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Last time you cried during a Moive/T.V. show?


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We've all cried during a sad scene. But when did you last cry?

I was rewatching some of Nip/Tuck last night and began crying during the "Adelle Coffin" episode. When Mrs. O'Hera was about to take her life and the camera panned round to Shaun sitting there. :crying:

and then when Shaun confessed about the affair. I'm such a girl.

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I get horrendously emotional when I'm watching an anime for a first time. I get far too attached to the characters. Yes I'm a girl, but I'm the first to admit this. The last time this happened would have been last week when I was watching the last couple of episodes of 'Fruits Basket'.

But then, when the whole damn series is horribly tragic in the first place, the stops they pulled out in episode 25 for the penultimate 'when everything goes to shit' episode are just goddamn heart-wrenching.

Fruits Basket: Simultaneously the most Light Hearted and Darkest Anime Ever.

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Well...since it's now "What movies/TV shows made me cry"...


Terminator 2, at the end, when Arnie goes down into the lava.....


ER, the episode "On the Beach", when Dr. Greene passes away....

And 50 First Dates, although mainly because the song they had playing at the end of it was the same one they had when Dr. Greene died.......

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Ehm, I can't really remember when I last cried, I always get the feeling I got to cry but the tears never show up. Usually happens during Oprah......... yeah I watch Oprah occasionally, sue me!

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When Daniel ascended in Stargate :( Partly because of how/why it happened, and partly because he was the fucking man.

Other times I've cried:

When I was about six, and the Snowman melted in the film The Snowman. I'm reminded about that EVERY Christmas when I'm with the family, EVERY TIME Walking in the Air comes on :P

Most of you will probably make fun of me, but damnit, I cried when Boromir died in the first LotR movie. I didn't actually *cry*...but my eyes watered.

Also, when Tetsuo (finally) dies in AKIRA. Came close to tears at quite a few points during AKIRA actually...

Lolita, too. I haven't seen it for ages, but I remember crying more than once. Plus, Dominique Swain is fucking hot, who wouldn't cry when you see someone like Jeremy Irons sexing her :shifty:

To Kill A Mockingbird. I'd already read the book, but I still cried when I saw the film.

Forrest Gump :(

And The Green Mile.


I'm a pussy :(

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Since I've been without TV for so long, the last thing I can remember getting me teary eyed was Wrestlemania, when Benoit countered the Pedigree and made 3H tap out. I don't know why, but I was jumping up and down and cheering and my eyes were all blurry because they were watering. I haven't marked out like that in a LONG time.

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I don't think I've ever cried because of a movie. The very end of Return Of The King was pretty emotional though. It showed through I think that not only was it the end of the journey but the end of the filming during which these guys had been together for like 7 years. Plus, Howard Shore wrote composed some beautiful music for those films.

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The last, and one of the only, time(s) I've cried while watching a TV show was a few weeks ago while watching ER...the episode with Ray Liotta in it. Damn, that was seriously the saddest thing I have ever seen on TV.

Other than that, there are a few movies that seriously get me absolutely every time. I might not CRY cry when I see them, but they definitely get me teared up:



The Last Samurai

Edward Scissorhands (The inventor's death scene)

About Schmidt (when he loses it at the end)

The Lord of the Rings (Boromir's death scene)

That's right, I'm a suck.

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