late for BJ, as RoH officials were going to give Maff & Whitmer the Tag Title shots at 1/15 until Whitmer told them he was getting elbow surgery and officials awarded the Tag Title shots to The Carnage Crew, the team that Maff & Whitmer defeated at Final Battle! Upon hearing this Whitmer was irrate but officials told him that it was out of their hands.

- There are three other viable contenders that could be in line for a Tag Team Title match down the line in Maff & Whitmer, CM Punk & Steve Corino and Jack Evans & Roderick Strong. Each of these teams have been impressive in all of their tag team matches with Maff/Whitmer & Punk/Corino scoring wins at Final Battle, while Evans & Strong have put on strong showings in all of their matches. Each team have a case for a title shot but they will have to earn it on 1/15 but not in a Tag Team match. RoH officials have decided to make it a Six Man Scramble match with the man that scores the decisive pin getting his team a title shot! It is believed with the diversity in the competitors and adding the scramble feel, it could make for one of the most unique matches in RoH history.

- 2/19 in Elizabeth is going to be a huge day for Ring of Honor as not only do we have a special afternoon "Do or Die!" card but the night show is going to showcase the return of the SCRAMBLE CAGE. This Scramble Cage will not be like "Scramble Cage Melee" in Boston, where you had to dive off the top onto someone to eliminate them. This Scramble Cage will just be like the first one back at "Main Event Spectacles" in November 2003. We can announce the first team that will represent the Second City Saints, Ace Steel & Colt Cabana! Even if Cabana should win the RoH World Title at 1/15, Cabana will still compete in the Scramble Cage.

- Some sad news to report, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan will not be returning to RoH in the forseeable future as his health has taken a turn for the worse. Everyone in the RoH family sends their prayers and best wishes to one of the greatest managers in professional wrestling.

- Angel Dust & Becky were very distraught at their loss to Deranged & Lacey of Special K at Final Battle. The Ring Crew Express of Dunn & Marcos, who saved Becky from being taken out by Special K at 12/26 tried to take them out to party but to no luck. However, RoH officials have told Angel Dust & Becky that they will get a chance at redemption on 1/15 in an Eight Man Tag Team match. Angel Dust will be teaming up with a returning Dixie, that was attacked by Special K backstage about two months ago and The Ring Crew Express to take on Special K.

- When Special K were informed that they'd have to face their former friends along with Dunn & Marcos, Lacey told officials on behalf of Special K that they didn't deserve to get in the ring with all of Special K. We were later contacted by Prince Nana, informing us that The Outcast Killahs were going to be apart of the Eight Man Tag Team match because he was paid top dollar to team with two of Special K's members. No word on who the two are as of yet.

- After Nana informed us about The Outcast Killahs being "rented" out for the night, he told us that he wants one more final shot at taking Jay Lethal out with another Weapon of MASK Destruction. Nana has told officials that with the check he got from Lacey's parents, he was able to go out and find a man that would finally destroy Jay Lethal on behalf of The Embassy. RoH has agreed to give Nana one more shot against Jay Lethal but if the Weapon of MASK Destruction loses this time, Jimmy Rave will take on Jay Lethal at 2/19 in Elizabeth!

- Jimmy Rave who Prince Nana calls the "Crown Jewel" of The Embassy will miss the 1/15 show, as he will be training for his match against "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles at 2/25 in Dayton. Some of you may remember that Styles was Rave's mentor for a short time in RoH until he left and Rave was left with no direction for himself. But Rave have told officials in Ring of Honor that he is more than willing to get in the ring with Styles because when AJ left, Rave found himself. Going on to say that Styles left because he knew that Rave was the real star and that AJ couldn't carry his jock strap.

Our next Newswire Report will be on 1/17 after the Cambridge show and we will have lots of information on upcoming RoH shows including Do or Die IV & the main show on 2/19 in Elizabeth with the return of the SCRAMBLE CAGE along with updates on 2/25, 2/26 and a huge announcement for the 3/5 show in Philadelphia!

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Ring of Honor

Live from the National Guard Armory in Cambridge, MA! (1/15)

Please note this event originally scheduled for Revere, MA will now take place at the National Guard Armory in Cambridge. All tickets for Revere will be honored at the new location.

RoH World Title Match: Austin Aries © vs Colt Cabana

Austin Aries shocked many people when he picked up the win over Samoa Joe at Final Battle to become the new RoH World Champion. But while many were shocked, Aries never doubted himself for a second and even told Colt Cabana that he would have a title shot at 1/15 because he would walk out of Final Battle with the title. Aries will now get his first taste of what it's like to be the RoH World Champion, as he takes on a more than capable opponent in Cabana. Colt may be known for his comedic antics inside the ring but when it comes time to turn it on in the ring, he brings it every time. He will probably even have some extra fire because Aries & Generation Next took Colt out a few months ago, causing him to miss much alot of time in the last half of 2004. Cabana has stated that he would love to have the RoH World Title around his waist on the next Good Times, Great Memories but he will have to defeat Aries to do so. Can Aries make good on his promise to be the most successful RoH World Champion or will Cabana end Aries' reign before it even starts?

Special Challenge Match: Nigel McGuiness vs Samoa Joe

When Austin Aries defeated Samoa Joe for the RoH World Title, no one was effected more by the monumental moment besides Joe than Nigel McGuinness. Nigel was scheduled to challenge for the RoH World Title against Samoa Joe but now it will serve as a match that could either establish Nigel as a top contender for a title shot or put Samoa Joe back in line for a title shot of his own. Samoa Joe will definately be in Cambridge as a man on a mission to work his way back up the rankings but he will have his work cut out for him with Nigel, who is quickly becoming a rising star in RoH.

Tap Out Match: Bryan Danielson vs Homicide (w/Julius Smokes)

This will be the first match in a series of five matches with each match having a different stipulation. Bryan Danielson has laid down this challenge because he has vowed to take down each member of The Rottweilers personally because of their series of attacks against him, the most recent being at Final Battle during his match with Low Ki. Homicide accepted this best of five series because he knows that if he can one-up Danielson, he will put himself into position for a RoH World Title shot. This will be an intriguing match-up as Danielson is noted for being a very mat-based, technical master but he is coming in with an injured left shoulder because of attack at Final Battle. Whoever can take this match will be that much closer to ending the series of matches and establishing themselves as a clear contender for the RoH World Championship.

First Time Meeting: Alex Shelley vs Spanky

In a match that could certainly steal the show of this packed line-up, we have a 'dream' meeting between Alex Shelley and the returning Spanky. Spanky is notorious for his laid back attitude while Alex Shelley has always been one of the most serious wrestlers in RoH. Shelley has promised to bring his 'A' game in Cambridge, stating that Aries & Strong that they made the biggest mistake of their lives, when they turned their backs on him. He will have his hands full in Cambridge with Spanky who is no slough in the ring and will certainly put the man who claims to have "Talent on Loan from God" to the test.

RoH Tag Team Titles Match: The Carnage Crew vs The Rottweilers © (w/Julius Smokes)

Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero have gone undefeated as a tag team since their debut in Ring of Honor and have been one of the most impressive teams in RoH history. As a part of The Rottweilers, they have captured the Tag Team titles and have yet to relinquish them. Loc & Devito, the Carnage Crew are one of the most brutal tag teams in wrestling, let alone Ring of Honor and have proven they can hang with various styles of wrestlers. Loc & Devito took BJ Whitmer & Dan Maff to the limit on Final Battle in a Fight Without Honor but couldn't pull out a win. However since they had put on so many hard fought matches with Maff & Whitmer, they awarded a shot at the belts after BJ informed RoH that he would miss the 1/15 show because of elbow surgery. Can The Rottweilers continue their impressive winning streak or will Loc & Devito end it and come out of the match with the belts around their waists?

Six Man Scramble Match: BJ Whitmer vs CM Punk vs Dan Maff vs Jack Evans vs Roderick Strong vs Steve Corino

These six men may seem like strange choices for a Six Man Scramble but this match will have Tag Team Title implications. The man that scores the win in this match will slingshot his team into Tag Title contention, putting them in line for a title shot. This may seem like a styles clash to many but with the toughness & brutality of Whitmer & Maff to the technical wrestling of Strong, Punk & Corino to Jack Evans' breath-taking aerial attack, this is sure to be one of the most insane Scrambles in RoH history.

- Jay Lethal vs Weapon of MASK Destruction #3 (w/Prince Nana)

Prince Nana has been on a mission to destroy Jay Lethal ever since Night 2 of the Weekend of Thunder, when Lethal slapped every member of The Embassy after a loss to Jimmy Rave. Declaring war on Lethal, Nana built up a Weapon of MASK Destruction that was going to destroy Jay Lethal but Lethal took care of him in short order. Pissed off that his investment didn't work, Nana promised that a new Weapon of MASK Destruction was going to take out Lethal but again, Lethal beat Nana's WMD. Lethal then called for Jimmy Rave but Nana just laughed at him. Now, Jay Lethal will have to step into the ring with Nana's Weapon of MASK Destruction #3, that was bought with a check from Lacey's parents. Nana promises his WMD #3 will finally DESTROY Lethal once and for all but Lethal is fighting for a chance to avenge his loss to Jimmy Rave. Can Nana finally destroy Jay Lethal with his Weapon of MASK Destruction or will Lethal pick up another win and get a chance at redemption against Jimmy Rave?

Eight Man Tag Team Match: Angel Dust, Dixie and The Ring Crew Express (w/Becky Bayless) vs Special K and The OCK (w/Lacey & Prince Nana)

Angel Dust and Dixie have started to get serious about wrestling since they've been on a long losing streak but Special K still insist on partying it up, as they are set in their spoiled ways. Deranged & Lacey defeated Angel Dust & Lacey back at Final Battle and then tried to take Becky out but Dunn & Marcos came out & made the save! When Special K heard that they would have to fight Angel Dust & Dixie along with the Ring Crew Express, they went out and purchased The OCK for one night from Prince Nana. Nana says he invested that money into another Weapon of MASK Destruction that he promises will finally DESTROY Jay Lethal. Can Angel Dust & Dixie finally break the losing streak or will Special K get another win over their former friends?

Also, Mick Foley will be in Cambridge and Samoa Joe has agreed to meet him in the ring for a highly anticipated confrontation.

All of this action and more! Don't miss Ring of Honor in Cambridge, MA on 1/15 at the National Guard Armory with a 7:30 PM bell time. Tickets will be available at the door.

