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Thought of the Day: Perfection


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What is THE perfect game? Sure, there's lots of 10/10 throughout the years, but what is your epitome of gaming? What is your single finest gaming experience? Only pick one game.

Secondly, what makes the perfect game? Do you see more or less of it today? Some people prefer old school NES style gaming, others like highly produced GTA-like games of today. Some like both. Which are you?

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GTA is not perfect, and I don't know why they're the most popular games on the market, sure, they're fun, but I find they get boring sooner than later. If it had to be a next gen title it would be MGS3, but of all time, the only perfect game in my eyes is Chrono Trigger. I have played through this game so many times, and it never bores me, its friggin amazing. The Total Gaming package...

And on the second point, to make a game perfect it needs 3 main things, a great story/characters, it has to have fun and in-depth gameplay(see CTs double techs), and a certain replayability. I feel that graphics are the last thing anyone should worry about, unless they make your eyes bleed. Sports games get a pass on the story, but I don't think they'll ever be passed as "Perfect"

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I don't think there will ever be a 'perfect' game.

but if we are talking about games that come close to prefection I think the Sonic series does. Although I do mark for Sonic :P

another factor in a great game is AI. The AI of a game can make the game a great one or a crap one. I've played great games but the AI is too easy and makes it boring and I've played crap games but the AI is hard and its challenging.

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Ugh, I'm going to sound like a fanboy, but Half-Life 2 is the best game I've ever played, hands down.

Superb graphics, Voice acting is great, the plot is just awesome (IMO), gameplay is exactly what a first person shooter should be, and the mood it gives you while playing, especially when it's 3 AM and pitch black in your room, is just intense.

I fucking love this game. It's awesome in every way.

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Sadly, as stated before... there will never be a perfect game. Thusly, there has never been a perfect game. Not only is it physically impossible to have a perfect game, but everyone is so opinionated that even if a perfect game were made, it would've be suitable for everyone.

The perfect game would be a game designed for everyone. A game that will fit every person's needs and wants. A game that will surely revolutionize the industry, and be the LAST game ever made because it cannot be topped.

For obvious reasons it's a sad thing that it won't happen, but for other reasons it's great because of all the diversity of the games. Due to everyone's insatiability and different attitudes towards games, there can never be a perfect game.

However, those 10/10's do come in handy to show what some people consider being CLOSE to the perfect game. I have no qualms with that as those games usually tend to be agreed on by the majority. In my opinions those are games such as the GTA series and Halo series. There are other games such as Half-Life, Metal Gear, and Splinter Cell that draw out modern fans to them. Then, there are games like Metroid, Sonic, and Mario that draw out the old school fans and they LOVE those games.

As far as the perfect game... While there will never be a perfect game, there will always be those who feel games get close to what they feel is perfect.

Me? I pick the GTA series. I just pick it up and play each time enjoying it and it never stops. I may sound like a lot of people, but it's what I prefer.

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Nintendo may very well be the whipping boy of Sony and Microsoft at the moment (latest crop of games notwithstanding), but I will say that never before had I been so enthralled with a game than with "The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening" on the Game Boy.

It was far from my first Zelda, as I had owned the first and second titles, as well as Link to the Past, but Link's Awakening completely blew everything I had previously played away. The gameplay was solid, the AI was dead-on, and it was the perfect balance of strategy and action. I didn't have to worry about whether or not Link was hungry, but I did have to figure out how to navigate through the W.F. Egg or defeat the Moldorm. And not to mention that, considering Link's past adventures, the story seemed refreshing. No princess to save, no overly-evil being to destroy, none of the regular staples of a Nintendo adventure to that point. You were on a strange island and you had to find a way out. What followed was the best game I've ever played.

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To me, since no game is truly without any flaws whatsoever, a "perfect" game is one that achieves it's goal in the fullest manner. Thus, games like Mario 64, LOZ: Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime, and yes, even GTA: SA can qualify as "perfect games", as they all set out to meet certain goals, and did so in a very large manner.

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as said there will never be a perfect/flawless game , every game will have some form of imperction whether it be bad graphics , clipping problems , dialogue , and etc.

if I had to choose though a near perfect game it would have to be GTA:San Andreas or Resident Evil 4

A perfect game to me should incorporate all different game elements into one. A game with some sim , driving , action , sport and rpg elements would have something for everyone.

I'd love to see a game like the sims but more advanced . You would be able to create your character choose his details such as what is job is in the beginning of the game , depending on what career you select , the story mode would be different. IF you chose to be a cop the story mode would focus on you job at trying to stop a serial killer .

the game would have a 3rd person view and the graphics would be great , you would have to do things like in the sims but they wouldn't have to be done but every now and then , when you get to work then the game taks a turn to the action and driving genre and etc.

it will probablly never happen , but hey i can dream

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