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New Albums In 2005

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50 Cent

50 Cent has settled on February 15 for the release of his next LP, "The Valentine's Day Massacre." 50's sophomore album is produced by pals Dr. Dre and Eminem. The Dre produced "Disco Inferno" will be the first single. "It's gonna feel like brain freeze across the country for rappers. You know how it is when you have something too cold," the rappers comments on the coming record.

...And You Will Know Us by The Trail Of Dead

The Texas-based art-rockers' fourth album has been postponed several times. "Worlds Apart" will however finally drop on January 25. The band has added two new members to their line-up following the departure of bassist Neil Busch - Danny Wood (bass) and Doni Schroader (second drummer).


Political activism and inner tension was rumored to have torn the super group apart just like it did with Rage Against The Machine. However, it hasn't yet, so we can look forward to at least one more record. The band has written over 20 new songs, which are said to be harder and angrier than the songs on the debut. Meanwhile, Tom Morello has found time to release an album promoting his political side-project "Axis Of Justice."

Backstreet Boys

They were once the world's biggest pop act. Now they are all set to return. "It really is amazing how many details go into making an album. Even the smallest thing can push a release date back" they commented on the album's release which is planned for March with a new single in late January.


After postponing the long awaited follow-up to 2002's "Sea Change," Beck is now slated to drop the record this spring. It is produced by the Dust Brothers and Tony Hoffer. Music fans worldwide drool of excitement to hear the collaboration between Beck and Jack White, which will be included on the album. In 2004 beck collaborated on the soundtrack for "The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind."

Bergman Rock

Bob who? One of Sweden's most celebrated bands went through an extreme makeover which resulted in Bergman Rock, same members as Bob Hund except singer Thomas Öberg now only sings in English. The extremely productive septet has been hard at work on their second album, which drops this spring. Single "I'm A Crab" is out now.

Bloc Party

The singles "Banquet," "Little Thoughts" and "Helicopter" have prepared us for what may be Indie Rock's next big thing. The four likely lads are looking to knock off Libertines from their throne. UK's new favorite punks will drop their debut album "Silent Alarm" in February. The album was recorded in Copenhagen during the summer.

Chemical Brothers

Following their last album "Come With Us" and the successful collaboration with the Flaming Lips, the bros are back with a new dish. "Push The Button"' is out on January 24, preceded by a single on January 17, "Galvanize," features a rap contribution from rapper Q-Tip.

Christina Aguilera

In 2004 she focused on establishing her scandalous image but in 2005 she is set to return to the musical spotlight as her new album is being recorded. She is also set to host the MTV Asia awards in Bangkok.

Daft Punk

The French electronica duo will release "Human After All". The album, which is the follow-up to 2001's "Discovery", will be released on March 21. Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo apparently recorded all ten tracks of the new album in six weeks between September and November this year in their home studio in Paris. Song titles include "Robot Rock", "Steam Machine" and "Make Love."

Damien Rice

Ireland's shooting singer/songwriter star dubbed as the natural successor of the likes of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith is readying his sophomore effort. The debut "O" became a massive success upon its release in 2003 as it won the prestigious Mercury Prize.


"Some Cites" is the title of what is likely the most anticipated record coming from the UK after Oasis' new one. Dubbed as the most innovative Brit pop ever when "The Last Broadcast" dropped in 2002. Fans and critics have the right to be anxious. First single "Black and White Town" drops on January 18.

Dr. Dre

"We're gonna make Dre do it" Eminem raps on the title track of his latest album, "Encore." It has been said the project was never going to happen. "Detox" is legendary rap maestro Dr. Dre's big project which is meant to feature some of the world's biggest stars along with Dre's regular Aftermath crew of half-legends and shooting stars. How about Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Obie Trice and Xzibit for starters? Due to Dre's eccentric production methods the album won't drop till September. Worth waiting for? You bet!

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have been in and out the studio recording their fifth album. They have also been engaging in various side projects as Dave Grohl has been drumming for Nine Inch Nails and guitarist Chris Shiflett released the debut album of his band "Jackson United" in October. The new album will drop before summer as the band is planning a massive tour. They are the first band to be booked for the Quart Festival in Norway in July.


Damon Albarn's pioneering mix-project was one of 2001's greatest releases. The world's first animated band was nothing but a success thanks to the smash hit, "Clint Eastwood." Since a couple of months back Damon and the rest of the band have been working with producer DJ Danger Mouse to complete what will become their second album.

Håkan Hellström

Håkan is back as his third studio album has been recorded with acclaimed producer and former Soundtrack Of Our Lives guitarist Björn Olsson. The Swedish pop star's third album drops in March.


The UK dance masters have since the early nineties ruled dance floors all over the planet. They are currently working on their sixth studio album, due for release autumn 2004. However, bass player Nick Fyffe recently decided to leave the band to concentrate on his own projects.