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However since they had put on so many hard fought matches with Maff & Whitmer, they awarded a shot at the belts after BJ informed RoH that he would miss the 1/15 show because of elbow surgery.

But... BJ is in the scramble match, so he's not missing the 1/15 show :P

Unless im missing something...

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It was supposed to be a way to make the Tag Teams prove themselves but doing so in a unique fashion especially with such diversity in the competitors (brawlers in Maff/Strong, technical works in Whitmer/Corino/Punk and an aerial assault in Evans). I actually meant to put that in the Newswire portion but when I was editing it, I must've removed it and didn't add it back.

Also, even though it's a Six Man Scramble, Tag Teams will work as a unit but it also shakes things up a bit to further some of the storylines that these three teams have with one another.

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I'd be a liar if I said that I was a ROH fan in reality. I simply have not had any real access to them, and have as of yet not seen a tape or DVD. I would also be a liar if I said I had seriously read any former ROH diaries here. I was tempted to read the one Fitzy did some time ago, but my lack of knowledge of the promotion kept me from doing so. However, based upon my realization that you are indeed becoming one of the finest writers in The Dome today, I am giving this a chance. Obviously your work on the first show will help me to decide if this is a diary I can read or not, but so far you have added this thing with enough info that I feel somewhat confident that I can read and not be totally lost here, as well as providing serious entertainment in a recap and some news items. That is the mark of a good writer in my opinion.

I am seriously looking forward to the first show.


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Until a month ago, I didnt see anything of Ring of Honor except random matches, I've got around 10 dvd's right now and a lot of matches and full shows on my computer and can properly follow an RoH Diary. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

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Punk, this diary so far has managed to turn me from a casual RoH fan into someone who has a more genuine intrest in the federation, and to do that is without the doubt the skill of some top writing - which I am a great fan of in diaries.

The card itself is very intriguing and if you can keep this standard up I can see this being one of the top diaries in the dome for weeks and months to come.

Good luck and I look forward to the future.

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I just got back into ewr, and being the ROH fan that i am i was looking for a roh diary, and it seems, there arnt many. This diary looks great so far though. You have a real skill with writing, ill keep checking back for sure.

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Ring of Honor

Live from the National Guard Armory in Cambridge, MA! (1/15)

The doors to the National Guard Armory opened up at 6:30 PM with the fans filing inside. The gimmick table was set-up for ROH merchandise including their t-shirts, VHS & DVD releases up to All-Star Extravaganza II (12/4) and other items like action figures. Fans continued to file inside the Armory as we got closer to the 7:30 PM belltime.

Soon enough the ROH theme "Blood is Pumping" would soon kick up over the sound system and the lighting would dim down. Out from the back came the ring announcer Bobby Cruise, along with the referee for the first match Paul Turner and they made their way inside the ring. Cruise welcomed the fans to the very first show for Ring of Honor in 2005, which was greeted with a loud pop by the Boston fans. In some bad news, Cruise informs the crowd that Nigel McGuiness will not be able to compete tonight against Samoa Joe after suffering an injury at the HWA show last night. No word on whether or not Samoa Joe will still be in action though.

" Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit and is an eight man tag team match! Your referee for this contest is Paul Turner. "

The heavy techno beating of "Victims of Hardstyle" would pump up over the speakers as the fans in attendance began their boo's with some cheering, banging on the hard guardrails. Soon enough the raver kids of Special K would make their way out from the back, coming down the small steel rampway staggering and spinning around. Lacey was there arm-in-arm with Izzy, Deranged was slowly making his way down to the ring with a sock puppet on his hand and was laughing. While Lit came out in the yellow "BUMP after BUMP after BUMP" Special K shirt and Cheech wearing a "P.I.M.P." shirt. A returning Slim J was also with them as he was wearing a neon orange bandana and they all climbed into the ring with Cheech tripping on the middle rope getting a laugh from the crowd & Special K. They started dancing around in the ring, turning the start of the show into a mini-rave until the music cut out that provoked a loud "booOOoOoOooo" from Cheech.

"Drugs [instrumental]" by Lil' Kim would soon start up with fans starting to boo, as gold strobe lights flashed around the entryway. The Outcast Killahs, Diablo Santiago & Oman Turtoga then came out from behind the curtains with a smiling Prince Nana following out behind them but Nana would go back behind the curtains as Diablo & Oman made their way down to the ring. The OCK climbed into the ring looking around at the ravers, which lead to Lit going over to Diablo and acted like he was picking his nose until he was shoved away.

"We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister then cued up over the speakers with the fans going wild as Angel Dust and Dixie made their way out onto the steel rampway with Becky following after them. The Ring Crew Express then came out behind them as they slapped hands before rushing towards the ring. They all slid under the bottom rope to go after their opponents but they fled from the ring and Paul Turner stopped the four men from going to attack Special K or The OCK before the match.

Eight Man Tag Team Match: Angel Dust, Dixie and The Ring Crew Express (w/Becky Bayless) vs Deranged, Slim J and The OCK (w/Lacey with Special K)

Inside the ring, the faces were waiting for their opponents to get inside the ring but referee Paul Turner informed them that only one man could be in at a time. Slowly the heels began to climb on the apron as Dixie & The RCE climbed out onto the apron with Angel Dust starting off. Then Deranged, Slim J & The OCK all talked things over to figure out who would start out until Deranged & The OCK climbed out onto the apron.

The match would begin with Angel Dust extending his hand out towards Slim J for a handshake but Slim J shook his head, which prompted a slap from Dust. That took the taste out of Slim J's mouth as the bell sounded with Dust nailing some forearms before slinging Slim J off and we get a leapfrog to start if off, then a drop down. Dust would then catch Slim J with a japanese arm drag but Slim J was right back up, running towards Dust and splits his legs around Dust's legs, hoisting himself up and hitting an arm drag out of the wheel barrel. Back to their feet we see Dust hit a sunset flip but Slim J flips up, holding the legs for a pin attempt but then he pushes Slim J off, who rolls backwards up to his feet and goes for a kick to the face. That gets rolled away from and we get a square-off and a nice round of applause from the crowd for the quick back & forth action. Circling around the ring, they would then go in for another lock-up but Slim J raked at Dust's eyes before whipping him across the ring and nailed him with a dropkick. Forearms soon found their mark on Dust's head before he was taken over with a snap mare and nailed with a stiff kick to his back. Keeping himself in control with his quickness including a beautifully executed tilt-a-whirl headscissors that scored a near fall. Making the tag out to Diablo, who came in quickly to take Dust down with a right hand before stomping away at his chest. Scooping Dust up off the canvas, he would take him to a neutral corner before hanging him up there and snapped him down with a neckbreaker. Going for the cover but it was broken up by Marcos. Diablo would continue to keep Dust on the ground after a sloppy looking bulldog but then pulled Dust right into a chinlock, as they tried to wear down him down. But Dust began to fight back when the crowded start a slow clap, fighting up on a knee before breaking the headlock with some elbows and then came back with a flying forearm on Diablo. That turned the tide of the match as Dust then fired some forearms into Diablo's jaw before kicking him in the midsection and caught him with a leaping knee to the face.

Lacey and the rest of Special K started slapping the canvas for Diablo to get back into it but Dust made the tag out to Marcos. A few forearms found their mark before he took Diablo down with a clothesline and then climbed to the top rope, hitting a double foot stomp. Going for the cover but Deranged made the save. Dragging Diablo to his feet, Marcos would make the tag out to Dunn and they whipped him into the ropes, where a blind tag was made by Oman. Dunn & Marcos then went for a double clothesline but it was ducked under and Oman tried a springboard double clothesline but he slipped on the ropes. Landing on his feet however, Diabloe then took Marcos down with a right hand and Diablo clotheslined Dunn from behind. The referee forced Diablo out of the ring while Marcos rolled out of the ring. Oman then started to stomp away at the back of Dunn's neck before dragging him to a stand and fired a chop across his chest. Backing Dunn into the ropes before he whipped him across the ring and nailed him with a kick to his midsection, followeding by a flipping neckbreaker to a nice pop from the crowd. Turtoga would then drag Dunn over to their corner by the arm to make the tag to Deranged, who nailed a springboard double stomp to Dunn's head. Picking up his opponent, Deranged would then kick him in the midsection before running towards the ropes and performed a baseball slide under Dunn's legs, only to fire two fingers up into his eyes! The fans would cheer for that move as Special K started laughing on the outside and Deranged started talking to his sock puppet with a giggle. However, Deranged would soon be nailed from behind with a flying fame asser from Dixie to a loud pop from the crowd! Dixie was forced back to his corner but both men were down in the ring. Thus started the dual crawl to the corner with Deranged reaching first, as he tagged out to Slim J. Racing into the ring to try to stop the tag but Dunn leaped, making the tag to Dixie that came in like a house of fire.

Knocking Slim J down with a leaping forearm, which brought The OCK into the ring but Dixie ducked under a double clothesline -- but we're thrown over the ropes by The RCE! They then followed them to the outside as Dixie then yanked Deranged into the ring, whipping him into the ropes and clobbered him with a Roaring Elbow! That got the crowd fired up! Dixie then begged for Slim J to get back up, as he backed up into the ropes .. but Izzy tripped him up! Dixie hit the canvas hard but he was back up as Izzy & Special K laughed but Lacey tried to warn them that Dixie was back up. But when Izzy & Special K turned around, they were nailed with a springboard 450 Splash by Dixie!! That had a major pile outside the ring as Slim J was nailing Angel Dust with some forearms before he hopped up onto the second rope and leaped off, catching Dust with a leaping Tornado DDT.. NO! Angel Dust keeps Slim J in his arms, dropping his feet to the mat but then tossed him over with a T-Bone Suplex variant!! Meanwhile, Dunn & Marcos are brawling towards the back with The OCK in the entryway while Special K are slowly getting up but Dixie & Izzy are trading forearm shots. Angel Dust & Slim J are trading right hands but Slim J blocks one, kicking him in the midsection and goes for a powerbomb but Angel Dust flips out of it. On the outside, Dixie knocks Izzy down with a Roaring Elbow and tries to get back in the ring -- but Lacey gives him a low blow! Becky sees it and.. CAAAAAAT FIIIIIGHT!! Angel Dust then hooks Slim J up for a powerbomb attempt -- but Deranged comes out of nowhere, hopping onto Slim J's back then jumps onto Dust's shoulders. Looking for a hurricarana attempt.. it looked like Dust was supposed to hold him up to counter but he accidentally dropped him. Some boo's erupt from the crowd for that both but Dust then picks him back up into the powerbomb position -- but Deranged counters by flipping around on Angel Dust's shoulders and then nails a reverse hurricarana that SPIKES Angel Dust's head into the canvas! Holy shit! A huge pop from the crowd for that as Dust is down on the canvas and Slim J comes off the top rope with a CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! The referee then makes the cover.. ONE! TWO!! .. THREE!!!

