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Electronic Arts, ESPN hook up in exclusive 15-year


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Well..on the bright side, now we won't have to listen to Maddens insanity inducing commentary anymore...always prefered the ESPN style commentary to MAddens. Though this does have me veru mad..damn EA..

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Guest Flawless Cowboy

I think we have to remember that it was the NFL that auctioned off the rights. If you want to blame anyone for killing the competition blame them. EA was just trying to survive. Is Sega had won the bidding would you be calling the facists and such as well?

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I've got over a week of playing time invested into NCAA 2004 according to my EA Bio so I think I'll just stick with that, until they stop being jackasses at EA and let me carry over dynasties from year to year.

Although I'm getting NFL Street 2 as soon as possible, so I'm a hypocrite.

And any Sims 2 expansion packs....

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syco speaks the truth...this is solid business on EA's part. Nothing wrong with a company looking for a leg up on their rivals...Sega's just going to have to bring it that much harder to convince people that an unlicensed game can play better than a licensed one. And to all the people who wanna bitch about how EA's gonna loaf and churn out a steady stream of crap, it's very likely that there are out-clauses on the respective deals for EA, the NFL, and ESPN contingent on sales figures and review scores. If people stop buying their games, ESPN and the NFL will likely not want their names sullied by association with subpar product.

I've tried both of Sega's football games and both of their basketball games, and aside from College Hoops (which in itself could use some more polish), I've been totally unimpressed with them all. Bravo EA...or in the vein of Clawson's sig...Sieg Heil!!

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