Jennifer Lopez

The superstar's fourth studio LP, "Rebirth," is due out March 1, and features such guests as Fat Joe (on "Hold You Down"), Fabolous (on a remix of the first single "Get Right") and husband Marc Anthony. Other song titles include "Step Into My World," "Still Around" and "Cherry Pie."

Justin Timberlake

The only rightful contender to the Pop throne. When he skipped NSync for a solo career people never thought it would work. Two mega hits and three MTV Europe Music Awards statues later they were proven wrong. Justin has enlisted Rich Harrison, who produced Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love," as well as Rodney Jerkins who produced Michael Jackson's latest effort "Invincible" for his upcoming, second album scheduled to drop in the fall. Timberlake has been busy shooting his first major film-role, the crime story "Alpha Dog," with director Nick Cassavettes.


"Our most depressive record yet" band leader Jocke Berg proclaimed. It drops on March 15 and bares the title "You and Me, Death." Their 2002 album "Vapen och Ammunition" sold half a million copies so they are definitely in for a lot of expectations. They are also headlining their own major Scandinavian tour that will take place in huge circus tents all over Scandinavia starting May 15.

Lauryn Hill

After this summer's impromptu Fugees reunion Wyclef said there will be a second Fugees record. But first Lauryn has got to finish her second solo album. The follow-up to 1998's Grammy Winning smash, "The Miseducation Of..."

LCD Soundsystem

After a couple of classic singles, outstanding remixes of the Rapture and Chromeo, and a great three disc compilation the DFA production team are finally going to release an album with their brainchild, LCD Soundsystem. Time for the indie electro wizards big break?

Mars Volta

One of 2003's best rock albums came from a gang of Texas based Latin American salsa rockers. The debut, "De-loused in the Comatorium" was as sensational as it was weird. The second album slated for a February release and will be no exception. "Frances The Mute" includes five tracks divided in several chapters each and clocks in to about 77 minutes. The first single, "The Widow" drops in January and the band are already booked for a Scandinavian tour.

Mercury Rev

Grasshopper and crew are going on a special journey as "The Secret Migration, " the follow-up to 2003's "All Is Dream" drops on January 24 with the single "In A Funny Way" landing on January 17. The band will play in Stockholm on March 17.


Bang out of nowhere the Danes got a record deal, went to LA, met big time producer Rich Costey and made a beautiful pop record that featured the hits "156" and "Am I Wry? No." In the fall of 2004 they returned to record what may very well be another masterpiece.


Moby will release his fifth studio album, "Hotel," on March 22nd. The fourteen-track record features Moby's vocals on ten songs as well as two instrumentals. Expect the debut single in late February. The record features Moby playing all instruments apart from drums and was partly recorded in Moby's New York apartment.


In 2003 Anders Wendin and his band became one of Sweden's most successful newcomers as the debut "Blood Panic" woke emotions wherever it was played. They spent most 2004 touring around Europe but they also had time to record the much anticipated follow-up album which will be titled "To Die Alone." The record features less horns and more strings and is less bombastic than the debut. First single "They're Building Walls Around Us" drops in January with the album on March 2.

Nine Inch Nails

In 2004 NIN fans rejoiced as ex-guitarist Chris Vrenna released solo project Tweaker, which featured Robert Smith and Johnny Marr. In 2005 they will be even happier. Trent Reznor and the boys have recruited a bunch of guests including Foo Fighting drummer extraordinaire Dave Grohl to help them create the new album to be released in January.


The follow-up to 2002's "Heathen Chemistry" is slated for a May release. The recording has not been without controversy as they sacked the sessions they did with production team Death In Vegas and there has allegedly been major disputes between the Gallagher brothers over which of the over thirty songs written to include on the album. As that was not enough, Noel & Liam fired long-time drummer Alan White. His replacement is none other than Zac Starkey, son of Ringo Starr, so expect an album with an even more obvious Beatles-influence.

Paris Hilton

She worked hard last year. It included partying, shopping, modelling, looking for her Chihuahua Tinkerbell, appearing in Eminem's "Just Lose It" video and more partying and loads more shopping. Now the reality-TV star is set to take on music as well. She has recorded cover versions of David Bowie's and John Lennon's 1975 hit "Fame" and Blondie's "Heart of Glass" from 1979. The first single "Screwed," drops in January.


The band became one of rock's top acts with 2002's "Songs For The Deaf." They embarked on an extremely intense tour all over the world. It resulted in the departure of original member Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan who went to work on his solo project. Frontman Josh Homme has kept the band together despite working with side-project Eagles of Death Metal. The band now features Homme, drummer Joey Castillo, guitar and keyboard player Troy Van Leeuwen and mysterious new bass player The Wolf. The new record, which also features ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons, "Lullabies To Paralyze", will be released on March 22.