Winners: Deranged, Slim J & The Outcast Killahs (12:12)


Aftermath: Special K's music then started to crank up as most of the fans started booing but some of them were cheering, as Special K begin to slowly get inside the ring to celebrate their win. Dunn & Marcos & The Outcast Killahs never came back out but you can see Angel Dust, Becky and Dixie helping each other, visibly frustrated at yet another loss. They would soon make their way to the back with Angel Dust & Dixie kicking the guardrails. Special K continued to celebrate inside the ring before climbing to the outside, laughing at some fans before returning to the back.

" Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit, your referee for this match is Gary Morere! "

"Drugs [instrumental]" by Lil' Kim would kick up for the second time tonight with boo's from the crowd. Prince Nana made his way out from the back with his new Weapon of MASK Destruction. This one was a white man about 5'9" around 180 lbs. with a good physique with the Green Phantom mask covering his face and green shorts on, as he made his way to the ring. Climbing inside, the WMD raised his arms into the air to some heat for the crowd as Nana got on the mic'.

" Jay Lethal, tonight you will face my fi-nall.. and best, Weapon of MASK De-struction. He will DESTROY you, Jay Leth-al and you will not able to get in the ring with Jimmy Ray-ve in the near feu-ture. No mattah what these fans may think, Prince Nana will have the last laugh! " Nana would then lower the microphone, handing it back to the ring announcer and he climbed out of the ring.

"Push It" by Static-X would then kick up over the sound system with a loud pop from the crowd. Jay Lethal then made his way out from the back with his hair combed down, wearing some black trunks tonight. Out from behind Lethal came Samoa Joe to help out his young protege but just like Final Battle, Lethal told Joe that he could handle this one on his own. Joe then smiled, nodding his head before heading to the back and Lethal made his way down to the ring. Faking a move to go after Prince Nana, he would then roll inside the ring and raise his arms into the air.

Jay Lethal vs Weapon of MASK Destruction #3 (w/Prince Nana)

Looking across the ring at the Weapon of MASK Destruction, Lethal would then look out towards Nana and the bell sounded. Lethal began to circle around with his opponent before they locked-up quickly, each man fighting for the advantage until Lethal wrapped around catching a waistlock. WMD would then begin to send some elbows into Lethal's jaw before hitting the ropes where Lethal dropped his head and the WMD rolled off his back, landing on his feet. WMD then hit a kick to the midsection followed by a swinging neckbreaker and went for the early pin but barely got a one count. Dragging Lethal up to a stand, he would then nail a few right hands into his opponent's jaw before taking Jay down with a back suplex. Back to a stand the WMD would climb up onto the second rope, leaping off with a knee drop to Lethal's forehead and the crowd boo'ed. A chinlock was soon applied as the WMD looked to be focusing on Lethal's neck before releasing it and then hit a rolling neck snap on Lethal a la Mr. Perfect. A nice applause from the crowd as the WMD was showing some nice offense with Nana shouting at the WMD to finish Lethal off. Doing as instructed he would drag Lethal up to his feet, setting him up for some kind of suplex but Lethal would counter it and nail a snap suplex of his own. Both men were down for a few moments as Lethal caught his breathe before getting to a stand and ducked under an incoming clothesline, catching the WMD with some forearms when he turned around. Firing him off into the ropes, Lethal hit a charging knee to the WMD's gut to flip him over and when the WMD sat up from the whiplash, was nailed with a STIFF kick to the back. A nice applause from the crowd as Lethal shouted out, dragging the WMD back to a stand and delivering a fisherman's suplex. Bridging into a cover.. ONE! TW-- Kick out. Slapping the canvas, Lethal would drag the WMD up to a stand before whipping him into the farside corner. Jay would then start jogging in place before rushing forward and went for a Stinger Splash but the WMD moved away from the corner. However, Jay caught himself on the second rope and jumped back with a 180 degree turn to nail a crossbody! ONE! TWO!! Kick out. Another near fall there but Lethal would bring the WMD up to his feet, where Lethal would hook him up for the Lethal Injection -- but the WMD flips behind Jay!

Grabbing onto Jay's right arm he twists it before turning Jay around and then plants him with a beautiful ddt. The fans would give a nice applause for that as the WMD makes the cover.. ONE! TWO!! TH-- Kick out. Nana then begins to berate the WMD, telling him that he better put Jay Lethal away. Doing as he is told once again, the WMD picks up Lethal before driving him into the nearby corner with his right shoulder. Nailing some shoulder thrusts in the corner the WMD then picks up Lethal, placing him on the top rope and climbs up to meet him. Hitting a few right hands into Jay's forehead to keep him stunned, he climbs back down before going out onto the apron and then climbs up to meet Jay on the outside. The WMD then starts to hook Jay up for some kind of move off the top -- but Jay fights back with some pounding fists. Lethal then drapes the WMD over his shoulders before standing up on the second rope before hopping off with the WMD and delivers what can only be described as a Samoan Drop from the second rope! That looked painful! On the canvas both men are down but Lethal soon crawls back over to the WMD and makes the cover.. ONE! TWO!! THRE-- Nana put the WMD's foot on the bottom rope! A loud chorus of boo's come from the crowd as Gary Morere didn't see Nana put his foot on the ropes and tells Lethal about the foot, making the 'pin counting motion' but holds up two fingers. Lethal then tells the ref that Nana put the foot on the rope and Morere points at Nana, asking him if he did it but Nana denies it thoroughly. Meanwhile, Lethal drags the WMD up to his feet but gets rolled up in a small package! Morere turns around quickly.. ONE! TWO!! THRE-- Kick out! Right at the last second. Both men are back on their feet now and they start fighting back & forth, as each man looks for the advantage. Lethal manages to nail a cross-armed German Suplex but he only gets a two count! The WMD starts fighting back, scoring a beautiful Super Kick but that doesn't get the job done either. Eventually they begin to trade blows until the WMD runs towards Lethal -- but misses a clothesline attempt but Jay has a hand up on the WMD's chest. Kicking out the WMD's feet he then throws him right down to the canvas with a modified STO! That looked harsh and the crowd claps wildly, while Nana is flipping out on the outside. Acting quickly, Lethal picks the WMD up into position .. LETHAL INJECTION!! The fans pop huge as Jay stays in position to make the cover.. ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Winner: Jay Lethal (13:35)

** 3/4

Aftermath: "Push It" by Static-X hits the sound system with the fans cheering wildly as Lethal not only picks up another win but in doing so, he will face Jimmy Rave at 2/19! Prince Nana is livid on the outside as the WMD is still out of it inside the ring and Lethal has his hand raised by the referee. Nana begins to head towards the curtains but not before staring at Jay Lethal on the steel ramp and then storms to the back. Climbing out of the ring, Lethal starts slapping some of the fans hands around ringside and points at one of the cameramen, telling the camera that he'll see Jimmy Rave in Elizabeth as he heads to the back.

" The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and is a Six Man Scramble match!Your referee for this contest is Todd Sinclair! "

"Thieves Theme [Pump Pump Remix]" by DJ Alkohal cued up over the sound system with the crowd split in the middle between cheers and boo's, as BJ Whitmer made his way out through the curtains followed by Dan Maff. Whitmer looked angry as he made his way down to the ring while Maff seemed to be focused & determined. They both climbed inside the ring with Whitmer looking like his mind was somewhere else and they didn't even do the old 'Prophecy' pose.

"Five Minutes Alone" by Pantera soon hit the speakers with the fans once again split between cheers and boo's but they leaned more towards the latter and Roderick Strong made his way out. In his usual wrestling gear, it looked like he was looking around for Jack Evans but he didn't come out. Strong then made his way down to the ring, slowly climbing inside and pointed at the Maff & Whitmer, telling the ref to make sure they stayed back.

"Bully" by Eminem then kicked up over the sound system to a more cheer's-than-boo's reaction from the crowd and out from the back came Jack Evans. In his usual attire of a white wifebeater, dew rag on his head and black Sean John sweatpants as he made his way down to the ring. Strong then started shouting some inaudible things at Evans, as he slid under the ring and they began a little confrontation.

"Miseria Cantare" by AFI then started up over the speakers with the fans cheering and banging the guardrail to the song as it kicked in with CM Punk making his way out. Behind him was Tracy Brooks of the Second City Saints as well as his students, who were dressed in black hoodies like Punk was. Making his slow walk around the ring as usual but he kept his eyes on the ring and then rolled inside. Punk then raised his arms into the "X" on his knees while exchanging some words with Whitmer & Maff, Punk hadn't forgotten that they took out Lucy a year ago.

"O Fortuna [Techno Remix]" then began to slowly start up over the speakers for our final entrant with the fans cheering and the music kicked up with Alex Law & Ricky Landell making their way out first followed by Brian T. Reigal and then Steve Corino made his way out. Corino was dressed in his trademark yellow & red and wore a mask until the music kicked up and he ripped the mask off to a pop. Making his way down to the ring, Corino would climb up onto the apron and get inside the ring along with Brian T. Reigal and as the music died down. Before the match could begin, Reigal took the microphone from Bobby Cruise with a smile.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Brian T. Reigal and I'll be handling the ring announcing duties for a few moments. In honor of our return to the Boston area, we would like to remind everyone that even though the SAWX won the World Series. . Yankees - 26, Red Sox - 1. " Some loud heat from the crowd for that as Corino looked over at the crowd and shrugged his shoulders, mouthing "they do" before turning back and signaling for Reigal to continue.

" We would also like to inform you that we hate the cold weather and so does Tracy, don't you Tracy? Yeah. It's a bit nipple-y in here, isn't it? " A loud applause from the crowd for that one, as Reigal turned towards Tracy who was in the ring and had a shocked look on her face. " Don't worry, they get canceled out by the fact that that this guy's lights are on too. " As he pointed to referee Todd Sinclair, who stares at Reigal while the fans laugh and applaud once again.

" Without any further ado, allow me to introduce to you.. weighing in at 110 kilos, which equivalent of four Eminem wannabe's or half the estimated weight of Dan Maff's mother.. " That enraged Maff, who had to be held back by Whitmer & referee Todd Sinclair. " .. He is a former member of the Extreme Horsemen, a Yankees fan since 1973, the King of Old School and the FUCKING GOD of professional wrestling.. STEVE COOOOOOOOOOORINO!!! "

With that, Reigal would flee from the ring as Law & Landell threw the yellow & red streamers into the ring for a nice pop. The people on the outside soon balled the streamers up to get them out of the ring quickly and all six men stared around at each other.

Six Man Scramble Match: BJ Whitmer vs CM Punk vs Dan Maff vs Jack Evans vs Roderick Strong vs Steve Corino

All six men began looking around the ring at one another with Punk extending his hand his out out to Corino, who accepted the handshake. Jack Evans then made his way over towards Punk & Corino, extending his hand out but it was ignored by both men and Evans went over to Strong, extending his hand out. Roderick starting shouting at Jack, asking him what the hell was up and then he went over to Maff & Whitmer with his hand out. The fans were murmuring wondering what Evans was doing as Maff stared at his hand and shook it but then Whitmer nailed Evans with a right hand!

Stomps found their way into Evans' chest as Whitmer seemed to determined and pissed off here before he dragged Evans' to his feet. Throwing him into the ropes, Whitmer would take down Evans with a running clothesline that had Evans spin in a 180 and landed hard on his chest. Jack was then nailed with a flurry of forearm blows before he was whipped into the ropes before being kicked in the midsection and taken over with a suplex. Whitmer then dragged Evans over towards Maff, making the tag out to his partner and Maff came in with a hard punch to Evans ribs. Scooping Evans up into his arms he'd take him down with a body slam before hitting the ropes and coming back with a big legdrop. Going for the cover.. ONE! TW-- Kick out. Dragging the kid back to his feet, Maff would grab a side headlock and try to wear Evans down, wrenching it on tight. Jack tried to fight back by shoving Maff into the ropes but Maff skidded down onto the mat with his knee and held the headlock in. Maff then released it, wrapping around behind Jack before dumping him on his head with a release back suplex! Ouch! Evans is taking a beating early on here but he wisely rolls out of the ring and here comes Roderick into the ring. Trying to catch Maff by surprise with a clothesline but Maff ducks underneath it and hits the ropes, coming back with a huge Mafia Kick -- but Roderick catches his leg and nails him with a modified backbreaker! In comes Punk now, as he rushes in to meet Strong with some right hands before whipping him toward the ropes -- no, it's reversed into a short-arm clothesline! Punk hits the canvas hard but he pops back up to his feet with Strong nailing a kick into his midsection before hoisting him up and dropping CM stomach-first onto his knee. Strong then starts to stomp away at the small of CM's back before climbing over him and places him in a camel clutch, as he looks to slow this match down. Pulling back on Punk's chin to torque his neck but in comes Corino, kicking Roderick's head to knock him off Punk and climbs back out onto the apron. Roderick then shouts at Corino who screams out "What're you gonna do!?" and Strong makes his way over to Corino, getting in his face. Corino/Strong then start a stare down for a few moments until Corino tells Strong to look behind him and he gets nailed with a right hand from Punk. Punk then nails a few snap jabs into Strong's jaw before whipping him across the ring and there's a blind tag by Maff but Punk catches Strong with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Going for the cover.. ONE! TWO!! But Maff kicks Punk off. Sizing Punk up for a moment before he steps up to Punk, grabbing onto his wrist and slinging him into a corner. Maff then jumps up & down before rushing towards the corner and delivers a flipping cannonball!

That's got Punk out of it in the corner but Corino reaches down, slapping Punk's shoulder to tag himself in and he rushes in, catching Maff with a roll-up! ONE! TWO!! But Whitmer breaks the pin up and returns to the apron. Back on his feet, Corino starts to lay in some right hands on Maff before calling out "S!" and then "T" before he rushes to the ropes, coming back with an STO on Maff! The fans pop for the move but Maff rolls out with Evans hopping up onto the top rope, springboarding in to Corino and performs a back flip into a dropkick!! HOLY SHIT! The fans go crazy for that one but that sent Corino from the ring and in comes Whitmer, looking for a lariat on Evans but it's ducked under and Evans hits him with a back flipping kick. Landing on his feet, Evans then rushed forward and manages to clothesline Whitmer over the top rope. Pumping his arms to get the crowd into it, Evans turns around but it's right into a MAFIA KICK!! Maff goes for the cover.. ONE! TWO!! TH-- Strong breaks the pin up! Evans rolls to the outside after this move but Strong and Maff are going toe-to-toe exchanging blows until Maff sends Strong into the ropes but Roderick grabs onto the ropes to stop himself. Charging towards Strong came Maff but he gets low-bridged and back dropped over onto Corino, Evans & Whitmer!! A loud "ohhhhh!" came from the crowd for that one and Strong sees them on the outside. Looking for a move for himself, Strong rushes across the ring to attempt a dive -- but he's cut off with a kick to the face by Punk. Grabbing onto Roderick's arms, he pulls it back into a hammerlock before delivering the Devil's Lock DDT! Punk then makes the cover on Strong.. ONE! TWO!! THR-- Whitmer dives on Punk at the last second. BJ & Punk then get back to their feet and get into a staredown, exchanging some words with one another until BJ slaps the taste out of Punk's mouth! Punk's head stays in the snapped back position as he brings a hand to his mouth, checking for blood before he lunges right at Whitmer for with a right hand -- but BJ ducks underneath it and Punk accidentally clobbers Corino! Punk apologizes to Corino for hitting him, who is staring at Punk with a pissed off look but then Punk ducks under a BJ clothesline, who knocks Corino out of the ring! Whitmer then turns back around with Punk hooking his arm up into a hammerlock -- but Maff is coming at Punk for a Mafia Kick but he ducks under it and Maff hangs himself up on the top rope. Going back after BJ but Strong is back in the ring now, as he slips around behind Punk and hoists him up for a back suplex but twists it into a backbreaker!

Strong then takes down Whitmer with a lariat before turning his attention towards Maff, sneaking up behind Maff and hoists him up in a chickenwing, looking for what might be a Tiger Suplex.. but Corino dives at Strong's right knee, chop blocking him just as he snaps Maff over in that TIGER SUPLEX! What a move!! Corino then stands up, looking around at everyone and sees Punk starting to get up. Corino starts to help Punk to his feet but Punk nails him with a blind right hand! This knocks Corino down with Punk looking on wide-eyed, apologizing to Corino once again. Punk then tries to help Corino up but he shoves Punk away and he gets to his feet, as the two partners start exchanging some words. Tracy is trying to calm both men down from the outside but they go nose-to-nose now.. but they see Maff & Evans coming at them and they duck down, with Punk nailing Evans with a right hand and Corino & Maff start brawling around. Strong is getting back to his feet now, as he holds that knee that Corino chop blocked and makes his way over to Punk, looking for another backbreaker but Punk counters out of it and hits his Pepsi Twist!! The fans pop huge for that move but wait a minute.. here comes Alex Shelley out from the back. What the hell is he doing here? Shelley is walking down to the ring towards the ring and Punk sees him, making his way to the ropes and starts exchanging words with him. Meanwhile, Corino & Maff have taken their brawling to the floor but here comes Jack Evans off the top with a Shooting Star Press onto both men!! That pops the crowd as Punk then climbs halfway out of the ring, still exchanging words with Shelley. Wait.. now here comes Allison Danger from the back and she makes her way down to ringside, trying to keep a low creepy profile. But BJ is up now and stalks up behind Punk.. who turns around into an EXPLODER SUPLEX!! The fans make a loud "ohhh!" for that move with BJ now standing over Punk, asking him "who's the man?" but Roderick is now up. Making his way over to Whitmer, he tries to catch him in the Straight Jacket Widow's Peak -- but Whitmer counters out of it! BJ's looking for the Exploder again but he sees Danger at ringside.. giving Strong an opening and he counters out of that. They begin exchanging strong forearms now until each man blocks one and they both spin around, nailing simultaneous Roaring Elbows! That knocks them both down.. with Alex Shelley looking at a rising Evans on the outside, staring at him and they share a look. Corino & Maff are slowly getting to their feet.. but now Evans is climbing the ropes on the outside! The crowd starts getting to their feet and Evans is perched up top before he flips off.. 630 SENTON!! Evans stays ontop of Whitmer and makes the cover.. ONE! TWO!! .. Maff tries to get in the ring -- THREE!!!

Winner: Jack Evans (22:27)


Aftermath: "Bully" soon kicked up over the speakers as the fans were split between cheers and boo's but they loved the 630 Senton to cap the match off. We've got five men down in the ring with Corino obviously upset on the outside for not picking up the win and Alex Shelley backing up on the steel ramp. Allison is frantically screaming in celebration that Evans pinned Whitmer while Shelley is staring down at the ring as Evans gets his arm raised while he's on his knees and he's looking around the ring before looking to Shelley on the ramp. Alex continues to stare down towards the ring at Evans and now at CM Punk, who is on his knees and very angry as he stares at Shelley as well. Soon enough Shelley made his way behind the curtains followed by Corino who is walking to the back quickly. CM Punk & Tracy who are trying to catch up with Corino begin to make their way to the back as well. Maff & Whitmer roll to the outside, looking pissed off and they spot Danger, who is taunting them about their loss and they chase her to the back. Strong is up in the ring, looking over at Evans who just picked up the win for their 'team' and he makes his way over to Evans. They start talking to one another before Evans gets out of the ring followed by Strong and they begin to make their way to the back, still semi-arguing on their way.

Foley & Joe Collide

"Another Body Murdered" by Faith No More would soon kick up over the speakers with the fans coming to their feet with some massive cheers. The curtains would soon be tossed aside, as Samoa Joe made his way throughout the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. In his wrestling gear but with his tan RoH "Brutality" t-shirt on, as he made his way down towards the ring with some fans slapping him on the back. Joe soon rolled into the ring, getting up to his feet and looked around at the crowd that continued to cheer. Looking over at Bobby Cruise, he raised his hand to call for the microphone and took it from Cruise as his music began to die down. Joe was trying to speak at first but a loud "Joe! Joe! Joe!" chant broke out for awhile until it began to die down and he would start to speak.