Radio Dept

In 2004 their critically acclaimed debut, "Lesser Matters" was released throughout Europe. Now they're about to drop their second disc, "This Past Week" on January 19.

Rolling Stones

Eight years after "Bridges To Babylon" it is time for another studio album. Recording sessions have been taking place in New York with producer Don Was who has previously worked with George Clinton, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. The new album is scheduled for a late summer release and will likely be backed up by a massive arena tour from the legends that all have passed sixty.


The Colombian singer became a superstar with the debut "Laundry Service." Despite recently finishing her "Tour Of The Mongoose" she has written over 60 new songs. "It's very honest, and it's revealing so much of myself that it's also acting like a mirror," she says on the new material.

Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Didn't they just release a record? Yes that's right but the recording of "Origins" went so good sthat Ebbot and the boys just couldn't stop themselves so they recorded another one while they were at it, logically titled "Origins Part 2."

System Of A Down

Despite years of stunning success, 2005 may very well be Rick Rubin's most ambitious year to date. He discovered and made Serj Tankian and the fellas into superstars by producing the debut "Toxicity." It was followed by the leftovers album "Steal This Album!" and now it is time for the real follow up which is said to be not one, but two whole albums.

The Who

There are only two members left of the legendary UK rock pioneers and it was over twenty years since their last studio album. During the past years they have released countless compilations and toured with their classic songs from the sixties and seventies. Can this possibly be anything but nostalgia? Yes, it can when it comes to two of Rock N Roll's greatest songwriters of all time – Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. The UK legends are finally releasing their first record since 1982.

Thievery Corporation

Seven months after releasing their last album, DC DJ duo Thievery Corporation will drop "The Cosmic Game" on February 22. The follow-up to "The Outernational Sound" features contributions from Perry Farrell, former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne and members of the Flaming Lips.


The heroes of progressive metal are not exactly known for their speedy record releases. But they are known for their immense quality. While lead singer Maynard James Keenan has been off entertaining himself with Billboard-topping side project "A Perfect Circle" guitarist Adam Jones has been inventing new sounds that perhaps will result in another landmark album.


Since his death the rap legend has been more active than what he was alive. Another posthumous release is about to be uncovered this time with the production handled by none other than Eminem. "Loyal To The Game" drops in January. The first single is "Thugs Get Lonely Too," featuring Nate Dogg.


Norway's death punk cult heroes are gearing up for a new album. "We've got 11 hits, all of them beautifully negative switchblade serenades," frontman Hank Von Helvete said on the new material. Bassist Happy Tom has compared the new material to "Joan Jett, early Van Halen and Shostakovich."


Rivers Caumo did what all fans feared the most. He went back to Harvard. But fear not, geek-punk's superhero is also finding time for his favorite hobby. Weezer's fifth album is near completion and is soon to be released as the band spent months recording it with none other than über producer Rick Rubin.

Also expect records to drop from Coldplay, Neneh Cherry, The Raveonettes, Sigur Ros, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hot Hot Heat, Millencollin, Mariah Carey, Dr Kosmos and hundreds more.

from http://www.mtve.com/article.php?ArticleId=5250

Looks like a great year in music, with New Order and Aphex Twin also releasing new albums.

What album are you most looking forward to?

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Personally, it's 4 that aren't even on the list. I'm looking forward to the new cd's coming out this year by: Disturbed, Deftones, Taproot, and Mudvayne. But other than that, Tool's, System of a Down's, and perhaps NIN's are the ones I'm most looking foward too. Audioslave, though, might take a special place in my cd collection as well. I don't know maybe the Foo Fighters one will be decent, but the ones I'm most looking forward to, like I said, aren't on the list.

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Personally, it's 4 that aren't even on the list. I'm looking forward to the new cd's coming out this year by: Disturbed, Deftones, Taproot, and Mudvayne. But other than that, Tool's, System of a Down's, and perhaps NIN's are the ones I'm most looking foward too. Audioslave, though, might take a special place in my cd collection as well. I don't know maybe the Foo Fighters one will be decent, but the ones I'm most looking forward to, like I said, aren't on the list.

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One more thing. Anyone who buys Paris Hilton's album should dragged out into the street and shot. No jokes.

Can't be any worse then the hundreds of thousands of people who got suckered into buying Ashlee Simpson's record.

Nah, there's probably some good lookin girls that just happen to be dumb enough to buy crap like that.

Just give them some taste, educate them in finer music instead of that shit.

*If the girls are from MA, CT, southern NY, or northern NJ - leave that to me*

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that list sucks, since 'Pacs albuym came out in 2004.

Yes, because we all know one incorrect date instantly makes a list crap. :rolleyes:

Well, if your music tastes don't happen to match the rest of the list...

As killacam said, Game's CD is already out now. Best CD of early 05. I don't think 50 can even top it.

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