" As you probably heard at the start of the show my opponent tonight, Nigel McGuinness is not in the building because of an injury. That leaves me without an opponent for tonight's show but you see, I'm not just gonna sit on my ass here tonight and not wrestle. I was the Ring of Honor champion for twenty months and I wrestled every night with the same fire and passion, that I will continue to fight with. Austin Aries was the better man at Final Battle and he took the belt that I lived, breathed and ate for twenty months.. but make no mistake Aries, I'll be coming back for it real soon. But before I do that, I've got other matters to attend to. Mick Foley.. you wanted to meet me in the middle of the ring. Here I am. "

"Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf soon kicked up with the fans cheering wildly and out came Mick Foley in his red flannel shirt and black sweatpants on. Looking around at the crowd, he would then turn his gaze back to Joe before making his way down to the ring and he slapped some fans hands on the way. Climbing up onto the apron with one knee, Foley soon got to his feet and ducked inside the ring. Mick had his eyes locked on Joe and just stared at him for a little while.

" What's wrong, Mick? Are you still.... " Before Joe could finish his statement, Foley snatched the microphone from him and the made a loud "ohhhh!" while Joe was obviously angered by this.

" You stop right there. Right there! You know damn well what's wrong with me. The last time we were in the ring together, I asked you to do something. I asked you to shake my hand.. and show me the respect that I've earned in this business! You did shake my hand and I thought that we could put the past behind us. But what did you do? You hit me with a microphone. You hit me with a microphone and then told me not to come back unless.. unless I was ready for a fight. " The fans began to cheer slightly as Foley stepped closer to Joe and looked right into his eyes, while Joe was cracking his neck with an "oh yeah?" look on his face.

" Well, Joe.. I'm not ready for a fight. You see Joe, I may be dumb.. but I'm not that dumb. I know all these people here in Cambridge, Massachusetts (cheap pop!) would love to see Mick Foley vs Samoa Joe. Hell, if I wasn't who I am.. I'd love to see that match as well. But the plain and simple fact is.. I'm not here to wrestle you Joe. I'm here to extend my hand to you and congratulate you on one hell of a run as the RoH World Champion. And to give you another chance to make things right. I made countless mistakes when I was a young man, as you can tell and see.. by my right ear. I know you respect this business Joe but you also need to respect the people that came before you in this business! So like I said, I'm here to give you another chance to show that you respect this business, that you respect all the veterans and all boys in the back! "

The fans began cheering once again as Foley held his hand out towards Joe. Joe then looked down at Foley's hand before turning his head to look at one side of the audience and he reached his hand out.. taking the microphone.

" You're right, Mick. I respect this business because this business is my life. I have respect for the greats like Ric Flair.. Ricky Steamboat.. Harley Race.. Bruno Sammartino.. The Great Muta.. Bret Hart.. and the list goes on and on. I respect the boys in the back but I'll tell you something Mick. There are some people that I don't respect in this business.. and one of them is you! Not only do I not respect you as a wrestler.. I don't respect you as a MAN. So you can take your handshake and shove it up your ass! " Joe then took the microphone and nailed Foley over the head with it, just like he did at Final Battle. That took Foley down with Joe standing over him with a smirk on his face while the fans were booing with a select few cheering.

" The next time you step foot inside of MY ring.. bring your wrestling boots. " Joe would then toss the microphone down with the fans continuing their boo's and Joe's music hit, as he climbed out of the ring and made his way to the back. Meanwhile, Foley was getting up to his feet with a distanced look in his eyes as he looked at the curtains that Joe had just went through. Mick would stare at the curtains for about a minute before looking around at the crowd and then he climbed out of the ring, making his way to the back.


" Ladies and Gentlemen, we will know go to brief intermission but Ring of Honor would like to remind fans that we will be returning to the Boston area again in the spring. "


" The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and is for the RoH Tag Team Championship! Your referee, Gary Morere! "

"Highrate Extinction" by Crowbar soon kicked up with the fans cheering as Loc and Devito made their way out from the back in their Carnage Crew "First Class, White Trash" t-shirts. The Crew made their way down to the ring as they slapped a few fans hands before rolling inside the ring and raising their arms. They looked all business here as they wanted to win the belts tonight.

"Bulls on Parade" by RATM then kicked up with the fans booing as Julius Smokes made his way out doing his little dance and fans responded with "ye-ye-yeeeaaah!" to which he replied "get off MAH DICK!" followed with a gold-fronts smile. Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero soon made their way out from the back with the belts strapped around their waist before walking around the ring and then climbed up onto the apron. The Rottweilers raised then posed in the middle of the ring before unstrapping their belts and handing them over to the referee.

RoH Tag Team Titles Match: The Carnage Crew vs The Rottweilers © (w/Julius Smokes)

This match began with a stare down between the two teams, as they made their way towards the middle of the ring and started talking trash to one another. The Rottweilers tried to catch the Crew off-guard with some right hands but they were blocked and were nailed with right hands themselves. Rocking them back until they were in the ropes, Loc & Devito whipped Ricky & Rocky into the ropes before nailing double clotheslines on them and got the fans pumped up but The Rottweilers rolled out of the ring to recoop. Meanwhile, the referee forced Loc out on the apron while The Rottweilers regrouped on the outside. That didn't last long though as Devito ran toward the ropes and nailed a suicide dive ontop of Julius Smokes when the Rottweilers moved out of the way. The fans popped for that but this allowed The Rottweilers to get the advantage as they stomped away at Devito on the outside before Ricky rolled him inside, following in after him. Smokes soon got back up on the outside while some fans chanted "You got fucked up!" and he acted like he was gonna climb the guardrail before putting his top hat back on. Reyes puts the boots to Devito as he's on the ground before yanking him up to his feet only to sling him into the ropes and take him back down with a leaping calf kick. Back to his feet now, Reyes would drag Devito back to a stand before nailing a hard knife-edged chop across his chest before snapmaring him to the canvas and then dropkicked him in the back of the head. Going for a cover.. ONE! T-- Kick out. Reyes continues his assault with some open hand punches before slinging Devito into the ropes and pulled him into a sleeper hold but then dropped right out hitting a Flashback. No pin attempt here but Reyes places his forearm across Devito's throat and starts choking him out with the referee warning him.. he gets to five but Reyes breaks the choke. Then in typical heel fashion, he does it again for another five count but he breaks it. A smirk on his face, Reyes then shouts at Loc to "come get some, bitch!" and Loc tries to get in but the referee stops him. With that, Reyes drapes Devito across the middle rope and starts to choke him on that. More boo's come until the ref backs up Reyes from Devito to admonish him and then J-Train slaps Devito, proceeding to do his little shimmy on the outside to some heat. Reyes then make his way over to his corner, making the tag in to Romero who comes in with a kick to Devito's abdomen as Ricky holds him up. Rocky nails some hard forearms into Devito's jaw before swinging around behind him, hooking him up -- but Devito pulls a standing switch. Looking to german suplex Rocky but Rocky switches behind Devito, who then goes right into another standing switch and looks for the german suplex again.. but Romero drops down to the ground. Rolling between Devito's legs but then pops right up to his feet and locks him into an Octopus Stretch! That was a beautiful sequence and the crowd starts a nice round of applause. Devito wouldn't tap out but Romero continued to torque Devito's neck in the hold.. but Loc had enough, as he comes in and manages to break Devito free.

The referee jumps in quick though, forcing Loc onto the apron. Rocky doesn't stop the offensive though, as he whips Devito into a neutral corner but then performs a handspring and goes for a back elbow -- but no one's home! Romero collides with the turnbuckle padding in the corner and staggers right into Devito's arms, who nails a overhead belly-to-belly! Devito slowly gets up on a knee after about ten seconds as Romero is back on his feet, rushing towards Devito but he gets nailed with a desperation lariat! The fans popped but both men are down now. They each start crawling towards their corner with Romero making the tag first with Reyes rushing across the ring and he grabs onto Devito's leg before he can make the tag. Dragging Devito away from his corner, he pulls him by the leg to a stand.. but Devito performs an enziguri!! No one saw that coming especially Reyes! Devito then crawls back towards his partner and dives out, hitting the tag. Loc comes in like a ball of fire, knocking an incoming Romero down with a clothesline and then Reyes down with a hard right hand. Turning back around, Loc kicks Romero in the midsection and nails him with a DDT. Back on his feet, Loc nails Ricky with some chops to his chest before whipping him into the ropes and catches him with a kick to his midsection before hoisting him up, dropping him with a sidewalk slam backbreaker. The fans are cheering as Loc makes the cover.. ONE! TWO!! T-- Kick out. Loc then gets to his feet, dragging Reyes back to a stand before whipping him across the ring into a neutral corner. Smokes is shouting at The Rottweilers from the outside to not let those 'crackas' beat them. Loc then makes the tag out to Devito and they make their way towards Reyes in the corner with Loc hitting a reverse ddt on Reyes. Devito then leaps from the top with his moonsault and Loc jumps on Reyes for the pin. ONE! .. TWO!! .. TH-- Reyes kicks out! Loc then signals to Devito for the Spike Piledriver! The fans are popping for this as Devito holds Reyes in position and Loc climbs to the second rope.. but Smokes is on the apron. Distracting the referee with his "BEEEEELAAAAT!" while Reyes gets back in the ring and SHOVES Loc off the ropes, he goes flying through the ringside table! A loud "ohhhhh!" comes from the crowd as Loc went right through the table and Rocky nails Devito with a spinning wheel kick to knock Devito down but he nailed a piledriver on Reyes! This has Reyes down & out as Smokes finally gets down from the apron as Romero thinks quick, rolling Reyes out of the ring and Romero drops to the canvas. Rocky then rolls into a ball with his right arm hanging through his legs and he acts like he's down & out. Devito pushes himself to a stand, seeing Loc out on the outside with "Romero" down on the outside beside him and he shouts at Loc to get up but he's not answering. Devito then turns back to see "Reyes" out of it from his piledriver and he smirks to the crowd, making the 'cut-throat' taunt with the crowd half shouting a mix of boo's and cheers. Making his way over to Rocky, who it looks like is down and grabs onto his arm to pull him up.. but Romero springs into action! Yanking Devito straight down, he rolls over some and applies a Crossface on Devito!! Devito is too surprised to even get away from the hold and he's screaming in pain! The fans are booing but some are cheering for that switch.. Devito tries to make it to the ropes. Trying his best to crawl towards the ropes but he's in pain, reaching out to try to get the rope.. but he can't! Devito has nowhere to go and is forced to TAP!!!

Winners: The Rottweilers © (14:59)

*** 1/4

Aftermath: "Bulls on Parade" kicked up as the fans were booing but some cheering for that switch and nice move by Romero. Smokes grabs the belts from the men at ringside that no longer have a table, climbing inside the ring and handing the belts to Romero. Romero raises his arms in the air to celebrate before climbing out of the ring with Smokes to help his partner up, who is getting to his feet. Romero then hands Reyes his belt and they raise their arms, while Loc is finally back up and rolls inside the ring to check on Devito. Smokes goes off on one of his "ye-ye-yeah!" and "beeeelaaaaaaat" conniptions before he takes The Rottweilers to the back. Loc soon helps Devito out of the ring and to the back, while the fans were cheering the Crew for a good match. Before the next match some ring crew guys come out to put a new table up for the athletic commission guys and RoH officials.

" The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and is a First Time Meeting! Your referee is Paul Turner! "

"So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin would cue up with Alex Shelley making his way out from behind the curtains. His shorts were colored blue & red like usual as he stood on the steel rampway for a few moments, looking around at the crowd. Shelley would then make his way down to the ring, ignoring the fans hands and he climbed inside the ring. Then snatching the microphone from Bobby Cruise with a slight sneer.

" All you people may think that what Austin Aries did to me at Final Battle was poetic justice and you might be right. All I and the rest of Generation Next were concerned with was taking spots in this company and using those spots as a stepping stone to greatness. Austin Aries may gotten there first but that doesn't mean a thing. Aries, you may have defeated Samoa Joe for the RoH World Championship but you've never beaten me. I may have been gone from Ring of Honor for the past few months but I'm back now and once I take Spanky's spot tonight, it will put me that much closer to gaining my retribution on you and Roderick Strong for turning your back's on me. That was the biggest mistakes of your lives.. because I do have Talent on Loan from God.. so I guess that makes me your daddy, Aries! " Shelley would then toss the microphone back to Bobby Cruise while the fans were mixed between cheers & jeers.

"Take Your Mama" by Scissor Sisters then kicked up with the fans cheering as Spanky made his way out from the back wearing one of those neon green foam top hats. Checkered pants on his body as he started doing a little hip swivel for the girls at the entryway before making his way down to the ring. Walking around the ring with a smile on his face, he'd stop to dance a few times before hopping on the apron and then climbing into the ring. Looking over at Alex with a laugh before he did another hip swivel and then hopped onto the second rope, playing to the crowd.

First Time Meeting: Alex Shelley vs Spanky

Spanky soon tossed his hat over the ropes before making his way towards the middle of the ring and wiggled his hand toward Shelley, offering a handshake. Alex would give Spanky the "you gotta be kidding me" look while Spanky continued to smile and asked him for a handshake but he would be slapped instead! Shelley would then smile as he looked at Spanky stagger away from the slap but Spanky came back with his hand out for another shake. Alex was shocked at this as he started to laugh before going to slap Spanky again but it was ducked under and Spanky grabbed onto Alex's hand, shaking it with a little wiggle before whipping Alex into the ropes. Dropping down to the mat as Alex jumped over him, hitting the ropes on the farside of the ring and Spanky leaped onto him, monkey flipping Shelley across the ring. Back on his feet, Spanky would do another little hip swivel with the crowd cheering as Alex was on a knee and stared at Spanky. Quickly popping up to his feet, Alex would charge after Spanky for what looked like a Spear but Spanky flipped over, catching Alex with a sunset flip.. ONE! TWO!! T-- Shoulder up! Spanky almost stole a win right there. Both men were back to their feet quickly with Shelley rushing at Spanky but he was taken down with an arm drag. Back on their feet again, Shelley did the same thing but then caught Spanky's arm, shifting his weight and flipped him over with a sit-out hip toss. Shelley then attempted to scissor the arm for a submission attempt but Spanky wiggled away. Moving toward one another, Shelley fired a forearm into Spanky's jaw but then got one right back. Spanky then managed to hit a flurry of short forearms before flipping Alex over for a hip toss of his own but Alex landed on his feet, then performed an assisted back-flip and landed on his feet but then went right into a clothesline! A nice round of applause for that but there's a cover.. ONE! .. TWO!! Kick out. Getting up to his feet, Alex would drag Spanky to a stand by the hair before grabbing a side headlock. Looking to wear his opponent down, he went to a kneel to get more leverage and Spanky came down with him. Continuing to wrench that headlock in before he popped his hip, tossing Spanky over onto the mat and he keeps the headlock applied. Good strategy by Shelley as he tries to keep Spanky grounded. Slowly but surely Spanky started to fight back as a slow clap started and Spanky was pushing himself up to a knee. Elbows found their mark on Alex's abdomen to break the hold and Spanky went to run to the ropes but was yanked down by his hair! The referee then warned Alex about pulling the hair but Shelley was already firing stomps into Spanky's chest. Alex then nodded to the referee's warning before he pulled Spanky up to a stand and then hooked him up, taking him over with a snap suplex. But Alex would hold onto Spanky, rolling through the suplex and brought him back up, hoisting him into the air and then dropped forward with a release front suplex. Ouch. Getting down on the canvas, Alex went to scissor Spanky's arm up again and he did so but Spanky's feet were in the rope before Alex could apply that submission he's been trying for. Backing away from the ropes by the referee's instructions but then rushed forward, kicking Spanky in the face when he tried to get up. That arrogant smile grew wider as he looked down at Spanky before picking him up to his feet. Firing some knife-edged chops into Spanky's chest before whipping him into the ropes and went for a spinning heel kick but Spanky ducked underneath it. Skidding to a stop, Spanky would fire some forearms into Alex's jaw to back him up into a set of ropes and then did a little dance before clotheslining him over the top rope! A nice pop from the crowd for that as Spanky did his hip swivel. Shelley started to get back up on the outside, so Spanky grabbed onto the top rope and pulled back, catapulting himself over the ropes and onto Shelley with a slingshot plancha!

That looked beautiful and the fans popped huge. Spanky was back to his feet rather quickly, slapping a few fans hands in the front row with a smile before going over towards his fallen opponent. Dragging Alex up to his feet, Spanky would roll his arms around like Dusty Rhodes before poking him right in the eyes to a nice laugh from the crowd. Rolling Alex into the ring, Spanky would slide on the apron with one knee before pulling himself up and scaled the nearby turnbuckle. Perched on the top rope, Spanky looked like he was going for a moonsault but then he leaped off and turned to the left with a Frog Splash, delivering the Left Turn at Albuquerque! Staying ontop of Alex for the cover.. ONE! .. TWO!! .. THRE-- Shoulder up! Close call. The fans thought it was over there and so did Spanky, as he told the ref that it should've been a three count! Spanky would soon get back to his feet still a little mad but then made his way out onto the nearby apron. Poised there he would wait for Alex to get to a stand and once he did, Spanky would hop up onto the top rope and leapt off, delivering a springboard dropkick to Shelley -- but Alex sidestepped it! Landing hard on his stomach/face, Spanky would pop up from the mat but then land back down. Alex was going to use this opening, as he waited for Spanky to get to his feet and ran towards him, pushing him down some and then swept back for his Shellshock -- No! Spanky managed to reverse it with a whip into the ropes, where Spanky would kick him in the midsection. Grabbing onto his head, Spanky pointed to the nearby corner before running towards it and then hopped onto the second rope, flipping over for Sliced Bread #2 -- but Shelley slipped out of his hold! Spanky landed on his feet though, as he then rushed up towards Alex and hopped onto his back, looking for a sleeper hold but Alex reached back and dropped out -- BACKPACK STUNNER!! That was wicked as Spanky flopped to the mat and rolled over onto his stomach. Alex would then roll backwards to get beside Spanky, scissoring his arm with his legs before rolling Spanky over and applied a reverse crossface hold.. this must be the submission Shelley was trying for early on! It's the ANACONDA VICE! That move has been used by CM Punk over the last few months and Shelley is trying to lock it on.. but Spanky's legs get to the ropes! Shelley doesn't want to release the hold though.. the referee starts the five count and finally Shelley breaks the hold just before five. Slapping his hands on the mat, Shelley was pissed off but he grabbed onto Spanky's arm and dragged him back to the middle of the ring.. INSIDE CRADLE! ONE! .. TWO!! .. THRE-- NO! Shelley just barely kicked out of that one. This had both men getting back to their feet, they collided with some right hands until Spanky blocked one of Shelley's and whipped him into the ropes. Coming back from them, Shelley came flying at Spanky with a Yakuza Kick attempt -- but Spanky performs the Matrix dodge! .. But Shelley hit the ropes and comes right back at Spanky, reaching down and kicks back with the SHELLSHOCK!! The fans pop HUGE for that sequence and Alex crawls over to Spanky for the cover.. ONE! .. TWO!! .. THREE!!!

Winner: Alex Shelley (19:26)


Aftermath: "So Cold" would kicked up with the fans mixed between cheers and boo's as Shelley is on his feet with that arrogant smile on his face. Raising one finger into the air, Alex then made a "up a level" motion with both hands before looking down at Spanky. Having the referee raise his arm one more time, Shelley would then climb out of the ring and started to make his way to the back. Inside the ring, Spanky was slowly getting to his feet as Shelley paused on the steel ramp and looked down at Spanky. Mouthing something inaudible at Spanky, Alex would then make his way through the curtains while the fans showed their respect for Spanky by cheering him. Spanky would then drop down, rolling out of the ring and he began to make his way to the back, slapping some fans hands on the way.

[show got cut off; continued in next post]

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" The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit and is for the Ring of Honor World Championship! Your referee for this contest, Paul Turner! "

"Copa Cabana" by Barry Manilow soon cued up over the sound system with the fans cheering wildly and Colt Cabana made his way out from the back. It looks like Cabana is all business as he makes his way out in his "classic" red & black attire noticibly without CM Punk or Tracy Brooks, his fellow Second City Saints. Cabana soon climbed into the ring as the fans continued to cheer for Cabana but he seemed to be focused on exacting revenge.

"Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson then kicked up with purple strobelights flashing around the entryway and out came Austin Aries. The RoH World Title was wrapped around his waist as he looked intently down towards the ring and then around towards the crowd as Roderick Strong was behind him. Aries then started to make his way down the aisleway towards the ring, where he would walk around the ring with Cabana intently watching him as he went all the way around and then climbed onto the apron. Strong patted Aries on the back before climbing down from the apron with Aries climbing inside the ring, looking over at Cabana intensely. Removing the belt from his waist, he'd fold up the straps before handing it over to the referee but then pointed at the belt and mocked Cabana, saying he would never get the belt.

RoH World Title Match: Austin Aries © (w/Roderick Strong) vs Colt Cabana

The bell sounded with Cabana rushing right across the ring, clobbering Aries in the same fashion that Aries went after Joe on at Final Battle. Colt seemed deadset on revenge as he pummeled Aries with rights and left, Aries was backed into a corner but Colt continued to fire those rights & lefts into his head. The referee tried to break Colt away from Aries but he kept on pounding Aries until he was down in the corner and the referee finally managed to push Colt away. Strong soon came over from the outside, pulling Aries out of the ring to try to get him to regroup. The fans were cheering on Colt as he saw Strong trying to get Aries back into the match and he hit the ropes, coming back with a dive ontop of both Aries & Strong! The fans were eating it up as they started banging on the guardrail while Colt got back to a stand, dragging Aries to his feet. Some forearms found their mark on Austin's jaw before whipping him across the floor into the guardrail beside the entrance. The referee was inside the ring, shouting at Colt to bring the match back inside but Cabana was busy stomping Aries in the corner. Strong was back on his feet, making his way over toward Colt and spun him around but he got a right hand to his jaw for his troubles! The fans are loving it as Cabana then picks Aries up to his feet and rolls him under the bottom rope into the ring. Cabana then delivers a few punches into Aries' forehead while he's on the canvas before getting to his feet, dragging Aries along for the trip he would whip him into the ropes. On the rebound, Cabana would scoop Aries up into his arms and snapped him over with a powerslam. Going right into a cover.. ONE! .. T-- Shoulder up. Wasting no time in pulling Aries back to his feet, Cabana would deliver a few more clubbing blows before attempting another whip into the ropes but this one was reversed with Cabana getting nailed with a back elbow on the rebound. Aries would then deliver some strong forearms into Colt's jaw before whipping him into the nearby corner and then followed right up with running forearm strike. Strong would clap on the outside as Aries then whipped Cabana across the ring into the opposite corner before rushing right after him and went for another forearm strike but Cabana slipped away. Aries managed to hold himself up, turning around but it was right into a right jab from Cabana. A flurry of right hands then landed on Aries jaw before Colt shoved him into the corner and delivered some shoulder thrusts in the corner, really laying them in. Cabana then hoisted Aries up onto the second rope, looking for something big here but Aries fought back, exchanging right hands with Colt until he leaped off and caught Colt with a Tornado DDT. Going right over for the cover.. ONE! .. TWO!! .. Shoulder up. Cabana wasn't going to go down that easy and Aries knew it. While Cabana was still down, Aries would back up into the ropes before coming back with a leaping double knee drop into Cabana's sternum! That's gotta hurt. Colt rolled over with his arms cradling his stomach from the impact while Aries smiled arrogantly and Roderick applauded on the outside. Aries then started shouting at Colt, taunting him while he was on the ground before Aries layed in some forearms when Colt got to a knee.

Firing a right hand into Colt's jaw he would then whip Cabana across the ring, catching him with a drop toe hold and Aries went after his Fish Hook submission but Cabana fought back by slipping out of it. Aries then dropped a double axe handle on Colt to keep him on the canvas before snagging a rear chinlock to try to wear his opponent down and he cranked that chinlock in.Sinclair asked if Cabana wanted to give up but Colt shouted "FUCK NO" as he tried to fight out of it. Managing to roll over some onto one knee, Cabana tried to elbow out of the hold but Aries broke it himself. Picking Colt up for a suplex attempt.. but Cabana rolls Aries up! ONE! .. TWO!! .. THR-- Shoulder up! That was CLOSE! Colt almost caught Aries napping with his cheeky roll-up! But Aries got back to his feet, grabbing Colt by the hair and then kicked Cabana right in the face! That sent Colt back down to the canvas with the fans booing and the ref warning Aries about the hair. Aries made his way over to Cabana, who was using the ropes to get to his feet but the referee held him up, telling him to wait.. but this left Cabana open at the ropes and Strong nailed him with a running forearm! Boo's rained in from the crowd as Strong just smirked with Aries making his way over to Colt, grabbing him by the chin and began to help him to his feet. Grabbing onto his cheeks, Aries shouted at Cabana that he was a "bitch" before nailing him with a right hand. That rocked Cabana backwards with Aries following up with a punch to Cabana's abdomen to double him over. Hooking him up now, Aries would twist around to hook Cabana up in a neckbreaker position but he would stall for a few moments before dropping out with that hangman's noose neckbreaker. Austin would then make the non-chalant cover.. ONE! .. TWO!! .. TH-- Kick out. Aries then looked frustrated as he rolled Cabana over onto his stomach and started pounding away at his neck. Looking focused on attacking that neck, Aries pounded away at Cabana's neck before pulling his leg back and then whacked Cabana with some strong knee strikes to his neck. Those look WICKED. Two more strong knee strikes found their mark on Colt's neck before Aries went for another cover.. ONE! TWO!! TH-- Shoulder up! Growing more frustrated, Aries went for another cover.. ONE! TWO!! T-- Shoulder up again! Pounding the canvas, Aries was starting to lose his cool as he dragged Cabana to his feet and hooked him up for his Brainbuster.. but Cabana blocks it. Aries tries again for the Brainbuster.. but Cabana blocks it! Aries then unhooks Cabana, nailing a clubbing blow to Colt's back before hooking him up again and he gets him up.. but Cabana slips behind him. Colt then spins Aries around, nailing him with a kick to his midsection before hoisting him into the air.. BRAINBUSTER!! Cabana just hit Aries with his move but he can't capitalize.. both men are down. The referee then starts the ten count with both men out on the canvas.

The fans are starting to bang on the guardrails now with some chanting "Let's go Aries!" and others chanting "Let's go Cabana!" and the referee has reached a six count. Both men are starting to move now with Aries on a knee first as the referee reaches eight.Aries pushes himself to a stand but Colt manages to get up as well and here comes Aries at Cabana, looking for a clothesline but Cabana grabs onto his arm and pulls him into a backslide! ONE! .. TWO!! .. THR-- Kick out! Aries manages to get out of it just in time. Up to their feet once more, Cabana steps up with a hard forearm shot to Aries jaw before whipping him into the ropes and on the rebound Colt nails a Spinebuster! Making the cover now.. ONE! .. TWO!! .. THRE-- Shoulder up! That was so close, some fans let out a groan and Strong lets out a sigh of relief on the outside. Cabana slaps his hands against the canvas, breathing heavily as this match has taken it's toll on him but you can still see the hate in his eyes. Pushing himself to a stand, Colt dragged Aries up to a stand before whipping him into the nearby corner. Colt then makes his way over towards Aries, hoisting him up onto the top rope in a seated position and he nails a few right hands on Austin to keep him dazed. Climbing up onto the second rope, Cabana lays a few more right hands into Aries' forehead before hooking him up for a Superplex and tries to get him up.. but Aries fights back with some punches to Cabana's jaw. The fans are anticipating it here as Aries nails a few more right hands before knocking Cabana off the top rope and the fans rise to their feet! Strong then raises his arms as he sees Austin then climb up onto the top rope, perching himself there before he leaps off with the 450 SPLASH -- but Cabana rolled out of the way!! The fans can't believe it as Aries hit the canvas hard and Cabana is climbing to his feet, using the ropes. On his feet now, Colt looks over at Aries and his adrenaline starts pumping through his body. Grabbing onto Aries' hair, he lifts him to his knees before hooking him up and pulls him up on his shoulders for the COLT .45 -- but Aries is kicking his feet and manages to slip free. Landing on his feet, Aries rushes towards the ropes and comes back for a lariat attempt -- but Cabana ducks under that! Turning back around, Colt planted a boot into Aries' stomach before hooking him up again.. COLT .45 -- No! Aries keeps himself grounded, breaking out of Colt's arms and hooks Cabana up.. BRAINBUSTER!! Aries makes the cover.. ONE! .. TWO!! .. THREE!!!

Winner: Austin Aries (29:01)


Aftermath: "Personal Jesus" kicks up over the speakers with the fans split in half with the cheering and booing. Aries raises his arms in victory from his knees after the pinfall and Roderick Strong rolls in to celebrate with his friend. The referee retrieves the RoH World Title for Aries, handing it to him with the fans half cheering and half booing, while Cabana was on his side near the ropes. Aries & Strong then stood in the middle of the ring, looking down at Cabana with smirks and they made their way over to Cabana.. are they going to attack him again?. Wait.. here comes CM Punk down to the ring! Diving underneath the bottom rope, Punk had Aries & Strong fleeing the ring while he made sure they stayed away before going to check on his Second City Saint. The fans were cheering for Punk as Aries & Strong watched on from the outside while they made their way to the back. Punk looked up to make sure they were leaving with some inaudible words before rolling out of the ring to help Cabana up on the outside. After Aries & Strong had left, the fans were cheering on Cabana and then "Copa Cabana" kicked up with Punk talking to Cabana, who made sure he went to the back under his own strength but you could see he was frustrated about not winning the match.

" The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit and is our Main Event! The first match in this best of five series is a Tap Out match! The only way to win this match is to make your opponent submit. Your referee, Todd Sinclair! "

"The Truth (Homicide Mix)" by Beanie Sigel/DJ Alkohal cued up over the speakers with the fans starting their loud booing at the sound of the RZA Kill intro with Homicide making his way out. Noticeable in his absence is Julius Smokes, who is in the building because he came out with The Rottweilers earlier in the night. Making his way down to the ring, Homicide looked intense in his normal wrestling gear of black gym shorts and a black t-shirt with a red bandana tied around his head. Climbing inside the ring, Homicide looked determined to win this first match.

America the Beautiful soon kicked up over the sound system until "Self Esteem [instrumental Dragon Mix]" by Offspring/DJ Alkohal cut right into it's place, the fans started cheering and banging on the guardrail. Out from the back came "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson in his black wizard cloak with an intense look on his face. Fans began to slap his back as he made his way down to the ring, where he paused at the apron before climbing up onto it and then right into the ring. Spinning the cloak off of his body, he'd toss it to the outside and show off his plain blue shorts with matching knee pads. Staring intensely at Homicide, Danielson had some tape on his left arm, the same arm that Low Ki & Homicide re-injured at Final Battle.

Tap Out Match: Bryan Danielson vs Homicide

The bell sounded with both men staring across the ring at one another intensely, making their way towards the middle of the ring and going face-to-face. The fans were randomly hollering for one of them to do something but they continued to stare at each other before Homicide started talking trash and Dragon slapped the taste out of his mouth. Not allowing Homicide any time to recover, Dragon began to fire some fierce forearm blows into his jaw before shoving him back into the nearby corner. Going right after him with some knife-edged chops in the corner before he whipped him across the ring into the opposite corner .. but it was countered with a whip from Homicide. Charging right after Dragon but he would go up & over Homicide with his hands on the ropes to push him up, going right for a forearm strike again but Homicide ducked out of the way. Turning around quickly, they soon locked up with each man fighting for control of one another until Homicide grabbed a side headlock. Wrenching that headlock in for few moments, trying to take it down to a knee but Danielson fought it and managed to break the headlock, slipping around to grab a headlock himself. A short applause came as Danielson wrenched his own headlock in but Homicide soon shoved Danielson into the ropes and went for a kick to the face but it was ducked under. Hitting the opposite ropes, Dragon would come back with a hard shoulder block to take down Homicide. Going to capitalize on his fallen opponent but Homicide wisely rolled out of the ring. That did not save him though because Danielson went right out after him, chasing him around the ring until Homicide rolled in and then got to his feet with Danielson coming in .. No! He faked it and grabbed onto Homicide's legs, tripping him to the mat and Danielson crawled into the ring. Straddling Homicide, Danielson would pound a strong forearm into Homicide's face and went for another but Homicide covered up. Looking for an opening but then he got to his feet and kicked Homicide right in the ribs! Ouch! Pulling Homicide up to a stand, Dragon would apply a waistlock from behind and hoisted him into the air for a german suplex but Homicide landed on his feet. Once his opponent turned around, Homicide thumbed him right in the eye before grabbing onto a side headlock. Attempting to slow the pace down of the match while the fans were clapping for Danielson to get back into it but Homicide popped his hip, bring him down to the mat and continued to hold the headlock on. Cranking back on Dragon's neck to try to wear him down, pulling on it until Danielson's legs went up and pulled Homicide down with a leg scissors. Squeezing his legs together to try to wear down Cide's neck but he would soon roll over flipping over Danielson's body to make a pin attempt but Todd Sinclair reminds Homicide that it's a Tap Out match. However, Dragon grabbed onto Homicide's waist and bridged himself up with Homicide but then he fell down. But Dragon did it once again, bridging up with Homicide and he twisted around hoisting Homicide vertical with that waistlock still applied and dropped his right shoulder onto his knee with a shoulder breaker! That was wicked and the fans responded with a loud "oooohhhh!" to correspond.

Homicide began rolling around with his feet kicking, as he cradled his right shoulder and Danielson stared at him with a evil smile. But he acted quickly, making his way over to Homicide and grabbed onto his arms, flipping over into the CATTLE MUTILATION!! Dragon's got it on.. but Homicide is squiggling around and manages to get his feet on the ropes, locking them there and shouting at the ref to 'git 'im off me' from the ground. Sinclair forces Danielson to break the hold but as soon as he did, he got to his feet and went right after Homicide, grabbing onto his right arm to drag him to the middle of the ring. Yelling out in slight pain as his right shoulder was still sore as Dragon grabbed onto his arms to try to lock the Cattle Mutilation in again but Homicide somersaulted across the canvas out of it. Getting to his feet, he turned around to see an incoming Dragon but he dropped his head and back dropped Dragon out of the ring! Flying over the ropes, Dragon took a nasty spill to the outside and looked like he landed on his bad left arm. Danielson was the one screaming on the outside now with Homicide rolling out of the ring to go after Danielson and began to stomp away at Danielson's left arm, which he saw was being cradled. The fans started shouting and booing at Homicide as he continued to stomp away at Dragon's left arm before dragging him up to a stand. Bringing Dragon over towards the ring but he wouldn't roll him inside, instead he would pull Dragon's left arm around the nearby ring poll and started yanking it around. Some cheers started for that but most people boo'ed as Homicide had his feet under the ring and continued to pull down on Dragon's left arm before finally releasing it with Dragon falling on the ground, cradling that arm. A sadistic smile came across Homicide's face as he sat on the ground for a few moments before getting to his feet and shouting at Dragon "c'mon.. c'mon git up, Daniels-in! C'mon!!" with a smile before he kicked him in that bad arm. Reaching down now, he would grab onto Dragon's head to pull him up to a stand before rolling him inside the ring and followed in after him. Crawling over towards Danielson, he would push his left arm out to the side while shuffling on the mat and pushed himself into the air, bringing all his weight down with his knee and slammed it into Dragon's arm! A loud scream could be heard as Danielson tried to roll away but Homicide nailed him with another knee drop to that arm. The fans started chanting "Let's Go Dragon!" for him to get back in it with Homicide trying to keep him down but the adrenaline got to Dragon, as his face started getting red. You could see him trying to pump himself up as he balled up his right hand before slamming it into Homicide's face! That didn't break it but Dragon yelled out before slamming his fist into Homicide's face again.. and again.. and again until Homicide rolled away, holding his face. Dragon then used his adrenaline rush to get up on his knees, holding his left arm for a moment before groaning and pushed himself to a stand, looking at Homicide getting up. Holding his right arm into the air before he made his way over to Homicide and fired a strong forearm strike into his face.. followed by another and another! This had Homicide rocking back until he was near the corner, where Dragon screamed out with an "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" before spinning around and nailing a ROARING ELBOW into Homicide's jaw, causing him to drop in the corner.

The fans popped huge for Dragon as he stood over Homicide with a smirk before putting his foot up on Homicide's face and proceeded to nail some boot scrapes, which is a signature move of Homicide before rushing towards the ropes across the ring and bounced off them, coming back with a STIFF kick to Homicide's face. Another loud pop from the crowd as Danielson now saw an opening to reach down and drag Homicide over to the middle of the ring, where he would grab onto Homicide's arms and try to flip him over in the Cattle Mutilation again but Homicide started to fight it, wiggling around. Danielson couldn't get the Cattle Mutilation applied but he then let one arm go, as he scissored the one he had before placing his arms over Homicide's face and locked in a CROSSFACE!! Danielson's got that crossface locked in on Homicide and he has nowhere to go, while he screams out in pain. Most of the crowd started shouting at Homicide to "TAP! TAP! TAP!" but he refused to tap, as he tried to crawl towards the ropes. Danielson looked like a madman as he cranked back on Cide's neck with that Crossface -- but Homicide stopped crawling.. he then reached over with his free arm, pushing it on Danielson's arm that was across his face. Pushing upward with his free arm, he began to slide Danielson's arms up his face and he screamed out in pain but continued to push the arms up as Danielson tried to fight it .. but Homicide broke free with Danielson favoring that left arm, he must've aggravated it. This gave Homicide a quick opening, allowing him to roll away from Danielson but he wasn't able to get up. Holding the back of his neck, Cide began to push himself up a bit but Danielson was up first. Shaking that left arm free to try to get rid of the pain before going towards Homicide, pulling him up by the chin and laid a knife-edged chop across his chest! That was wicked as the fans shouted out "WOOOOO!" but Homicide turned Danielson around, nailing a knife-edged chop of his own to another "WOOOOOOOO!" and they began to trade some vicious chops. Each man firing back harder than the last one they hit until Homicide ducked under a chop, wrapping his arms around Dragon's own into a Full Nelson before trying to kick back with a Dragon Suplex.. but he couldn't do it. Cide released the Full Nelson though, pushing Dragon away for a moment before backing up into the ropes. Just as Danielson turned around, he was nailed with a wicked YAKUZA KICK to his face! That took Dragon down to the canvas with Homicide on a knee to try to catch his breath from this grueling match before he crawled over to Dragon and grabbed onto his left arm, looking to lock on that arm submission he has been using lately. Trying to roll Dragon over to twist the arm fully into his arm submission that looks like a modified Kimura Lock.. but he can't get Danielson over. Dragon then uses a lot of strength to push himself forward into a weird looking headstand but he then drove his right leg down with his knee colliding with the top of Homicide's head! That knocked Homicide for a loop, as he rolled back from the impact and held his neck.

Dragon was still on the canvas, holding onto his left arm before slowly pulling himself up to the stand with the ropes for leverage. Homicide is back on his feet now as well, as they started to move toward one another and they fired some right hands at each other. Each man connecting, they continued to nail some right hands around the same time until Homicide blocked one and stunned Dragon with a hard forearm blow. Rushing towards the ropes, Homicide came back for a LARIAT -- but Dragon slipped behind him, hooking him up.. DRAGON SUPLEX!! But he knows there's no pins, as he rolls Homicide onto his stomach to release the arms but then turns around, hooking the arms up in a full nelson position before flipping over.. CATTLE MUTILATION!!! Dragon's got it locked on!! The fans are popping huge for this as nearly everyone in the arena is shouting for Homicide to tap out and he's screaming out in pain. You can see Dragon is synching on that Cattle Mutilation even more with an intense look in his eyes and you can see it's painful for him to even keep the move on. Cide is trying desperately to get his feet around to the ropes.. but he can't do it! Sinclair asks Homicide if he wants to give up but Homicide shakes his head. The move has been only for nearly a minute now and Dragon's legs look to be shaking from the pain .. but the referee calls for the bell! .. HE TAPPED OUT!!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson (38:17)

*** 3/4

Aftermath: "Self Esteem [instrumental Dragon Mix]" cued up with the fans popping huge for the win as Dragon is now up 1-0 in their best of five series! Danielson finally releases the hold as his legs give out and he rolls over onto his side, cradling his left arm in pain. Danielson looks to be on the verge of tears from the pain but the referee raises his other arm into the air to signal his win and Danielson points a finger up. Homicide is on his side in the ring hurting but you can see he's pissed off that he lost the match. Slowly Dragon starts to get on his knees, as he cradles his arm next to his body but raises his good one into the air to a nice pop. The fans then began clapping for both men for that great match the put on but Homicide got to his feet, looking over at Dragon and huffing in exhaustion & anger. They shared a long stare with Danielson holding up one finger on his good hand with an intense stare before Homicide shouted at him "we's still got mo' matches, punk ass!" before kicking the ropes, climbing out of the ring. Homicide was livid as some fans starting mocking him, he kicked the guardrail and stared at the fans before heading to the back in a huff. Meanwhile, Dragon got up to his feet and looked around at the crowd with a smirking nod before holding up one finger again and then climbed out of the ring. Making a slow walk around the ring with some fans slapping him on the back but he cradled his left arm close to his body. The fans continued cheering a bit as Dragon made his way behind the curtains.

The fans then started to file towards the exits after this great show had reached the conclusion with ring announcer Bobby Cruise thanking everyone for coming and telling them once again that Ring of Honor will be back in the Boston area in the Spring.

// Overall Show Rating: 66%

// Estimated Attendance: 600-700

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